And the winner is …

January 26th, 2017

19 Responses to “And the winner is …”

  1. Olivia says:

    Congratulations Skye! 😀

  2. Rhea says:

    Congratulations Skye!
    Lucky duck, I’ve tried so many times, but my time has not come yet :(…however I am determined that one day it will 🙂

  3. Natalie says:

    Congrats, Skye!
    Maybe one day I will win a drawing….

  4. Abby McIntyre says:

    Congrats Skye and CANT WAIT FOR YOURS TRULY!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Samantha says:

    Congratulations Skye! I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOURS TRULY!!!!!!!!!

  6. Aubrey says:

    I am SO excited for Yours Truly! I will be the FIRST one at the library when it comes! Love you Heather!

  7. Bubble says:


  8. Caron says:

    Just finished “Yours, Truly,” and I absolutely loved it. Please tell me you plan to write another.

  9. Mary O. says:

    Congrats Skye! Also, Heather, do you randomly pick a winner or do you choose? I’ve been curious! 🙂
    p.s. – whenever i dont have a book to read and i go to my bookshelf, i automatically grab the mother daughter book club and once im done i read the rest of series! that happened a couple nights ago and i just finished Much Ado About Anne! 😉

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      It’s random, Mary. I write all the names down on slips of paper, then close my eyes and pick one. 🙂

  10. Mary O says:

    hi! quick question: will you have anymore events, heather?

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