Adventures in urban farming

Bonnie & chicks
Bonnie and her wee charges

As many of you know, we raised chickens in our backyard a while back.  I wrote an essay recently for The Christian Science Monitor about Pixie, our littlest chicken, and her, um, unusual aspirations…  Click here to read it!



7 thoughts on “Adventures in urban farming”

  1. Hi. Mrs. Frederick, is there an address where we can mail you letters? I’m currently reading “The Mother Daughter Book Club Pen Pals” and so far I’m loving it so much! 🙂

  2. Oh thank you so much, Mrs. Frederick! I’m so excited! I’m on page 207 right now where Jess took Savanna’s suitcase up to her room. I was surprised, I didn’t see that coming! Awesome!

    I’m so excited, I’ll write you a letter tonight! 🙂 Thanks so much again! You made my day! 😀

  3. Hi Mrs. Frederick. My brother mailed my letter to you on Friday. I was going to let you know but we had an emergency.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks so much again!

    P.S. I’ve read more of the book and I was so surprised … never mind I don’t want to spoil it to others who haven’t read it yet. 😉

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