MDBC in Woman’s Day!

What would I do without sharp-eyed friends and readers?

I might have entirely missed the lovely nod given to “The Mother-Daughter Book Club” in the December holiday issue of Woman’s Day magazine, that’s what.

Fortunately, someone — or more precisely, someones (Gina, Patty, and April, you know who you are!) — took the time to alert me to an article by “Momfidence” columnist Paula Spencer entitled “Gifts that Keep on Giving.”  Among other great ideas for meaningful gifts for kids, she recommends wrapping up a copy of my book along with a plan to start a club of your own. 

What fun!  I’m thrilled to be included!  Thank you Paula, and thank you, sharp-eyed friends!

Meet me in St. Louis … and Minneapolis, and Chicago

Confession:  I am a truly pathetic blogger. 

I had the best of intentions when I was on the road recently, honestly I did.  But real life is so deliciously distracting.  There were friendships to renew, and amazing booksellers to meet, and wonderful schools to visit, and delightful readers to talk to, and new cities to explore (Chicago, you know I’m talking about you).

Plus, most of the time I forget to bring my camera.  Or if I remember to bring it, I forget to take pictures.  (Like I said, pathetic.)

Still, I managed to document a few highlights:

Pudd'nhead Books in Webster Groves, Missouri

Who can resist a bookstore deep in the heart of Twain territory with a name like this?  Or one with a sidewalk sign like this to greet an author on the night of her book signing?

In Minneapolis, one of the schools I visited was Holy Spirit, where I received a welcome fit for royalty.  As I entered the lobby, not only was I serenaded by a talented young violinist, but I was also greeted by this flock of charming young ladies and their hand-decorated signs:

Talk about feeling special!

The following day brought more delights as I traveled to the town of Wayzata.  Imagine working at this bookstore:

and having beautiful Lake Minnetonka there to greet you whenever you stepped outside:

I wouldn’t get any work done at all, would you?

Chicago was my last stop.  Oh my.  Some people leave their hearts in San Francisco, but I definitely left mine in the windy city.  Of course, the fact that it was 70 degrees the entire weekend I was there didn’t hurt.  Nor did the fact that I was ensconced on the 35th floor of a hotel overlooking Lake Michigan.  Here’s what dawn looked like from my room:

And here’s what the world’s most perfect room service breakfast looked like when it arrived a short time later:

You’d faint if you knew how much it cost.  I just about did.

Somehow I managed to forget to take pictures at wonderful Main Street Books in historic St. Charles, Missouri, and at the amazing Book Stall in Winnetka, Illinois, and at totally awesome Anderson’s Bookshop in Downers Grove, Illinois.  And where are the pictures of me with all the fabulous young readers (and their moms and dads) who came to see me?  And the pictures of me at the numerous schools who welcomed me so warmly?  And me with all my new bookseller friends? 


Next time, I’ll be a better blogger.  That’s a promise.