MDBC in Woman’s Day!

What would I do without sharp-eyed friends and readers?

I might have entirely missed the lovely nod given to “The Mother-Daughter Book Club” in the December holiday issue of Woman’s Day magazine, that’s what.

Fortunately, someone — or more precisely, someones (Gina, Patty, and April, you know who you are!) — took the time to alert me to an article by “Momfidence” columnist Paula Spencer entitled “Gifts that Keep on Giving.”  Among other great ideas for meaningful gifts for kids, she recommends wrapping up a copy of my book along with a plan to start a club of your own. 

What fun!  I’m thrilled to be included!  Thank you Paula, and thank you, sharp-eyed friends!

8 thoughts on “MDBC in Woman’s Day!”

  1. I have read the first two books, but I got on Amazon today and found that you had written another one!!!! I can’t wait to read it!!! Are you going to write another one in the series??

  2. Im sooooooo glad you are writing two more! Im almost done with Dear Pen Pal, and i can’t wait for another one! I acutally love to write too!Someday I hope to become a writer just like you! Keep on writing

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