New year, new page

I love New Year’s Day.

There’s something so hopeful about it, isn’t there?  It’s a clean slate.  A fresh start.  A new beginning.  Days and days stretch out ahead of us like the blank pages of a brand-new book, just waiting to be written on.

And what could make the prospect of all those blank pages even more delicious than having something fabulous to write with?   Which I do, thanks to my darling husband.  Take a look:

My Christmas pen

He had this pen MADE for me!  I didn’t even know that artisan penmakers existed, but they do, and my sweetie found one and commissioned this one-of-a-kind treasure for me.  It’s hand-crafted from maple, which means that as I write, the barrel warms to the touch.  The graceful whorls and lines of the wood grain are gorgeous, as is the sparkling crystal in the pocket clip.  I can’t keep my eyes — or hands — off of it.  Which is, of course, the whole idea…

Writers can be fanatics when it comes to the tools of our trade, particularly pens.  I have special ones just for book signings, and others for journaling and letter writing, and still others for humbler tasks like to-do lists and keeping the household accounts.  The very best ones are reserved for writing stories, though.

I can tell that my new pen is a winner already.  A thoroughbred, champing at the bit to be off and running across a blank page.  The two of us will launch our maiden voyage together come Monday, when we start my next book.

I can hardly wait.

6 thoughts on “New year, new page”

  1. My mom got a pen like that made for my dad, too! Except his is made with wood from Honduras. A man at my church makes them for a hobby.

  2. Happy New Year! That is the same way I feel about the new year…like a blank page, a fresh start…a new beginning. 🙂

  3. I know what you mean, because I am a writer, too… at least want to become one. Especially the pens, how a writer is way too crazy about stuff they use to write with. I have like 40 pencils at home and love to look at notebooks at stores, even though I already have about 20!
    You are so poetic! I love how you describe stuff! The pen as a thoroughbred, the new year as a new book to write in… do you write poetry?

    • Ha! Poetry, me? 🙂 Not my strong point…. But I LOVE to read it. And I am right there with you on the notebook front — there’s something so enticing about an attractive notebook. I have scads of them, too, just like you!

  4. You are so right about the tools of the trade! Whenever I see a notebook, I get so excited! I must own 30 or so notebooks, and I have two pens that I am obsessed with: one of those multicolor pens from the Smithsonian and a pen with a purple highlighter on the other end (I am obsessed with purple. :D)

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