Hunger Mountain

The Vermont College of Fine Art’s journal has just been posted!

Hunger Mountain is a wonderful resource for writers and other artists, and I’m particularly thrilled about this latest edition because an excerpt from my dear friend and writing buddy Susan Hill Long’s work, Tornado, is featured in it.

Sue was a runner-up for the most recent Katherine Paterson prize, and having read Tornado in its entirety (lucky me),  I can only say that Ms. Paterson is obviously a woman of discriminating taste.  I LOVE this book, and hope that an equally discriminating editor will snap it up soon.  It’s so deserving of publication.

Go, Sue!

3 thoughts on “Hunger Mountain”

  1. Wow, this is so awesome. I’ll definitley read it if is gets published

    Ok, so i know i ask a lot of questions but, Heather, do you think you could incorporate a dancer or something into the 5th book??? I love to dance, and i think it would be cool if the girls met a girl whose was good at dance or something. Just a suggestion!!!!!!! 🙂

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