Writer’s cottage

I was in Sacramento this past weekend, visiting family and attending the annual Curtis Park Home & Garden tour.  Curtis Park is a fabulous, eclectic neighborhood in the heart of the city, filled with unique old homes built between the turn of the last century and the 1920s and ’30s.  I fell in love with every single one I stepped foot in.

I’m a big fan of old houses.

Especially ones with intriguing outbuildings in the back yard.  Check this out:

Would that not make the perfect spot for a writer to set up shop?

Maybe someday…

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep trying to turn my 1950s ranch-style house into the English cottage of my dreams.

6 thoughts on “Writer’s cottage”

  1. I love pies and predudice! This IS just like Ivy cottage! I loved that book and i want to live in that house! I want to live in a little cottage!

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