Middle-grade fun

Attention all lovers of middle-grade literature!   There’s a new blog on the block.  Check it out:

From the Mixed-Up Files … of Middle-Grade Authors

Looks like fun to me!

2 thoughts on “Middle-grade fun”

  1. ok, is it too weird that I’m a fan of your books and I’m a 47 year old woman? My daughter bought your book at a book fair in her elementary school. I happened to read the first couple of pages ,and I got hooked. It completely brought me back to my childhood days. Now, I am going to build my library with all Ms. Frederick’s books. I’m also really hoping to set an example for my daughter (9 yrs old) who is not a fan of reading – ashamed to say.

    You’re a great author as well Ms. Frederick.

    • Rita, what a lovely comment to find waiting for me this morning! I don’t think it’s weird at all that you like my books. There are a lot of us adults out here (me included) who thoroughly enjoy reading middle grade and young adult literature. I take it as a huge compliment that you’re a fan! Hope you can tempt your daughter, too. You might try reading aloud with her — that was a good way into books for our older son.

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