Candid camera

This just in from the mother of a young fan of mine.

I love how absorbed she is — I must have done something right!

And is she adorable or what?!  That outfit totally rocks.  Especially the socks.  I want those socks…

10 thoughts on “Candid camera”

  1. Wow! Her outfit rocks! And she seems so ‘in th zone’… I was too, when I read Dear Pen Pal. I love your books!

  2. That is a picture perfect! I love it! She does look so into her book. I love this picture. Wow, thank you Heather and the girl’s mother for sharing this lovely picture with all of us. 🙂

  3. I was the same 🙂 once I picked up ‘Dear Pen Pal’, I didn’t look up for about two and a half hours…Your books are AMAZING!!!

  4. Oh Heather,
    You did EVERYTHING right 🙂
    Your books are amazing- I reread them all the time and stay up till 1 AM sometimes!!

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