Giveaway: Which Mother-Daughter Book Club character are you?

One last chance to win an ARC (advance review copy) of Pies & Prejudice!

Just complete the quiz below (many thanks to clever Kalyn for creating it!), leave your answer in the comments or on my Facebook page, and you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing.  (U.S. & Canada only, please).

Please help me get the word out by tweeting, blogging, emailing, posting on Facebook, or otherwise letting your fellow mother-daughter book club fans know about this fun opportunity to win a sneak peek at my new book!

Entries will be accepted through midnight Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, August 25th — winners announced on Thursday the 26th.


1. On a Saturday you would most likely be:

A. Playing sports

B. Reading or writing a book

C. Caring for animals

D. Designing or sewing clothes or shopping

2. When you grow up you want to be a:

A. Pro hockey player

B. Author

C. Vet or scientist

D. Fashion designer

3. You would most likely be spotted wearing:

A.  Sports jersey or a T-shirt and shorts

B.  Something casual

C.  Barn clothes in the morning; something casual the rest of the day

D.  A fashionable outfit

4.  Your house is:

A.  A nicely decorated Victorian

B.  Small and cozy

C.  Old with lots of land and a barn

D.  Really big and modern

5.  You feel most relaxed when you are:

A.  On the ice or playing sports

B.  Reading or writing

C.  Milking your pet goat or hanging out on a farm

D.  Designing or sewing clothes

6.  Your favorite thing to do is:

A.  Play sports

B.  Read and write

C.  Spend time with animals

D.  Shop or design clothes

7.  Your hair is:

A.  Red

B.  Brown

C.  Blonde

D.  Black

8. If you were to work on your school newspaper, you would most likely be:

A. A photogragher

B. The head editor

C. A reporter

D. In charge of the social calender

If you answered mostly A’s, you are Cassidy!

If you answered mostly B’s, you are Emma!

If you answered mostly C’s, you are Jess!

If you answered mostly D’s, you are Megan!

118 thoughts on “Giveaway: Which Mother-Daughter Book Club character are you?”

  1. Hi, Heather! I’m “Emma.” (Can I really be an “Emma” at 47 years old?) I’ve had fun reading the first three books and look forward to the next. Wish these books had been around when I was 13, but thankfully, I had Betsy Ray 🙂

  2. My name is Emma and I would like to enter the contest here are my answers
    1.B-Reading or writing a book
    3.B-Something casual
    4.D-Really Big and modern
    5.B-Reading or writing
    6.B-Reading and writing
    8.B-The Head Editor
    I answered mostly B’s,I’m Emma
    Thank you,Emma Wilkins

  3. I am definately an Emma at 30 years old,but I love sports like Cassie, love shopping like Megan, and would do anything for my animals like Jess.

  4. On any Saturday, I’d be playing sports.
    When I grow up, I want to be a pro hockey player.
    I only wear sports jerseys or T-shirts and shorts.
    My house is a nicely decorated Victorian.
    I feel most relaxed when I’m on the ice or playing sports.
    My favorite thing to do is play sports (hockey)
    My hair is brown!
    I’d be a reporter on the newspaper.


  5. Hi Heather! Thanks for this chance!
    My Quiz Answers are:

    1: B
    2: B
    3: B
    4: A
    5: B
    6: A
    7: A
    8: A

    I guess I’m a cross between Cassidy and Emma. Cool

    • Literally, I had six B’s and two D’s. And a coincedence since my name is actually Emma for real.

  6. i got mostlty A’s im cassidy!!!!! i love your books. im one of kalyns friends andi was the first one to do her test and i new it was pure genious!!!!!

  7. Hi Heather!
    I am Sophia and I would love to win an ARC of Pies and Prejudice! I am most like Emma. Hope I get the book!

    1. B- I love to read!
    2. C- I want to be a vet or scientist
    3. B- I don’t really care what I wear (as long as it matches)
    4. A- There are many nice decorations in my house
    5. B- I feel really relaxed when I read
    6. C- Animals are so cute!
    7. D- I have the same Asian hair as Megan
    8. A- I like taking pictures, but I don’t like being in them

    Your crazy fan,

  8. I’m most like Cassidy or Emma. I really love your books and would love to have a free copy for my sister and me!!! Thanks!

  9. Hi, i’m Hannah and i’m most like Megan and Emma both. The series is great and it would be great to win a free copy of the fourth book in the mother daughter book club books.

  10. Hi, I’m Sarah and I would love to be entered in this drawing.I would really enjoy the free book because I love the series so much. Here are my answers:

    1.B-reading or writing a book
    2.C-Vet or Scientist
    3.B-Something casual
    4.B-Small and cozy
    5.B-Reading and writing
    6.B-Read or write
    8.C-a reporter

    I answered mostly B’s so I am most like Emma!
    Thank you!!!

  11. Hi Heather! I answered all B’s, so I’m an Emma! 🙂 I can’t wait for the next book to come out, and would like to be entered in the contest! Thanks! -Kiely 🙂

  12. Hi, I’m Bethany and it would be an honor to be entered in this drawing. I love this series and I have been wondering when the 4th book was coming out. Until today. Today I got on your blog, took the quiz, and it’s no suprise to me that I’m most like Emma! Thank you for this opportunity!!!!

  13. Hi Heather Vogel Frederick, I’m Taylor N. I would like to enter the contest please!
    My answers are:
    1) B Reading or writing a book
    2) B Author
    3) A Sports jersey or a T-shirt and shorts
    4) D Big and modern
    5) B Reading or writing
    6) B Read and write
    7) B Brown and D Black (my hair is naturally black but I have dark brown highlights)

    I answered mostly B’s so I’m like Emma, thought I think I’m a mixture of all the girls: I’m a bookworm like Emma and I don’t really like sports, I’m small and smart like Jess, I hate girly things like Cassidy, and I’m sort of like Megan because I don’t like to look like a total dork when it comes to clothes.

  14. Hey this is Grace! I would really like to enter the contest! Here are my answers:
    AS you can see I am most like Cassidy!
    Thank You for this oppertunity!

  15. Hi Heather,
    I’ve heard a lot about this quiz! I am most like Emma. Please put my name in the contest drawing.


  16. HI there!
    It’s Freya!
    I got,

    I got a little bit of all of them but mostly Megan!

    Can’t wait to read the new book and if you could please enter me in the draw!

    Thanks a bunch!


  17. I’m a mix of Emma and Cassidy! My outgoing side and quiet side…anyway love the books they’re great can’t wait for Pies & Prejudice!!!

    • Oh Nandini — I’m so sorry, but the contest was ages ago…. 🙁 So happy you like the books, though!

  18. I’m Megan, and Cassidy. I’m not quite sure how that works, but I’m cool with it. Actually they’re my favorite characters in all of the books. I love Cassidy the most! I LOVE your books Heather!!

    • I’m cool with it, too! (I’m a mix of Emma and Jess.) Happy that you love my books, Isabel! 🙂

  19. hi i know the contest was ages ago but i still i luv ur books soo much im a mixture of cassidy and emma. i hope u make a book 5 urs truly,

  20. I got mostly B’s but a little bit of all of them! I don’t really feel like Emma.I’m much more social and I perfer dancing, singing, and acting!!!!!!!!!!! I do really like to read an design. I guess I’m a bit like all of them!
    Here are my answers:

  21. i cant wait for more of your books i’m a crazy fan and love them all. I just love to read them over and over again. I know the contest is over but i’m most like Emma yaaay! By the way i love the fourth book i cant wait to read the rest!!!

    Your biggest fan’


  22. Hi Heather!
    i can’t wait for another book!
    You’re my favourite author and you inspired me to want to write books!

    I’m Emma! she is my favourite character!
    I know I’m talking like Wolfgang with all exclamations!

    I have reread your books and i am SO excited for another one!


  23. I’m Emma! I LOVE the books! I already have Pies and Prejudice, and am reading it. I love to read and write, and have high hopes of becoming a writer!

  24. I am a mix of Emma and Jess. I know the contest is over, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your books. I am an aspiring writer right now. 😀 It is my dream. How many more books are you going to write? Also, how do you get someone to publish your book??

    • There will be six MDBC books, but I’ll ALWAYS be writing more books. I have another one coming this spring called ONCE UPON A TOAD which isn’t a mother-daughter book club story, but which I hope you like anyway! 🙂

  25. I am AMAZED by your books! I know that the contest is well over but I’m excited for your Home for the Holidays book. I have already pre-ordered it and it’s almost here! My answers are:

    D) Designing or sewing clothes or shopping
    D) Fashion Designer
    D) A fashionable outfit
    D) Really big and modern
    D) Designing or sewing clothes
    D) Black
    A) A photographer

    I think it’s nice that I have almost all Megan. She’s like my idol being in Flashlite, having a blog and designing for Bebé Soleil. It’s exciting to hear I’m like her. Plus she’s Asian, just like me. I think it’s funny but true how I have a tiny bit of Cassidy in me at the end though, seeing how I love taking pictures more than being in them unlike Megan.

    • How fun, Sofia! When I was your age, I was a mix of Emma and Jess. I think a lot of us are a “mix” of characters. 🙂

  26. I’m most like Emma, but I was wondering whether there was going to be a sixth book in the series I heard it was coming in the Fall of 2012 but I wanted some definite’s. Thanks! Luv the series!

  27. I got three Jess, three Emma, and two Cassidy. I thought it was kinda funny that I got no Megan, since we have the same name. I was also wondering what the name of your sixth book in the MDBC series will be and what book the girls will be reading? I love your books. I just finished Pies & Prejudice and started Home for the Holidays. My answers for the quiz were:
    1) C. Caring for animals
    2) C. Vet or scientist (mostly vet, for me)
    3) B. Something casual
    4) B. Small ad cozy
    5) A. On the ice or playing sports (mostly just playing sports)
    6) C. Spend time with animals
    7) B. Brown
    8) A. A photographer
    I think I’m like all of them, though, because I love animals and sports, and I like to always look my best, and I also love reading. I totally think you should write more than just six book. At least let the girls finish high school so there is no cliffhangers. I remember hearing somewhere that “the fans know whats best” LOL. So, that means write more than six books LOL.

    • Hi Megan — the sixth book is called WISH YOU WERE EYRE, and the girls will be reading JANE EYRE! 🙂

      • Thx soooo much I love your books!!! I just finished Home For The Holidays and I laughed sooooo hard at the part when Mrs.Hawthorn tells everyone about Darcy’s Ariel PJs!!!! Soooooo funny!!

        • That’s based on my son Ian – he LOVED his Ariel pj’s when he was a little boy! And we like to tease him mercilessly about them… 🙂

          • Really? Interesting! Your son must be really lucky to have such an awesome author like you as a mom! Also who is going to be on the cover of this new book? Darcy or Stewert or Zach maybe and I hope but Darcy sounds like the better one to put on the cover and he is my favourite boy and Emma is my favourite girl. Funny right?

  28. Hi heather! Your books are inspiring and always have a nice, enjoyable catch in them. I tried thos quiz for fun, because the contest has been pver for a long time. Im a reader full time like Emma, a fashion forawrd person (with black asian hair) like Megan and a photographer like Cassidy (shes my favorite) and surprisingly nothing in common with Jess. I was also wondering if there is hope for a seventh book as well as a sixth?

  29. Thanx for the other five but I was really hoping for a seventh and more ur books are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I❤U

  30. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for the new book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I finished the series on the 26 and I am starting it again I love your books that much!!!!!!!! My fave part in home for the holidays is when Mrs Hawthorn tells everyone about Darcy’s Ariel pajamas I thought that part was sooooo super funny! I sent u a letter saying how much I love your books but I didn’t no about your sixth book so wherever it says sixth book it should say seventh ok?

  32. I just wish Darcy was real Jess is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!! I don’t know what I would I would do without this series or without the romance inside… Darcy ❤ Jess and Emma ❤ Stewart

  33. Hi Mrs. Frederick! I’m kinda mix of all of them. Mostly Jess and Emma, though. Thank you for the amazing opportunity of this quiz. I love the books (read all of them!) and truly hope WYWE isn’t the last one. Maybe you could do one with Sophie on the cover? Now that would be cool! Or maybe like 3 more book were they are in college? I do hope there are more books!

    • How fun! I’m a mix of Jess and Emma, too. WYWE is the last book in the series (*sniff*), but I hope to be writing other books you may like, too…

  34. I got all b’s! I am mostly like Emma Hawthorne but I have a little bit of Jess Delaney since I like math!
    Ps.I loved all the books except book 4 Pies and Prejudice since I didn’t read it because it is not in Barnes and Noble. You should really make more books like when they are in college and when they get married.
    Since we have each other’s email I’ll email you about it.
    Pps. I started a book club by facetime with just my friend, Nicole from[IL].

  35. I got a mix between Jess and Cassidy (YAY!! Those are my two favorite characters!) and I can also see how I’m both like them because I’m athletic and outgoing like Cassidy. But can also be quite and an animal person like Jess!!! Plus, I’m also very petite! 🙂 yay!!

  36. I just finished reading Pies and Prejudice and I totally loved it! I seriously read the book non-stop! I really wish that you could write a seventh book. If I’m not mistaken, is Home for the Holidays the sixth book or the seventh? Oh, and I am really like Emma. I really love books and I’ve been thinking about writing one myself. I got my inspiration from Emma in the fourth book. I can’t wait to read other books of yours! Do you have any recommendations of your books?

    • So glad you loved it! HFTH is the fifth book. WISH YOU WERE EYRE is the sixth one. When I was your age, I was a mixture of Emma (obvious reasons) and Jess (because I love animals and because I used to be super shy). You might enjoy my Patience Goodspeed books — you’ll see them on my website. They’re set in a different time period than the MDBC books, but Patience herself will remind you of a cross between Cassidy and Jess! And if you like funny fractured fairy tales, try ONCE UPON A TOAD. 😀

  37. i am jess i am sooooooooooooooooo happy she is my fav character i love everything she loves math, science, (i love all school)animals, singing, and most importantly i looooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee DARCY ive read all your books like 20 times you should write a short story about them all ten years later when they are starting there own mother daughter book club. if you by any chance make a movie i would love to be in it just as a small part (or jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  38. I’m a tie between Jess and Megan! I love them both and the books too. I wish the movie would come out. 🙂 #ILoveTheMotherDaughterBookClub

  39. #1-B
    I am most like Emma, and I want to be put in the contest, thank you very much. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, ETC. Your books, since I’m thirteen I can connect very easy with the book characters, and you know how you sometimes wish your life was like one of your books, we’ll that’s how I feel about the MOTHER-daughter book club I wish I could just jump into the book. I REALLY want Darcy to like Jess, soooooooooo much it’s killing me, and I am dieing to get my hands on PIES AND PREJUDICE ahhhh! Your books are soooooooooo good I squelch everytime. LOVE YOUR BOOKS AND YOU HAVE TO WRITE 37 MORE BOOKS BEFORE YOU CAN END THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB! You understand?, GOOD. 🙂

    • This made me laugh, Annabella! Can’t promise 37 more books, but DEFINITELY one more at least! 🙂

  40. Hi! I’ve read all of the Mother daughter book club books and they are the best books I’ve ever read! Can you please write and publish more books in the series? Thanks! Keep up the excellent work! No matter how many times I read the books, they never bore me.



    • So glad to hear this, Frances! HFTH isn’t the latest book in the series, though, WISH YOU WERE EYRE is. That’s #6, and I’m hard at work finishing up #7… 🙂 Doesn’t have a title yet. Stay tuned.

  42. Is there a 7th book??? I am in love with this series and hope there is a 7th. These books are amazing!!! I love to read them and I love your style of writing!

    • Yes, Evie, a 7th book is in the works. It will be out next spring or summer — stay tuned for more information! And a sneak preview! And a peek at the FABULOUS cover! All coming soon…

  43. I got:

    1: I love caring for animals. (C)
    2: When I grow up, I want to be a fashion designer. (D)
    3: A fashionable outfit. (D)
    4: Really big and modern. (D)
    5: Reading or writing. (B)
    6: spend time with animals. (C)
    7: Brown.(B)
    8: a reporter. (C)

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