Be still, my pie-loving heart

Sunday afternoons chez Frederick means two things — reading the Sunday paper over lunch, and later, at some point, a nap.

I haven’t gotten to the nap part yet, but I just finished the Sunday paper, and in case you missed this week’s Parade magazine, here’s a link to a fun article for fellow pie-lovers by Jane and Michael Stern, two of my favorite foodies.  What’s not to love about a couple who met a Yale, and have spent the last 25 years driving around America in search of good food?  Someday, I want to go on a road trip with those two.  Preferably next time they decide to head off and sniff out more of America’s greatest pies…

Pie chart, anyone?

10 thoughts on “Be still, my pie-loving heart”

  1. Wow, all these pie things…so sweet! Love everything you’re doing Heather!

    p.s. Can’t wait for Pies and Prejudice! SOOOOO excited and ecstatic! And, just a question, who’s you’re favorite character in the MDBC?

    • I don’t have a favorite, Ella — that would be like asking a mother to pick her favorite child! I can tell you, however, that when I was growing up I was a mix of Emma and Jess!

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