Happy Birthday to “Pies & Prejudice”!


The fourth book in my Mother-Daughter Book Club series officially hits the shelves today in bookstores and libraries around the country! Β  WOOHOO! Β ::happydancefeet:: Β Hope y’all run, don’t walk, to get your hot-off-the-press copy…

Festivities will kick off in a few weeks at the Wordstock Festival here in Portland, Oregon. Β Time, date, and location of that and other upcoming appearances soon to be announced!

55 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to “Pies & Prejudice”!”

  1. I got this book the day it came out. (The cover is so pretty!) But I had already started reading another book, so as soon as I finish I am grabbing P&P (which my mom currently is reading; she loves the books too!) and spending a couple days with the MDBC. Can’t wait!

    Be calm Lily calm………. ok, Im sure I will get it today, and I am so sure I will LOVE it! Are you going to write another one? BTW- this might be really weird but all my favorite names are in your books, including mine!. ( If you DO make a 5th one could you put the name Erin in it? I think it just sounds like it would be in your book. – I am so weird i know πŸ™‚
    Write on!!!!!!!

  3. i loved the 4th book as much as all the others….

    i have grown up with the girls and loved reading about their 9th grade year as I enter mine. I’m excited for the fifth book now… when I read the betsy-tacy hint i got even more excited. because of course i read every single one of those books, too πŸ™‚

    thank you heather for all these wonderful books!

  4. Yay I got it! Sadly though, I haven’t read it. I started a book club, and we’re reading your books (of course!). I’m waiting for the other girls to catch up, because we are only on the 1st book. I have already finished it (again πŸ˜‰ ) though in about 3 days when we had 4 weeks! Haha! Hope you are doing great, Heather Vogel Frederick!

  5. How many will there be??????
    Iloved your books i have read The mother Daughter book club, Much Ado about Anne and i am reading Dear Pen Pal.
    You are my role model.

  6. I really hope the series will go on and on and on its just soooo good but it will have to stop some time….. These books are just SO GREAT =D

    • Thanks, Meg — and YES, the fifth book will have Becca on the cover, plus she’ll finally get chapters of her own, so that we can all find out what’s going on inside that head of hers… πŸ™‚

  7. I love these books! I just finished Pies and Prejuduce. I’ve always felt like I am very similar to Emma, because we both adore reading and writing. In P&P when the Hawthorne’s go away for a year, I felt even closer to Emma, because my family is go around the world for a year. Please don’t stop at five books! Thank you!

  8. Hi! I just love your mother daughter book club books! I own all of the books, I am completely addicted! I am in a mother daughter book club with my mom, and we read the first book as one of our books, then I found the second and the third, and my mom pre-ordered the forth one for me, as a surprise. I am soooooo glad that there is going to be fifth book, I have to read it as soon as it comes out. My friend and I are both in love with these books, its a lot of fun to talk about. I like how you put in older books to the mother daughter book club books, I think it brings them back to life. My mom and I are trying to find pride and prejudice at libraries and other places. I have tried to read other books, but none are as addicting as yours. I was always thinking about Becca, I wonder what she will be thinking about, since I read in another comment that she is going to have her own chapter in the next book. I was just wondering if you know when the next book will be coming out, I need to read it!!!! Thank you very very much!

    • Hi Zoe — Wow, thanks for your enthusiasm! I’m working on the next book right now — it will be in bookstores in September 2011! (I know, I know — a long time to wait…)

  9. I have to say, it was very suprising that there was a…passing in the book. It was a creative twist that I’m sure no one expected. I love your books!

  10. Can anyone believe I finished this book in just three hours? It’s that good. Plus, I’m such a bookworm. I halted all my schoolwork (Homeschooling rocks!) and read Pies & Prejudice. Then, that night, before bed, I started reading it again! It’s only been about two months since I got P&P, but I’ve read it 6 times. πŸ˜€ It’s definitely my fave of the series-so far. I am DEFINITELY the #1 fan.

  11. OMG I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THE FIFTH BOOK!!!! πŸ™‚ I cant wait for it to come out!! I love the mother-daughter book club series and i especially love Jess and Darcy together!! I cant wait!!

    • Emma’s on the cover of P&P, but Becca will be on the cover of the next one — “Home for the Holidays”!

    • Why is this such a shock? All of the other girls have been on the other covers. Oh, Heather Vogel Frederick, I think you should make a 7th book on their senior year in high school! It’s a great way to end the series πŸ™‚

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