She’s 235 today…

… but she’s as ageless as her wonderful books!

Jane Austen

My friend and fellow fan of all things Jane over at Stiletto Storytime invited me to contribute a guest blog to help celebrate this most auspicious of birthdays, as well as her own fourth blogoversary.  An honor indeed.  Thanks, Courtney!  And congratulations on four wonderful years of blogging!

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      • Yes, Brynne! “HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS” will be published next September! I’m putting the finishing touches on it right now.

    • That is so true. I love classics I read “Gone with the wind” in 5th Grade and “Wuthering Heights” in the summer of 5th and in 6th Grade I read “Pride and Prejudice” and i watched the movie and her biography movie starring Anne Hathaway “Becoming Jane.” Her and her sisters life was so sad she based the character Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy on her real life short elopement with Mr. Lefroy. She had a very hard life, but all her books were based on her life.

  1. Happy 235th birthday, Jane! 🙂

    Wow, I didn’t think about it being her b-day until your blog post…**shames self**

  2. Well, that’s a lot of years!! I think that it’s safe to say that we are all Jane fans! Including Phoebe Hawthorne!! 🙂 RIght?

  3. I got Anne of green Gables for Christmas from my mom, I’m trying to decide when to read it, because I have a line of books waiting to be read, should i bump it to the front? 🙂

  4. My dad read pies and predudice (im pretty sure i spelled that wrong) even though its a girl book hes a bookaholic and it was free so what the heck!


  5. omigosh~
    i LUV Jane Austen!
    i read pride&prejudice just last week- it’s so GOOD!
    i luv Elizabeth and Jane Bennet of all!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year Jane Austen! =)

  6. Happy birthday Jane! Heather I absolutely loved your books,you have inspired me, some friends, and our parents to have a book club too. We have read all four of your MDBC books,and haves loved them. Please write a fifth book with Becca on the cover!

    • Your wish is my command! I actually just finished writing it, Megan. 🙂 It will be published next September!

    • Fiona, I’ve finished the first draft, and now it’s with my editor. Very soon I’ll be polishing and revising it, and from there it goes to the copy editors, and then to the designers, and then to the printing press by next September! It’s quite a process, getting a book published.

  7. i have read all the books and am waiting for the fifth.Heather,when do you think you’ll show the front cover on the website?

    • I’m allowed to show it when the designers have polished and perfected it! I’ve just seen a “rough draft.” : )

  8. i was just wondering why the cover of all the books have half of the character’s face, and not all of it?

    • Good question, Tara! That’s one of the artistic decisions that the book designer makes. Her name is Lucy and I think she’s done a FABULOUS job with the book covers, don’t you?!

  9. how did you write the fifth book so quickly i thought it takes a long time to actually write one because, the second i read the fourth one i heard there was going to be a fifth.

    • Well, it wasn’t that quick, Fiona! It took me about six months to write, and it still has to go through the revision process, so add another month or so for that. And THEN I get to start on the sixth one! All you eager readers are keeping me busy! 🙂

    • Nope — there’s going to be a sixth as well. I’ll be writing that one this winter and spring!

  10. REALLY?
    Who’s gonna be on the cover for THAT one?
    What’s the title?
    Oh, and what happens between Megs and Si, Cas and Tristan?
    i really want to know

    i can’t wait! ^0^

  11. Omigosh- i just figured out the pattern!
    the person who gets the last chapter is always on the cover! Am i right?

      • Isn’t that because it’s, in a sense, “their book”, where a big change happens to them?

        Oh, and just wondering, but why does Jess and Cassidy have brown eyes on their covers, when Jess’s eyes are blue and Cassidy’s are gray?

        • Yes to your first question, Emma, and as for the second, well, I guess it must be tough to find models who are just the right age for the covers and look exactly like the characters. They did their best. (Such beautiful girls, all of them!)

          • That’s what I wondered, if it was because they couldn’t find identical girls. 😉 Thanks for answering my questions!

  12. you should have a competition for the frony cover of the sixth book. Have girls send in photos ande who ever looks most like the person you want to have on the cover gets to be on the cover.

    • Well, it’s not up to me — the book designers are the ones who come up with the covers. I’m not sure what they have planned for the 6th one. 🙂

  13. who is your favorite charactor.mine is Emma because we have alot incomman like our name our brother and we both love to read.

    • I don’t really have a favorite — I love them all. When I was your age, though, I was like Emma, with a little Jess mixed in.

      • I am a Emma as well, I have a bit of Jess and Megan though!! Nothing similar with Cassidy except my name- Cassie Anne!

      • My favorite is Jess. We both love animals, and spend a lot of time doing…oh I hate to say it…school work. 🙁

  14. I’m a lot like Emma in personality, but I look more like Jess-except for glasses. Sometimes, I wonder if there was a spy camera on me to create Emma and Jess, LOL.

    • Oh, just the usual stuff. Kind of like what Becca does to Emma, except not with the journal…

  15. did you show the cover or the first chapter of the 5th book yet?
    and have you already finished the 6th book?

    • No, and no — soon, and by the end of summer. Need to finish 5th one first, which is what I’m doing right now! 🙂

  16. we have the same name!!!
    about rachael’s idea.. i think that triston and simon shouldn’t be on the covers because they have only been in one book, right heather?

    and will darcy stewart tristan and simon be part of the 5th or even6th book?

    • Probably just girls on the covers … d/s/t/s will definitely reappear. And cool you’re a Heather, too!

  17. have u posted the front pic of the 5th book, heather?
    & will ya put the 1st chapter on the website soon?

    if so, wen?
    can’t wait ’till the book comes out wen it does i’ll finish it quick & beg 4 the next book 2 come!

  18. OH-NO…………………….Anyways at least they are so good I can keep reading them over and over! Oh + the cover for Home for the Holidays ( I saw it on B&N) is so gorgeous!!!

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