I love January

After the rush of the holidays, there’s nothing better than the month of January.  A new year, a fresh start, and a calendar swept deliberately clean of engagements — which means a blissful stretch of days for puttering, organizing, reading, and recharging.

What could be better than that?

18 thoughts on “I love January”

    • Are you kidding?!
      I love winter, when there’s snow on the ground, and you can just sit inside and watch the snow fall down with a cup of hot Cocoa in your hands. Blissful….

  1. I’m kinda wishing for summer right now…or at least spring! The snow is coming down really hard, and everything’s a bit too quiet.

    • It NEVER snows where I live. I might go to the snow on Monday though! I haven’t gone since I was, like, seven

  2. I’m right there with you, Isabel! I live for Winter. My favorite time of year and a time for reading in your pjs! It helps that we don’t get ANY snow were I live though… but cold weather.

  3. so little snow where i live but I love winter. The snow flots down and the cold will turn little kids noses red and my little sister is so cute in her big fluffy snow suit. Like in pies and prejudice like a puffy little marshmallow.

  4. I actually kind of wish winter would last longer. I’m working on knitting a scarf for my friend’s mom and I’m not quite finished yet. I don’t want her to get the scarf and have to wait 6 months until she can wear it!

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