Snooki? Really?

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Jettisoning the traditional Today Show interview with this year’s Newbery and Caldecott award winners in favor of … Snooki?

Badly done, NBC.  Badly done.

20 thoughts on “Snooki? Really?”

  1. This is stupid SNOOKI has nothing to do with classic books nd y would nbc even consider this it’s just strange the new berry award has nothing 2 do with partying hard in new jersey it has 2 with books 🙂

  2. They gave it to her because she’s famous. You could write a three page book and say Snooki wrote it and it would still get an award. Give the award to Heather Vogel Frederick! A REAL writer!

  3. never in a million years would I read a book by snooki or gost writen not until pigs fly. The only person that should get that award id you heather.

  4. I can not belive that the Today show would snoop that low just to get their “fans instrested” but who is insterested in snooki!!!???

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