Royal Wedding countdown…

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow?  I’ll be there, front and center.  Well, not there there.  Here there.  In front of the TV.  Hoisting a cuppa tea in William and Kate’s honor.

Here’s a fun game to play while you’re waiting for the festivities to begin, courtesy of my friends on the Betsy-Tacy listserv.  First, pick a title — Lady if you’re female, Lord if you’re male.  Add your grandmother/grandfather’s first name, the name of your childhood pet, and the street you grew up on.  You can hyphenate the last two for extra aristocratic oomph.  And there you have it — the name on your engraved invitation!

I’m Lady Evangeline Patches-Lowell.

See you tomorrow!  I’ll be the one in the fancy hat.


Sneak peek at a new cover

Isn’t it gorgeous?

The art department at Simon & Schuster, my publisher, is BRILLIANT.  Particularly Lucy Cummins, who is the brains behind this beauty of a new cover.

By the way, the background looks grey in this picture, but in real life it’s SHINY SILVER FOIL — how cool is that?! It makes the book look like it’s been gift-wrapped.

And yes, that’s Becca Chadwick in the picture.  She’ll have chapters of her own this time around, including the very first chapter, which I’ll be posting soon, I promise!


Thank you, Bowling Green!

Having one’s picture book  mentioned in the same breath as GOODNIGHT MOON would give any writer a thrill.

It certainly gave me one!

A big smooch of appreciation to the good folks at Bowling Green State University’s  Curriculum Resource Center, who just recommended my BABYBERRY PIE for readers who enjoy Margaret Wise Brown’s classic bedtime tale:  “Like Goodnight Moon, Babyberry Pie is a sweet, soothing getting-ready-to-sleep rhyming story that children will want to hear over and over.”

What higher praise could I ask for than that?


Going for the gold

Can I brag for a moment?  Not about me — about Lucinda.

See that enormous trophy she’s holding?  Notice the color?  Yep.  It’s gold.  Lucinda’s U12 team just won the USA HOCKEY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

How cool is THAT?!

And how lucky am I?  You see, Lucinda is my hockey editor.  She’s the one who makes sure I don’t embarrass myself in print.  Which could easily happen, because despite the fact that my mother was Canadian and I grew up in Boston Bruins territory, I know very little about hockey.  Oh sure, I’ve watched a few games in my time.  I’ve seen a few movies, too — Miracle, and Slap Shot, and The Mighty Ducks.  But when it comes to actually describing what goes on in the rink, which I have to do since one of the main characters in my Mother-Daughter Book Club series is a hockey player, well, I’m skating on thin ice.

Enter Lucinda.  Who is a hockey ROCK STAR!  And now she has the championship trophy to prove it.  Congratulations, Lucinda!

A convert for Jane?

I was contacted recently by a student journalist at Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, who wanted to interview me for an article she was writing about Jane Austen and her enduring appeal.  It turns out Ms. Gillmore has never wanted to marry Mr. Darcy — imagine that!

#insert horrified gasp here#

She’s a lovely young woman despite this defect, however, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable chat.  Did I help persuade her as to Mr. Darcy’s obvious charms?  Did she change her mind after taking a college course on Austen?  You’ll have to read her newspaper article to find out…