A convert for Jane?

I was contacted recently by a student journalist at Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario, Canada, who wanted to interview me for an article she was writing about Jane Austen and her enduring appeal.  It turns out Ms. Gillmore has never wanted to marry Mr. Darcy — imagine that!

#insert horrified gasp here#

She’s a lovely young woman despite this defect, however, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable chat.  Did I help persuade her as to Mr. Darcy’s obvious charms?  Did she change her mind after taking a college course on Austen?  You’ll have to read her newspaper article to find out…


30 thoughts on “A convert for Jane?”

  1. Such a delightful article that Meagan has written, Heather. Thanks so much for sharing it! Margie

  2. I’d rather meet my own Mr. Darcy, LOL. Elizabeth Bennet probably wouldn’t be too happy if I took hers. xD

  3. My mom and I are currently watching the 2005 version of “Pride and Prejudice”. Love it! It’s one of the best movies of all time.

  4. I am planning on having a “Jane Austen Summer.” Once school is out of the way, I can’t wait to crack open my complete Jane treasury from B&N. I’ll be keeping the MDBC in mind!

  5. It’s very,very,very,very good!… No wait “good” is insulting its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Heather, I am almost finished Pride and Prejudice now, and I noticed the Miss Lucas- oops, Mrs Collins, and Mr Collins were very similar to Lucy and Rupert. I was wondering if you did that on purpose?

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