Thank you, Bowling Green!

Having one’s picture book  mentioned in the same breath as GOODNIGHT MOON would give any writer a thrill.

It certainly gave me one!

A big smooch of appreciation to the good folks at Bowling Green State University’s  Curriculum Resource Center, who just recommended my BABYBERRY PIE for readers who enjoy Margaret Wise Brown’s classic bedtime tale:  “Like Goodnight Moon, Babyberry Pie is a sweet, soothing getting-ready-to-sleep rhyming story that children will want to hear over and over.”

What higher praise could I ask for than that?


10 thoughts on “Thank you, Bowling Green!”

  1. Hi!I am new here but i just want to say i love all your books!I cried when the Book club series was over. ;'(
    That’s ridicules i know but i just got so attached!


    • Dry your tears, AbaGayle — there are going to be two more books! Look for HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS this October… 🙂

  2. Oh!I’m SO SO SO happy!Exciting!That series is just,i don’t know HAPPY!And it just ,like, pulls you in,and you just don’t want to stop reading!!


    P.S never stop writing! 😀

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