Royal Wedding countdown…

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow?  I’ll be there, front and center.  Well, not there there.  Here there.  In front of the TV.  Hoisting a cuppa tea in William and Kate’s honor.

Here’s a fun game to play while you’re waiting for the festivities to begin, courtesy of my friends on the Betsy-Tacy listserv.  First, pick a title — Lady if you’re female, Lord if you’re male.  Add your grandmother/grandfather’s first name, the name of your childhood pet, and the street you grew up on.  You can hyphenate the last two for extra aristocratic oomph.  And there you have it — the name on your engraved invitation!

I’m Lady Evangeline Patches-Lowell.

See you tomorrow!  I’ll be the one in the fancy hat.


80 thoughts on “Royal Wedding countdown…”

  1. I’ll be watching the beginning, but then we will have to hop on the TGV train back to Paris. I wish we could see it all though! 🙂

  2. I didn’t): but my mom’s friends daughter saw it on tv and said,”Mommy,is that a princess?” Shes almost 3 and obsessed with princesses.

    • Did they ever figure out who made her dress?
      I loved her dress and loved seeing people walk in with all their differnt hats on.
      Sooo Cool!

  3. We didn’t watch it, but we recorded it, so it’s the first thing my mom and I will be watching tomorrow. I’ve already seen pics of Kate’s wedding dress, and I LOVE IT!!! It’s so modest, compared to American gowns. I hope it starts a new trend.

    BTW, I’d be…Lady Marjorie Sunshine-Calhoun (I’ve lived on several streets, so I chose the most royal sounding one).

  4. the wedding was amazing her sisters dress was stunning!!! also what did u think of the queens canary yellow outfit??

  5. I got up at 1:30am to watch it!! My mom and I had tea, pastries,and chocolate! Kate’s dress was so pretty! And did you see that hat???!!! Ahhh…. it was so cool to watch, but I was cranky the next day. Lol. 🙂

    • I love ALL these names! You girls are fabulous! And so aristocratic, every one of you. 🙂

  6. I’d be Lady Betty Kaiba-Danberg, Lady Betty Kaiba-Bungalow
    Lady Misako Kaiba-Danberg. None of them sound very royal, although my grandparents names are Japanese so their different from your English name.

  7. I love the hats! Some of them were really nice, and some were just plain ridiculous!! 🙂 Which hats did you like Heather?

  8. Haha I’m lady claire daisy martingale! 🙂 an sadly I missed it because I didn’t feel well enough to wake up at 4 in the morning… 🙁 but how was it? Too bad we can’t afford a dvr or tvo… 🙁

    • It was great! I’m sorry you missed it, but I’m sure that there will be replays! I’m sure that you can fund pictures or clips on the internet. Good luck, and I’m sorry you missed it!

      Isabel 🙂

  9. I live on a number street so I cant realy do mine by my grandmother did name a street after me Its called Emma lane. She is a realistate agent.

  10. It started at 3am where i am… but i know of a girl and her mom who got up and watched the whole thing!! 😉

  11. Lady Judith Milo Hawkcliff/Lady Maureen Patches Hawkciff/Lady Judith Patches Hawkcliff/Lady Maureen Milo Hawkciff… not very elegant! 🙁

  12. My favourite title is Lady Rosalind Gabriella Tweedsmuir.
    Tweedsmuir is just hilarious, isn’t it?
    William and Kate are taking Canada by storm! The news contains nothing but their daily doings, it’s incredible!

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