Fabulous fund-raising fifth graders!


That was my reaction when I found out about three fifth-grade fans in Michigan who love my books so much that they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

We had written back and forth, and the girls made me the most AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL notebook.  Here it is:


I treasure it.

They wanted me to visit their school, but like most schools these days, theirs has a tight budget, and the girls were told it couldn’t be stretched to fund an author visit.  Did they droop when they heard this?  Did they give up?  Not these spunky young women!  Instead, they decided to take matters into their own hands.  And so they held a bake sale.  They organized a bottle drive.  They came up with fun and creative ways to raise the needed funds (would you make a small donation to a good cause in order to wear jeans to school?  A hat?  I would!).

All their hard work paid off, because guess where I’ll be in a few weeks?  Yup.  At their elementary school.  You can read about it here, in their local newspaper.

I can’t wait to meet Gabbi and Halee and Olivia in person!


54 thoughts on “Fabulous fund-raising fifth graders!”

  1. Aw! I wish you could come to my school in Warwick!!!!! But ur probably on a tight schedule anyway.. 🙁

  2. that is sooo cool, way to go! i missed ur visit to a bookstore near my house a couple months ago! 🙁 oh well, ill see u another time!

  3. ya
    i wish i culd meet you so badly
    u only are my fave author
    That is really cool what they did.
    It reminds me a little bit about all the times the mdbc fundraised like the fashion show, and pies and prejudice

  4. That’s really neat! I’m jealous though I’d live to meet you in person. Where’s your next trip, Heather?? ( besides their school )

    • Seattle, and then Bowling Green, Kentucky in June. Next fall I’ll be hitting the road when the new book comes out, and hope to post my schedule for that trip sometime this summer. At this point, I know I’m going to be in Austin, Texas, but that’s the only place I’m sure I’m going!

  5. AGAIN,i wish i went to school.Gosh I’ll start a book club,I’ve read a lot of books.Ohh!Maybe I’ll ask my friend who’s my neighbor.Her mother’s interested in some of the books that i read.She’s trying to get her daughter to read more.Her daughter-Sara-Is my age.We’re friends……(:
    I’ll try when she gets back from Vaca for Mothers day.
    Hope you’re having a great Mom’s day!


  6. Wow, those girls are awesome!

    I can’t wait to see the tour schedule. Meeting you is on my bucket list.

  7. wow those girls are amazing fans!!! way to go!!! i would love it if heather visited my old elementary school!!!

  8. Hi Heather!
    My daughter Halee is one of those 3 girls you posted about. They have done an amazing job and are beyond excited to meet you. I am too! We have all had so much fun planning for your visit!
    Thank you for inspiring the girls through your writing.
    See you Tuesday!
    I blog too & will definitely be blogging about your visit to Chormann!

  9. Hey guesse what?, on the radio i heard that there’s going to be a concert in town in honnor of Led Zeppelin !!!!! How cool is that, as soon as I heard it my brain clicked to Jess. My uncle owns a farm so I love horses!

  10. Hi,Heather!I just want you to know i squashed that everything’s-bad-you-stink-at-writing fear!

    Thanks for the advice!


  11. How cool of those kids to do that. I read about it on one of their Mom’s blogs and had to come see. Now I have to figure out who you are… I’ve not heard of your books. {I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings… but I will check them out!}

  12. I am SOOO looking forward to Heather’s first chapter of her next book! It will be brilliant, like all of her other books, of course!

  13. its really cool that they did that. so inspiring. heather, will you be coming to vancouver or wasington?

    • Probably, Carmen. Keep an eye on my “appearances & events” page – I’ll post my fall book signings in a couple of months, OK?

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