Fun photos from Michigan

Mimi, mom of one of the fabulous fund-raising fifth graders who brought me to Michigan last week for a school visit, just posted some really fun photos of our day together.  Click here to visit her blog and see them!



21 thoughts on “Fun photos from Michigan”

    • Don’t forget — I Skype with book clubs! That’s always a fun way to visit. 🙂

      • cool how do i connect on your Skype book clubs i would love to do that since i’m home schooled to 🙂

        • Rose, if you’re home schooled, just get your mom to contact me and the two of us will work on setting up a Skype visit, oK? Maybe you could gather a few more home-schooled friends and we’ll talk about books and writing. 🙂

  1. I wish(even though I’m homeschool) you could visit with our/ my school! How long were you there for? And could you give us the inside story? like what happened when you got there, and everything?

    • Cassidy, I talk to homeschoolers, too. Just have your mom contact me and we’ll work on setting it up. Maybe you could gather a few more homeschooled friends and we can all talk about books and writing. 🙂

  2. Those girls r so. Lucky they could get out school for a lunch with their friends but also with a famous author!!!

    • I know for sure I’m going to be there NEXT July — for the kick-off of the 2012 Betsy-Tacy convention in Minneapolis! Stay tuned for more information…

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