You know you’re in Oregon when…








…this is what greets you at the front door of the school.

A big THANK YOU to Columbus Elementary and Wascher Elementary in McMinnville and Lafayette for inviting me to visit with your fabulous students today!  I had a blast!








33 thoughts on “You know you’re in Oregon when…”

  1. My moms friend sent me a picture like that the first day of her daughters first day of pre-school but in Denver, Colorado. Ah rainboots never get old! 🙂

  2. Oh,that’s hilarious(:
    I wish i could pull of a tutu and rainboots.
    That’s my life’s goal now!

    Thanks for the post,

  3. Hi,Heather!
    Do you know when an excerpt of your book will be on your blog?

    Thanks bunches!

      • Oh goody!! I just finished reading the series for the second time! I’ll probably read it at least one more time before October 4th!! 🙂

      • Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! This is not a Exaggeration I can not wait for the excerpt!!!!

      • Really next week?! It doesn’t spoil the pies and prejudice book though? ( I didn’t start that one yet, waiting for summer because of homework!)

        • Oh, good point Haley — there might be a spoiler or two in the first chapter. I’ll have to re-read it before I post it, and if there ARE spoilers I’ll make absolutely sure that I tell people that ahead of time, OK?

          • Oh thank you heather sorry, I am only on page 40 … 🙁 I’ll try to read fast! 🙂 and don’t worry about it, I’ll just wait to read the 1st chapter AFTER I finish pies 🙂

  4. It kinda reminds me of where i live. haha. i live close to vancouver and we get a lot of rain. and its actually a rainforest!

  5. i live in MN and in the winter outside the classrooms there are lines of boots all different kinds! when i was in 6th grade, every other girl in my class had uggs, or fake uggs, u could tell which boots were mine

  6. Yeah, I know! I hate it when it rains. I live in Oregon, too! It’s really irritating when it’s been raining for a REALLY long time and there’s NO SUN.

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