Happy Father’s Day!

This is my father and me, circa about — well, let’s just say a long time ago.Β  Love that skinny tie, Dad!

Heather Vogel Frederick & Stefan Vogel


My father’s always been my champion and hero.Β  He’s directly responsible for me growing up to be a writer, thanks to the hours of bedtime stories he read to me and my sisters,Β  reams of paper with which he provided me, endless patience he displayed in cheering on my fledgling efforts (which he always took seriously), and of course the copy of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style that he tucked into my Christmas stocking when I was 12.

Thanks for everything, Dad.Β  I love you!



17 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Dads are the best! You gotta love em’! I’m not sure what I’m going to get him this year though…. I better think fast! πŸ™‚

  2. I gave my dad his gift early because he is going golfing with his dad and brothers today! πŸ™‚

  3. My Dad is responsible for making me such a bookworm! He is an author and has read me countless books! Love you dad!

  4. To celebrate Father’s Day, my family and I are going to spend the afternoon at the beach with a picnic lunch. Real traditional but fun.

  5. I have an idea, Heather. Maybe in book 6, you should feature a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day outing with the book club girls and their moms or dads. πŸ™‚

    • There should be, Taylor — most browsers have a feature up in the tool bar that allows you to pick up the RSS feed… Dunno which one you’re using, though.

  6. Aww u look so cute! I wrote my dad a 4 pg card and gave him a picture frame with a pic of my dad and I in it

  7. I am SO a daddy’s girl. “My prince already came and his name is Daddy” was my quote πŸ™‚

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