Editorial assistant

What would I do without my dogs?Β  This is Billie, coming to tell me that I’ve been sitting at my computer too long and that it’s time for me to take her for a walk…









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  1. I wonder if she would write a good book…. Hmmmmm…. I bet she is a good editorial assistant. My cat love to climb on my keyboard and chase the “mouse” Ha ha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Adorable!!!! I recently lost my dog to cancer. It’s been hard, but I love dogs and she looks like the perfect dog to cuddle up next to and read a good book with. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Heather, my aunt preordered Home for the Holidays for me for my birthday but Borders is closing by me. It’ll probably be closed by October. Do you think I’ll still get the book?

  4. Awww so cute. dog have great memories! Please post the contest soon it would be great to win one on my birthday month September:D

  5. we have four kids, 2 dogs, one cat, lots of fish, bugs, snails, hermitcrabs, ond other strange animals. the dogs, cat, smails, hermicrabs,Fish, bugs, and all the other strange amimals died. we got another dog and we still have one fish.

      • right now me and my famiy have 4 cattle, 20 something chickens, i weiner dog, 2 house cats, 1 barn cat(who recently had kittens but we gave them away)and another cat who sort of lives around our house. although i wish i had a border collie, does anybody here have one?

  6. My dog is exactly like that! When I’m doing my homework she comes and stares at me and pokes me with her nose!

  7. hello heather i just wanted to know if you had any kids besides your dogs of course! and if you did if they helped you write you books. just wondering. i am the one who wants you at the national book festival!;) i haven’t even thought about your new book yet. but now that i know i am excited!!

    • Yes! I have two boys. Do they help me write my books? They give me LOTS of inspiration. Remember in the first book, when Cassidy is thinking back to the time that she and her dad played a trick on her mom, and stuck a 6-foot tall inflatable Godzilla into the bathroom at night? Well … my boys did that to me! AAAAUUGGHH! Boy, did I jump and scream when I went in there in the middle of the night… πŸ˜€

      • hahahahahahahaha, thats hilarious!!! i remeber reading that part of the book. were there any other parts of the books that were inspired by your life?

        • Yep — Emma’s Spring Fling dress. My mother somehow got it into her head that my middle school dance was a formal, and I didn’t have a friend like Megan to save me. I showed up in a long prom-style dress, with a prom-style up-do hairstyle, and everybody else was in jeans and miniskirts. Needless to say, I didn’t get asked to dance ONCE! Mortifying! πŸ™‚

      • omg. they did that to you that is so funny. i was wondering if you were going to contuine the series or if you wre going to stop at the home for holidays one.

  8. I have a puppy!!!!!! She hangs out on my bed while I’m writing or reading a book!!!!!!!!! But she loves to play!!!!!!!! I can not wait for october!!!!! I pre ordered Home for the Holidays on my Kindle!!!!!!!!!!

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