In a festive mood….

Heading to the Mission Viejo Readers’ Festival today (SATURDAY) for an 11:45 presentation and book signing, then the Orange County Children’s Book Festival tomorrow (SUNDAY) for a 12 noon book signing!

Sunshine, authors, books, fun, what could be better? Β Come join me!

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53 thoughts on “In a festive mood….”

  1. Just a couple more days until the book! I am super excited! I am reading the free part of the book! I wish they had American prices on amazon, instead of the super expensive Japanese ones! 5000 Yen about for two books on Japanese amazon, and 10 dollars for two books on English one, haha. Well, I’m going to buy it anyhow, whatever the price!

    • You mean the sixth one? Fall 2012. Probably around this same time — early October? But not sure yet…

      • Yay!!! I love to wait but sometimes I wish the books could come faster!!! If the authors done writing and it’s published all they should do is express shipping, that way we dint have to wait an entire year! πŸ™ but still I always like the thoughts of having a new book on my shelf, no matter the wait!

      • i did mean your next one! i ALMOST don’t want to read home for the hoiliday because then i have to wait A WHOLE YEAR!!!!!!!! for the next one! but i still am going to read it just very,very slow! if i can read it slow that is!

  2. Hi Heather,
    I preordered Home for the holidays and it came to my mail box on FRIDAY!!!!!!!! I thought it was out Oct 4th??????? Anyways I LOVE it! And I will not post any spoilers for everyone else!

    • I contacted my bookstore about it, I was worried about when it would be in. They phoned on Friday to say they were holding it for me! I picked it up yesterday, finished this afternoon, then gave it to a friend. Love the book, but Pies and Prejudice can’t be beat!

    • O0f course the book has to come out on a tueday i come home go to religon and go straight to soccer practice after. Plus our new oven is coming so i might not be able to get it tommorow don’t post spoilers till wensday after school!

  3. hi! just wondering, is there ever gonna be a MDBC movie? i’d LUV to play Jess in one, so i wanted to know! i can’t wait to read home for the holidays, im probably gonna but on my moms kindle at like, 12:01, a minute after it comes out! even my mom has read all the books.

    • It would be fun if it were a movie, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, Rae, that’s not something I have control over. Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that someone in Hollywood reads it and says, “Hey, this would make a great movie!” πŸ™‚

  4. I’m so excited to get this book! When I got Dear Pen Pal on cristmas I stayed up till like 2:00 in the morning reading each chapter and I got like halfway throught the book. It was soooooo good.

  5. I couldnt make it. πŸ™ I’ll meet you one day though. πŸ™‚ you are a fabulous author, Heather!!!!

  6. Yay it came out yesterday and my mom surprised me and pre-ordered it on Amazon and it shipped! Ahh I am SOOOOO excited! Heather, just wanted to let you know, I have gotten my Grandmother who lives in Massachusetts πŸ™‚ , two of my cousins, 3 of my friends, my mom, and a couple other people to read it and they all LOVE it! Also, my friends and I are all thinking about starting a book club, starting with reading these books. πŸ™‚ SO excited to get the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow! You are a one-woman MDBC booster! Thank you – and don’t forget, I Skype with book clubs, so if you do start one and end up reading any of my books, let me know and I’ll be happy to videoconference with you. πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you Heather, and when we do start that I will definitely remember what you said! I would love to video conference! And I simply ADORE and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new book! I stayed up really late last night reading it, and my mom came downstairs this morning when I was reading it, and she snatched it out of my hands and ran away. πŸ™‚ I got it back. πŸ˜€

  8. I just got the book yesterday and I finished it on the same day! It was really awesome,I LOVE THE MOTHER DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB! I can’t wait for the next one already!

  9. Cant wait till the next one comes out next fall:( I am in love with this book and i feel like i know all the characters and i feel like they are real and that they would make awesome bffs!

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