SoCal Book Tour recap (Part 1)

In a word — fabulous!

So fun to meet new friends (and old), and get to talk to my readers.  And all in such a lovely setting — beautiful, sunny Orange County!

I kicked things off with a Friday morning visit with the fabulous students at Lone Hill Middle School in San Dimas, and after lunch with a friend headed over to Mrs. Nelson’s Toy and Book Shop in La Verne for a signing.  Here I am, looking ridiculously pleased with myself (book tours tend to do that to an authors):

As for Mrs. Nelson’s — what a BEAUTIFUL store!  I fell in love with it immediately.  They sell totally cool literary-themed T-shirts, among other things (like, um, books).  The staff is warm and friendly, the store bright and colorful and inviting.  I could have set up a cot and moved right in.  Instead, I signed books for readers like these two lovelies who drove ALL THE WAY FROM PALM SPRINGS to see me:

Take a close look at the books they’re holding.  They brought along their treasured, well-worn copies of THE MOTHER-DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB and MUCH ADO ABOUT ANNE for me to sign.   The pages were dog-eared; the covers nearly falling off.  Do you have any idea what an honor it is to know that your book is so loved?  I practically burst into tears when I saw them…

Thanks, girls.  You totally made my day!  (And thanks, too, to your mom for driving you all that way!)

After the signing, I went out to dinner with some Betsy-Tacy friends.  In case you didn’t know, in my new book HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, the book club is reading the Betsy-Tacy series.  They’re wonderful books, and they’ve introduced me to a whole lot of wonderful new friends who are fans of author Maud Hart Lovelace.  We had a great evening talking about — what else? — books.  (Oh, and by the way, I’m going to be speaking at the Betsy-Tacy Convention next summer in Minnesota, so mark your calendars!)

Saturday was equally wonderful.  I was invited to be a speaker at the Mission Viejo Readers’ Festival this year, which is a huge honor.  Check it out — they even post their authors on the electronic billboard that greets people as they drive into town:

I was sitting in the car at the stoplight with my sister and brother-in-law and my wee niece, and we saw the headliners flash onscreen (Cornelia Funke!  Linda Evans!  Molly Shannon!) … and then all of a sudden, there was little old me!  You should have heard us all screeching.  My head swelled up at least three sizes — it’s a wonder I was able to get out of the car.

I’m glad I could, though, because the festival was amazing.  The staff treated us authors (and our families) like rock stars.  We had special parking spaces.  We each had an escort.  And we even had a “green room” with treats!  I got to talk to a ton of my readers, which was the VERY BEST part, including a lovely mother-and-equally-lovely-daughter who had driven from SACRAMENTO to see me.


That’s, like, an eight-hour drive. I was speechless.  And honored.  And, well, speechless.

I also got to meet amazing people like FANCY NANCY illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser.  She’s not only talented, she’s beautiful.  And she has a sparkly tiara.

Another person I got to meet was Wendy Mass.  I’m a big fan of her books.  And I practically swooned when I found out she used to write for one of my favorite TV shows:  Monk.  (Which isn’t on any more, something I consider tragic.)

As for the icing on the cake — literally — the Mission Viejo Readers’ Festival gave each of us authors some thank you presents to take home. We got a framed print of our book, complete with their festival logo on it (I can’t wait to hang it on my office wall), AND we got a bundt cake from “Nothing Bundt Cakes,” which must be an ultra-cool bakery because the cake totally rocked.  Somehow I scored the Red Velvet cake, a Southern specialty that earned me brownie points with my brother-in-law.  He grew up in Mississippi, and it’s his favorite.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

THANK YOU, Mission Viejo!  I had a blast!

Tomorrow:  Part II — Orange County Children’s Book Festival and beyond!



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  1. Sounds like so much fun!! In Bozeman, MT where I live there’s an AMAZING independently owned book store downtown, and it sounds just like the place your talking about, they also have really cool t-shirts!! Are you back home now??

      • Heather! I just got your new book yesterday, and I”m already done with it!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing!!

        • I’m so glad, Isabel! (hope you don’t mind I deleted the spoiler….. 😉 but delighted you liked the part you mentioned!)

  2. I’m glad you are enjoying California! It’s home to me and a wonderful place! I hope you enjoy your time here!!! 😀

  3. That sounds really cool! And you met Wendy Mass? I <3 her books! Especially 11 Birthdays, Finally, and Every Soul a Star. You and her are tied for my fav author! S

  4. It sounds as if you had a blast! Even though your coming to houston, our school already has a author coming. But i’m sure she’ll be a lot of fun! You like Wendy Mass?!?! I loved her book 11 birthdays!!! I haven’t got the time to read her new book that has come out. Do you know if Home for the holidays wil be at any library’s soon?

    • Hi Aleksie — hope your library will have it soon for you. Did you know that you can REQUEST your library to order you a book? And if for some reason they can’t, they can get it for you on loan from another library. So, ask your local librarian! 🙂

  5. by the way heather both of those books were mine my sister just posed as she read them she’s only read the first and moving on to the second one and i had a lot of fun that day 🙂 =)

  6. Wow, Sounds fun! I hope you had a great time, and it’s wonderful how those people came all that way to see you. I would be right with them!

  7. So upset cant find new book any where not even in my local barns and nobel!!!!! 🙁 Well not till the weekend… Any suggestions on where to look in Pearl River, NY

    • It should be in your B&N, Molly – have your mom call them and order the book — they can get it in a day or two for you. Actually, ANY bookstore can do that for you! 🙂

  8. I just got home for the holidays yesterday from amazon and im almost done!!! your books are definately my favorite series EVER! i am an advide reader i read over 130 book last year!!!!! but by far T.M.D.B.C. is my favorite:) i wish you could come to WA state:)BEST AUTHOR EVER!!!!:)

  9. Would you consider posting chapter 2 of Home for the Holidays for those of us who haven’t gotten the book yet?

    • Yes good idea i preordered it from Barnes and nobles but its not there yet they were even a little suprised

  10. OMG!!!!!!! You have to post when in the summer you are coming to Minnesota this is like my dream come true!!!!!! (hopefully I won b gone then )

  11. I can’t wait to go to barnes and nobles to get home for the holidays. I feel so sad that my mom is making me WAIT!!!!! How can I WAIT?!?!?!?!

  12. By the way Heather have you ever thought of doing a book trailer cuz that would be awesome!? It would also be amazing to do a movie because with all the awesome events in your books it would be hilarious in a movie(the blue moon episode) haha I think I would die laughing

  13. Is there going to be an epilogue at the end of the last book? Or can you not tell me or do you not know yet?

  14. LOVE your books:) i must say your books are EXTREMELY tempting especially when you have to do dishes!:) i LOVED the last book SO many suprises. I WILL definately have to start a book club soon (by starting off with your sereis:)

  15. Ahhhh! I SOOOOO wish I could have gone! My favorite books are ‘The Mother-Daughter Book Club’ (whole series) and ALL of Wendy Mass’ books! (And ‘The Hunger Games’/’Harry Potter’ and those kind of stand alone). Would have been a dream come true! You should come visit the Seattle area! I’m not that far away! All my friends (who I convinced to read MDBC) and I could come meet you! We had to do an assignment in Language Arts class where we made a cover for a reading notebook that was based off of the cover of our favorite book and all four of us drew a girl with books on her head 🙂

      • so are u still writing a new series of the mother-daughter book club?
        i hope u still do…it amazing :):):)

          • hey! it me
            yeah so if six is the last book then u should make the 6 book longer and
            but — i was hoping u wrote another one after book 6

    • You never know, Nina! No plans this year, but who know where my publisher will send me next year?

  16. Yum I love Nothing Bundt Cakes! Yesterday you can get them for free… amazing 🙂
    Heather did you enjoy your visit to California? I hope you come back soon!

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