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So a blog comment below from one of my young readers included this great line:Β  “… to read from the past will bring you a great future.”Β  Hannah was talking about classic books, and how my series has inspired her to read some of them.

I’ve certainly found this to be true in my life — for one thing, all those classic novels I read as a teenager inspired me to write the mother-daughter book club series!Β  And for another, knowing and living with characters like Jo March and Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bennet and Betsy Ray enriched my life immeasurably, and gave me a circle of friends that stretched back almost 200 years.

Let’s brainstorm on Hannah’s comment for a moment.Β  How has reading classic books enriched YOUR life, and how do you see reading them bringing YOU a great future?

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  1. That’s a tough question! Well, classic books also give me friends, as well as books from today, but I feel like I can relate more to the characters from the classics. My reason being because, seriously, some of the fiction books I’ve read (excluding MDBC, of course) are kind of not realistic fiction, because I can’t see any of the events in them happening to me or my friends. Not that they can’t happen. Reading them will bring me a great future because now I know about life and history from back then, and it will help me as I go on into high school. Plus, it will help me become a smarter person. I think. I’m really sad because my local library hasn’t gotten Home for the Holidays yet. *Sigh* I guess I’ll have to request it.

  2. Reading classic books has enriched my life by letting me really experience and imagine how life went on in a time I never lived in. Knowledge is a pretty powerful thing, and reading classic, historical, books has increased my knowledge a great deal. Old language and ways of life, for instance. I can see them bringing me a great future because I know what I can work for and what I can achieve if I really try, like a lot of heroines in Classical books. Anne Shirley is personal favourite herione.

  3. I have read anne of green gables after the second book. and i want to read the betsy tacy series. They sound so good!!!! I love to read classics and you have inspired me to do so even more!

  4. It helped me get over issues that I have read in books (The Mother Daughter Book Club)and make good decisions! πŸ™‚

  5. Reading books from the past gives you a good idea of what it was like back then. It allows you to relize that the classics are’nt always in our time. There are so many good books that were written in the past and we should try to enjoy them. I haven’t read many classics myself because I have a book shelf full of books I have to read, but I hope to sit down one day and read a pile of them! πŸ™‚

  6. I especially love the classics because you get to see the similarities and differences between the current time period and the one the book was written in. Right now I’m reading The Mill on the Floss and I love it! It would be so cool if the Mother-Daughter Book Club read it!

      • Yep, although the ending is sad so maybe it wouldn’t work for the Mother-Daughter Book Club. I don’t know. But I do enjoy reading it!

  7. Im reading the second anne of green gables book right now!! i was inpired to read the first book after reading much ado about anne, and i love them!! thanks heather for inspiring me to read them!!

  8. Classic books have enriched my life by showing my how lucky I am. With everything we have today from doctors to technolgy it shows that there are other way to be entertained. I read a book that took place durring the revoltionary war and in the book they didn’t have much. They barley had enogh food, clothing, and they didn’t even get to go to school. THat really made me think how lucky I am.

  9. Wow that is a good point. I have to say its true about making friends in those books. when i read Anne of green gabbles i felt as if i had made a new friend and that thing are still the same today like about school and friends

  10. Reading classics has brought a lot into my life. After reading the first MDBC book I got out my copy of Little Women and I found myself identifying with the characters and trying to figure out who I was most like. The same thing happened with Anne Of Green Gables and Daddy-Long-Legs. I’ll have to get out Pride And Prejudice and try to do the same thing. Classics also give me friends like all the March girls, Elizabeth Bennet, Judy Abbot, Betsy Ray and many more.

  11. i tried pride and prejudice but it waas a little to hard so i stopped but i read all the other ones and all of the betsy tacy 1s are on reserve at the library.

    • Save Pride and Prejudice for when you’re ready for it — it’s a WONDERFUL book and when you’re just the right age, I promise you will LOVE it! πŸ™‚

      • what age do you recomend for us to read it im twelve but and advanced reader like emma would i be ready for it yet?

        • Are you talking about Pride and Prejudice? It really depends on the reader, not the age. I know readers as young as 12 who have read it and loved it, but I didn’t discover it until later in high school. Give it a try, see if you like it, if not, wait a couple of years and try again…

    • Oh, they’re really fun! They take place in a fictional town called Deep Valley, which was based on Maud Hart Lovelace’s (the author’s) hometown of Mankato, Minnesota. They’re set around the turn of the last century, and follow Betsy and her best friend Tacy and all their other friends from the age of 5 up until the last book, which is Betsy’s Wedding. So we readers have the fun of watching the grow up, go through high school, travel to Europe, etc. Give them a try! I love them!

    • Yes, Keri — it’s a book you need to be just the right age for, and then you’ll swoon, I promise. Set it aside and try it again in a few years, OK? πŸ™‚

      • When I read it I was 10 and now I’m almost 12. Should I wait for a few more years or try it again soon?
        Also I read the annotated version and that threw me off most of the time.

        • Hmmm. I’d wait a couple more years, Keri. Meanwhile, though, watch the movie. that way you’ll be familiar with the story, and then when you read it you’ll get what’s going on. πŸ™‚

          • I’ve watched the movie millions of times (The miniseiries and the regular movie) but maybe I’ll watch it again.
            Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. Heather, I know it’s been a few weeks since Home for the Holidays cane out but it STILL is not at my local library. I’ll ask my mom or dad if I could go to B&N. And maybe it’ll be there. I haven’t read anything but the excerpt that you gave us on your website!

    • Oh, how disappointing! Have you talked directly with a librarian? Let them know that you want it! That might help speed things up a bit…

  13. I loved Pies and Prejudice!!!! It is your best one!!!!! I loved the character Emma in the story since her and I would feel the same way about moving to England. You would not want to but then you would love it! I am going to wait until I am a little older to read Pride and Prejudice though… I am sure I will love Jane Austin!!!!!!!!! I love how your books are surrounding a book club that reads all the classics!!! What book will you write about next? Someone told me Jane Eyre. Is that true?

  14. Classic books have enriched my life by teaching me about history. They bring me a great future my showing me about girls back then who weren’t afraid to chase their dreams, and, when they’re written by women, inspire me to write stories just as great in the present when gender isn’t as much of an issue.

  15. Heather! I found out my school is going on a feild trip to see the play of Daddy Long Legs! I am so excited now!!!

  16. I don’t really like classics that much, but when i read MDBC i gave them a chance.
    I really liked anne of green gables! I tried reading Pride and Prejudice but I only read like 1 page.

  17. Sad to say I haven’t read many. I’m in love with Fantasy books, so I don’t think there’s many classics of that. I have read Daddy Longlegs, but I think I’d like Pride and Prejudice or Little Women better.

      • Jane Eyre is an awesome book! I didn’t read the classic version- it’s not appropriate for a 5th grader, I think. I read a version that my teacher gave me, that was a children’s version! But I did read it back in 5th grade- I’m in middle school now-I think I might reread it. No, I will reread it

  18. I haven’t had much contact with classical books. I’ve tried to read Anne of green gables but then I started to read MDBC so I got so caught into that that I totally forgot about Anne of green gables. Does Charlotte’s Web count as classical because I’ve read that twice. I’ve read books about kids reading classical novels.*Wink* I’ve read Greek history. I’ve read Mystery. I’ve read fantasy I’ve read folktale I’ve read fairytale. I’ve read poetry. I’ve read non fiction. I’ve read history(which is way different from Greek history. Greek Gods and Goddesses ROCK).

    I’ve read pretty much everything exept classical. Probably because I’m still thinking about projects and stuff for school. Wait a second…….that reminds me………I’ve read research books too! Ha! I HAVE READ EVERY TYPE OF BOOK EXEPT FOR CLASSICAL! Ha! Beat that!

  19. Classical books expanded my vocab (sometimes I think in Austen-Speak)and they give me a fun challenge.

  20. Hey!
    so i was wondering when will the next book be out?
    i totally fall inlove with the mother-daugther book club books!!!!! Love it………

  21. hey!
    so i have a question
    who’s ur favorite character? (please answer) πŸ™

    and i will definitely buy the next mother-daughter book club series…and hope u have more book coming out

    • I don’t really have a favorite character! When I was your age, I was a mixture of Emma (obvious reasons) and Jess (because I love animals, and because I used to be super shy). Cassidy is the most fun to write, because she’s so DIFFERENT from me and I can really cut loose with her. I get a huge kick out of Mrs. Wong and Mrs. Chadwick. Oh and Gigi! I love Gigi! Really, I have fun with all the characters.

      • is the book only recommend for girl age 9-12 or it doesnt matter?
        becuz i 13 and love the mother-daughter book club…:)

        • It doesn’t really matter, Jamie. I have readers who are in elementary and middle school, as well as readers in high school and college – and even some adult fans! πŸ™‚

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