You know you’re in Texas when … (cont’d)

You see a bench like this in your hotel lobby:

Aren’t those framed arrowheads on the wall above it cool?

And in another hotel lobby, I spotted the last letter sent from the Alamo in 1836:

It was on the wall outside the men’s room.  Kind of an embarrassing place to stand with a camera, but I’ll do anything if it involves history.  I can’t help it.  I’m a nerd that way!

Another sure sign of Texas is this gorgeous blooming sage:

And finally, what other state serves the world’s best BBQ at the airport?!

Yum!  Thank you, Salt Lick!


27 thoughts on “You know you’re in Texas when … (cont’d)”

  1. *Stomach grumbles* I love BBQ. You made me hungry!

    P.S Heather: check out my comment on “You know you’re in Texas when………..”

  2. Guess what, Mrs. Frederick? I just finished the first draft of a novella I’ve been writing all this month! I’m really excited. It made me wonder–do you prefer the revising part of writing or the first part of writing where you’re kind of spewing out a first draft? And which book has been the most challenging for you to write so far? Thanks for having an awesome blog!

    • I like revising MUCH better than the first draft. Writing a first draft is like rollerblading through an unfamiliar house with a blindfold on. I have no idea where I’m going! Once I have something down on paper it’s much easier for me to rearrange, edit, and polish. Love that part of the process. Congrats on finishing your first draft, Elizabeth!

      • Is it possible for a nine or ten year old to publish a novel? Because if it is…….lets just say I’ll be busy…….

        • Anything is possible, Emma. That being said, sometimes we need a few practice novels under our belts before we’re ready to be published. That was the case for me. I wrote my first novel when I was 12, but it wasn’t publishable. It just wasn’t polished enough. BUT it was still an important milestone for me, because writing it was SO MUCH FUN that I knew from then on I wanted to be an author someday. So don’t get discouraged — be patient and persistent, and one of these days we’ll see books of yours on the bookstore shelves!

          • Thanks for the advice, Heather. I HAVE been busy. I’ve written almost a chapter in my book. I think it is going to be a mystery but it’s going to be about how three best friends battle another group of four bullies against a friendship battle. There is another kid that the bullies and the nice people are fighting over. The working title is “An all about me: friendship battle” If the title works out it’s gonna be the first book in the “All About Me” series. It’s about seventh graders. Oh yeah!

  3. Yay!! Finished the first chapter in my book today. I thought about posting the first chapter but……..maybe I’ll just tell the characters. So, Main character: Alexis Kefrite. Other characters: Mackenzie Brillian, Molly Sheeka,Eloise Nathrocke,Paige McQueen,Abigail Znowit,Tara Barnes,Kathrine Cockest, and Alexandra Kefrite. Maybe others….but so far just theses and people that aren’t talked about very much.

  4. Are you going to make another book club book.
    I love and have all of them and I want to know what happens next. Also, how did you think of such a good book series for the mother-daughter book club. Is it a real life experience or you thought it would be a good idea?

    • I hope she will make another book and I think some of the experiences are from her experiences. Just i hope not that sledding crash……..

  5. Of course she’s going to make another book! How could us fans even stay alive without her books? Yes. She will make another book. The series mist go on!

    • When you’re starting out, you can’t. And most of the time you think it’s horrible. At least I do. The important thing is to KEEP GOING. The real writing comes in the re-writing and revision part of the process. At least for me. 🙂

      • Thanks for the advice, it is a real help. So you are saying I should just keep writing and find out when I am a more advanced writer?

        • Yes — don’t worry right now about whether something is good or bad. That’s not really the point, when you’re starting out. Just like if you started taking skating lessons, you wouldn’t worry so much about the time you spend on your bottom on the ice because you fell! It’s about learning the basics and ENJOYING the process! Onward…

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