How the grinch stole Halloween

I have a confession to make.

Halloween is my least favorite holiday of the year.

I can’t help it — I just don’t enjoy dressing up.  The last time I had fun on Halloween was when I was in elementary school.  My mother sewed black velvet cat ears onto a headband for me, and I went dressed as Catwoman.  That costume made me insanely happy, and I wore it as often as I could until I outgrew it.

I don’t like scary stuff, either.  No horror movies for me, no spook houses, not even a corn maze.  Yep, I’m definitely a Halloween grinch!

How about you?  Do you like Halloween?  If you do, what will you go dressed as this year?

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  1. I do not like Halloween at all! I honostly think it is sort of stupid how people dress up and walk around getting candy from strangers! It is not the original origin of the holiday, and what it reall means.

    I also do not like scary things! LOL! So much for haunted houses!!! 🙂

  2. I dont like halloween also but im going to do a little tricking and treating it is just to cold and wet where i live in upstate new york! i am going to a little tho, im and going to be elmo!

  3. I don’t celebrate halloween but I go to a costume party every year. This year I am going to be a hippie. So fun…

  4. I like Halloween because you feel like a whole different person for a night and its a night where everyone gets to be a kid. But I also think that you don’t need a horror movie or a haunted house to have fun. But this is just my opinion like people think you need a haunted house or a horror movie to have fun. Or to get into the spirit. I’m going to be go-go barbie and my dog, Bentlee, is going to be a girl because hes a boy.

    • I love it that you’re taking your dog trick or treating! And Bentlee is a great name, by the way. 🙂

    • I tolally agree!!!I like dressing up on halloween but it doesn’t have to be scary.
      A few reasons I like halloween…
      1. I get to dress up
      2. I like to eat candy
      3. I get to enjoy other people’s costumes
      A few reasons I don’t like halloween…
      1. Its scary
      2. I have a photographic memory, so anything I see, I remember
      Oh, by the way when is the next Mother Daughter Book Club book coming out. I know its coming out in 2012, but what month? I just finished’Home for the Holidays’!!!

    • Dressing up and acting like a different person is why I love drama so much! I’m going as a hockey player! Cassidy had inspired me! I’m taking hockey lessons, and I start stick handling and stuff on Wednesday!!

      • Excellent! I’m impressed — hockey looks like fun, but I’m not much of an athlete. Have thought about trying lessons for adults, though…

        • It’s going really well! It’s SO MUCH FUN!!!! I’m a really strong figure skating, but hockey skates are so different!!! My first lesson I kept thinking that I had toe picks, only to find myself sprawled out on the ice! 🙂 But I love it!!!

          I was wondering, will the next book be a full year, or just part of a year?

  5. Halloween is up there on my favorites. But Christmas and Thanksgiving are way above it. I’m going as a bumblebee this year.

  6. I like the candy. 😉
    Dressing up is very tiring though, since Halloween always seems to sneak up on me. This year, I’m going as a nerd. A very simple nerd. XD

  7. I’m not allowed to go trick or treating–I’m not sure why, but my mom won’t let me 🙁 We get candy, though. I would like the costume part about trick or treat. As for the scary part, not particularly … it depends on how scary it is. Anyways, guess what, Mrs. Frederick? I just finished the first draft of a novella I’ve been writing all this month! I’m really excited. It made me wonder–is it easier for you to revise your writing after writing the first draft or write the first draft? And do you have any advice on revising writing?

  8. I am going as a cheerleader but my friend wants to go as a recycling box. I just love the thought of free candy that all you have to do to get it is wear a costume. I just started the first in the series of the Mother Daughter book club and I love it cant wait to read more.

  9. Hi! I’m the worst looking zombie you have ever seen…i have made the costume by myself.( I WANT YOUR BRAINS !)
    -emma jean

    • Ha ha – and good for you for making your costume yourself. Those are always the best ones (unless you’re the lame mom like me, who once STAPLED HER SON INTO A SHEET and called it a ghost costume!). 😀

  10. I like Halloween! It’s definitely not my favourite though, that’s Christmas. I love getting to dress up, get candy, and I like all the decorations. This year i’m going to be a witch. 🙂

    • We are meeting with a family from our church tonight to celebrate “Reformation Day” when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses!

  11. I LOVE the candy..But not so much the dressing up,
    most of my costumes are very plain and simple, I don’t really find much time to put a big enough effort into making my costumes.. 🙂

  12. I am going as an evil scientist! Maw hahaha! My friends are going as a packers fan ( she has a cheese hat) and two of my friends are going as twins because they look exactly a like but aren’t related! It is really cool! And we always handmake our costumes! 🙂

  13. halloween is definitely one of my favorites (: christmas beats it though… i live in MA so my town postponed it till saturday november 5 because of the snow and power outages!!!! eek! i have to stay in a hotel till the power comes back on! this year i definitely don’t like halloween but i usually do! this year on saturday I’m going as the mad hatter from alice in wonderland

  14. Hi! im back, just got back from trick or treating! It was tiring!hahaha For me my favorite part is seeing all the costumes, i loooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee seeing what everybody is! My big black lab went as a squirrel! it was adorable!

  15. I love halloween! I only love it cause its my birthday. Other than that, I don’t like scary stuff. I do like dressing up though. This year I was a box of crayons!!!

  16. I like Halloween. I’m not that big of a fan of trick or treating anymore, but I lived it when I was little. I went this year, but I wasn’t all that into it. I was Dorthy from The Wizard Of Oz. I like Halloween because I love a good scare. I think next year I might hand out candy and steal a couple Kit-Kats and Jolly Ranchers or I might go to a costume party with friends. 🙂

  17. I don’t like Halloween that much either. I love to dress up and eat candy- but I hate getting scared and people make waaay too huge a deal out of it. I love Christmas though. I love how everything is cheery and I really get in spirit. It’s always been my favorite holiday.

  18. Halloween got cancelled around here. 🙁 My friend and I made our costumes this year- we were going to be a pair of flip-flops. Oh well… Maybe next year. I’m not a huge Halloween fan, but the free candy is too much to pass up. LOL.

  19. I was a cello, and my favorite part of Halloween is making my costume! My least favorite part is lame costumes!

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