Extraordinary ordinary life

Part of  a writer’s work is being observant.  I try and go about each day with my eyes and ears wide open.  You never know when an idea will come your way, or when you’ll see or hear something that might add color and life and richness to the texture of a story.

Plus, ordinary life is just so full of extraordinary beauty!  Look what I found tucked away in a quiet corner of the airport in Austin, Texas recently:

An art exhibit on handmade lace!  In an airport, no less!

These little wooden things are called bobbins:

And somehow, by an intricate system of weaving them over and under each other, beautiful patterns appear:

That’s a lace collar.  Breathtaking, isn’t it?  I can picture Elizabeth Bennet wearing it.  And check out this cami and shawl:

The intricacy and detail are stunning, aren’t they?

This is my favorite:

A rooster made entirely of lace!  Who could ever dream that something as astonishing as this would be possible simply by the weaving together of thread?

I have no idea whether I’ll ever use the art of lace-making in a story.  Viewing this exhibit added richness to my life, though, as well as to an idle hour at an airport.   And these kinds of “beauty” deposits to one’s memory bank can’t help but reap dividends when we put pen to paper.

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  1. that is soo cool! a lave airport! haha! when will you be back home??? and i think you should do a contest where people could have there name in your book if they win!

    • Three words: Just Do It. Seriously, just pick up your pen or pencil and get started. And then keep going. And if you get stuck, ask yourself, “What if?” And keep going again. Most important of all: HAVE FUN!

  2. heather,
    i am in charlottesville virgina. the hotel i am staying at is the best hotel ever! it is called the english inn. at 4pm they serve high tea. i am going to drink some tommorrow! and guess what, the hotel decieves you. on the outside of the hotel it looks like a real english inn but inside of the rooms they look very mordern chic. this morning i had the best ham and cheese omlet at this small diner called the cav diner. then after that i went to visit thomas jefferson’s house called monticello. and tommorrow i am going on a shopping spree with my mother. because this town has a lot of high fashion boutiques!


  3. Those are beautiful, and I agree with you, the rooster is pretty extraordinary. The cami is pretty cool, too. I’m still waiting for Home For The Holidays 🙁

    • I am the same person as Emma(Emma Fan)!!!!!!! I love Cassidy though so I’m Emma(Cassidy Fan)!!!!!!

  4. Those are really pretty! You’re right, they could totally be Elizabeth Bennett’s! 🙂 They have some stuff like that in the San Francisco air port…Funny isn’t it?! 🙂

  5. doesn’t this remind you of when mother daughter bookclub went to washington dc and megan was scetching all the old dresses at the smithonian?

  6. Cool! I just got Home for the Holidays as a NOOKbook, and it is really awesome! I can’t wait until MDBC #6 comes out!

  7. heather how can you change your picture by your name iv’e seen other people have done it but how i want to do it to how?

  8. I love your books! I just finished the fifth one and I want to read more… why do you have to keep me hanging? 🙂 I especially love the series because I am in a mother-daughter book club myself. Last year for Christmas, we did a book exchange and almost every girl brought the Mother-Daughter Book Club book because it was so related to our club! And after reading the first book, I was hooked. Your characters are so well-devoloped. I feel like I really know them. And I really want to read the Betsy-Tacy books after reading book 5, too!
    So I heard there’s going to be a sixth one. I’m practically jumping up and down with excitement! Yay! Who’s going to be on the cover?
    Your devoted reader,
    p.s. Darcy and Jess make the cutest couple!

    • Hi Margaret! I’m so happy you love my books (#happyfeetdance#) As for the cover of the sixth, I don’t know who’s going to be on it yet. The art department is working their magic…

  9. the lace collar reminds my of when in Pies and Prejudice the book club is in England and they go to an exibit on Jane Austen and they saw something like that that Jane had helped make!

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