A hat for Bonnie

Bonnie is the most patient “big sister” in the entire canine world.  She gets absolutely no respect from Billie, as you can clearly see.  That’s the way it works with younger siblings, though, isn’t it?!

28 thoughts on “A hat for Bonnie”

        • Yep — we got Billie a little over a year ago. If you scroll down through the older posts — actually, I think you can click on “Billie” under the tags — you’ll see pictures of her when she was a puppy. SO CUTE!

    • Friend had some, and we were impressed by how sweet, gentle, fun-loving and smart they are. They’re great dogs!

  1. I’m the baby in my family:) My two dogs are labs and one’s older than the other by WEEKS. Weeks not years! The younger one is does the same exact thing as Billie does.

  2. How absolutlu adorable! It reminds me of me and my siblings. 🙂 ha ha (me being Billie, the oldest,) but I think I’m pretty nice for an older sister. 🙂

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