It’s raining (snowing?) holiday giveaways!

In addition to yesterday’s Cynsations giveaway, I’m thrilled to announce that Stiletto Storytime’s Holiday Read-a-Thon new mini challenge features ANOTHER special prize pack!

All this could be yours!

That’s right, my dears — you have yet another opportunity to take home an autographed copy of my new mother-daughter book club installment HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, PLUS the BETSY-TACY TREASURY (which contains the first four books in Maud Hart Lovelace‘s series:  BETSY-TACY, BETSY-TACY and TIB, BETSY AND TACY GO OVER THE BIG HILL, AND BETSY AND TACY GO DOWNTOWN), PLUS the first two BETSY-TACY “high school” books (HEAVEN TO BETSY and BETSY IN SPITE OF HERSELF), PLUS this totally cool BETSY-TACY canvas bag!

Be quick, though — this mini-challenge ends at midnight EST on Monday, December 5th.  Click here to hop on over to Stiletto Storytime and enter!


14 thoughts on “It’s raining (snowing?) holiday giveaways!”

    • I’m not sure, Margaret. Double-check her rules. I think you can by leaving a comment PLUS liking the Facebook page, etc. But double-check, OK?

  1. On her blog page there was a quiz to see which Jane Austen heroine you are and I turned out to be Elizabeth Bennet! 😀

    • Click on the links in the two giveaway posts — they’ll take you to the blogs where the contests are being held. Just follow the directions there to enter! It’s easy! 🙂

  2. I just LOVE your books, Heather! they’re my totally fave!
    In Home for the Holidays, I feel that your book cover’s design is so clever- presents!

    I’m a mix of all four girls- wait, make that five!
    Like Cassidy, I love sports! Well, volleyball, anyway. And badminton! But that’s a bad mix.. 😛

    Like Emma and Megan, I want to be either an author or fashion designer. I have lots and lots of random pages of writing! I also get hand-me-downs like Emma, and I am interested in fashion like Megan.

    Like Jess, I love animals! I have had two turtles, LOTS of tropical fish, catfish, guppies, one maltipoo, another maltipoo, and I will get a cocker spaniel and german shepherd!

    Like Becca, my name is Becca!

    I can’t wait to read Home for the Holidays!
    I’m hoping I’ll win. But if you win, hpow do you receive your prize?

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