Holiday shopping tra la

Bought my first gift of the season today from…

 Pink♥d is one of my FAVORITE Etsy stores!  It’s the brainchild of Stephanie, a talented teen friend of mine.  Click here to check out her gorgeous designs.

I picked out a pair of super cute earrings for a relative (shhhhh!).

Have you done any holiday shopping yet?  Did you find any treasures?  If you’re making gifts this year instead of buying them (I make jam and shortbread for friends and relatives every year), what’s your favorite thing to make?


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  1. I hasn’t done to much holiday shopping this year yet, but I can’t wait to start. We will probably start when my school gets out for break. I can’t wait! I love shopping! 🙂 My favorite thing to make over the holidays are cookies and other tasty things for family, neighbors and friends! The smiles on their faces when we deliver them are unforgetable. 🙂

        • Actually, it’s homemade bread. (But pie is a CLOSE second!) My grandmother taught me how to make bread when I was 12, and I’ve been making it just about every week since. There’s NOTHING better than homemade bread!

  2. Today we made cards out of cute papers and crafts. It was super fun! We’re going to Michigan for the holidays, and we’re SO EXCITED! We’re doing secret santa’s, and I hope that nobody will mix up the names! 🙂

  3. I also love baking! Gingerbread cookies are my favorite and I like to put them on a Christmas plate with a couple Santa chocolates! Thanks for the great books- especially Pies and Prejudice. I am an ice dancer as well, so I loved it!!! Thanks and I hope you have a great holiday!

  4. i always make this christmas cobblestone thing! it is really,really good. there are golden grahams,peanuts rasins and lots of other yummy stuffin it! cranberries too!

  5. Oh, I LOVE baking and making Christmas gifts! I always like to sew little things for my friends. I’ve just started my Christmas shopping though. I love how pretty all the shops look, all decorated and pretty! 🙂

    • Hmmm, let’s see. My Aunt Sarah’s special sour cream coffeecake on Christmas mornings. And sometimes my grandmother’s lemon pound cake. The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without lots of GREAT FOOD! 🙂

      • agree with you there!!!! and in home for the holidays when they did secreat santa well i am dong that with my family too!!!!!! i hope it doesn’t turn out like it did for the bookclub!!

  6. Sometimes I write stories for my family members, which is really fun! But I haven’t done anything yet this year, although I have some ideas ….

  7. wow so cute i want some for Christmas and haven’t gone Christmas shopping yet. I think i might go homemade gifts this year

    • I only get to pick ONE?! No fair. Hmmm. I love peppermint hot chocolate. Guess that would be right up there at the top of the list. With whipped cream (mit Schlag) of course!

      • What does mit Schlag translate to? My electronic translator says that it means with impact But when I switched it around than it meant something else. :<

        • It’s German slang for “with whipped cream,” Keri. Literally translated, it is something like “with impact” or “with punch,” but the slang has an entirely different meaning. Funny, huh? 🙂

          • Absolutely crazy! So in Home for the Holidays when Emma says “Hot chocolate, Mit Schlag. With whipped cream.” She literally means Hot chocolate with whipped cream with impact? German is so confusing!
            I like the part where they are at the progressive dinner and Emma says that Stewart is like Betsy Ray and everybody finds out that he had been reading the Betsy-Tacy series and then Mrs. Hawthorne tells everyone about Darcy’s desperately wanting to be Ariel when he grew up.
            Ha Ha

          • No, Emma’s giving the reader a clue as to what “mit Schlag” is by translating it for you. Think of it like this: “Hot chocolate, mit Schlag. (With whipped cream.)” It’s the only way I could think of to let you know what it meant! Oh, and by the way — Darcy wanting to be Ariel when he grew up is based on one of my sons! 🙂 LOL!

    • If you want, I can teach you how to knit. That’s a big help because if you google “knitting pattern for_________” you can find a pattern really easily.

  8. I got a couple of things for my family. I got a couple of shirts for my sister and a New York Yankees thing for my dad and I got jewlery for my mom:)
    I also can’t wait to see what I got for the holidays and since my birthday is tomorrrow I can’t wait for that too:)
    <3 Hope you have a wonderful holiday Heather!

  9. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but during winter break, I’m going to bake these really yummy puffy poppy buns! They’re really delicious- filled with chewy goodness and covered with crustsy yumminess! I want to make gingerbread men, though! I did before, but they turned out to be gingerbread blobs dressed in white frosting. They were still really good, though, and it made me feel better knowing that I wasn’t eating little men. LOL! This time of the year, I’d like some cocoa and swedish gingersnaps- HEY! That’s what Eva Bergson served to Emma, right? Speaking of Eva Bergson.. that part was so sad! I cried :'( But a book’s got to be sad sometimes..
    I can’t wait for winter break! I get to go shopping in only the breaks, which sucks for me- like Megan, I love fashion! I picked out a really cute flannel plaid shirt from Hollister and dye effect jeans, jegging capris, and faux fur slouch boots! Not something Megan would wear, but LOL!

  10. OH!!! I absolutely LOVE the turquoise teardrop earrings! I am almost done with all my Christmas shopping this year! Not quite, but almost! I think I’m going to be the head baker this year. 😀 I’ve already made chocolate chip cookies and then my Mom and I are making homemade chocolate truffles soon! *SIGH* I love Christmas…

  11. I can’t wait till christmas! in my family we do secret santa i got my dad any ideas what to make him? please help ms.frederick?

  12. *SPOILER ALERT* I got my mom some earrings and my little sister a bracelet. *END OF SPOILER*
    I’m probably going to be making cookies for friends:)

  13. I can’t believe it is already almost Christmas! Where I live it never gets below like 75 degrees so Christmas never really hits me until I visit my grandparents. My favorite thing to make for Christmas is toffee. Though I just got braces so I won’t be able to eat toffee this year 🙁

  14. My dad just bought my an early Christmas present: New Hockey Skates! They’re really nice! I love then… They remind me of Cassidy! We have a game on Thursday, so I’m breaking them in… I love all the jewelry! I can’t wait ’til Christmas!! 🙂

  15. I love making hot chocolate (my mom’s homemade kind) with extra chocolate and a candy cane as a stir thing… yum. I also LOVE my grandma’s peppermint bark and my aunt’s raspberry cheesecake. I always make my own Christmas cards to give to people and sell gift tags to my mom (she might just buy them out of sympathy for the awful job I did with my non-artistic talents…) but I always have fun making them anyway! I think people appreciate that I took time for them anyway, even though, they might look bad!

    • Ooo, a candy cane for a stirrer is a GREAT idea! How come I never thought of that? (And I am a hot chocolate fiend, too.) I’m sure your tags are really cute, too. 🙂

  16. Not quite done with Christmas shopping yet, but I hope I will be soon.
    And this year, I’m making these peanut butter sandwich cookies where you take two cookies and smush them together with peanut butter icing. They are SO good! 😀

  17. Just started shopping last weekend for my mom:0

    Love the Jewelry kinda wished I wear that kind of stuff.

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