Podcast interview at Authors are ROCKSTARS!

Allison and Michelle at Authors are ROCKSTARS! are debuting a new feature this month called “KidLit Corner.”  Guess who had the honor of being their first guest?  Yup.  Me!

Click here to hop on over and listen to our audio podcast interview.  (You can also download the mp3 file, or find the interview on iTunes.  Cool, huh?)

We had a blast — Allison and Michelle are smart and funny, and they put me right at ease.  Plus, do you love their logo or what?  That’s rockin’ Jane Austen on the drums in case you’re wondering…

But wait, there’s more!  After you listen to the interview, be sure and follow the directions on their blog to be entered in the giveaway for an autographed copy of HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!  Wheeeeeeeeeee…

43 thoughts on “Podcast interview at Authors are ROCKSTARS!”

  1. I just listened to it! You did a great job! Congrats!! 🙂 When did that happen? Did they interview you in person or over skype, or the phone?

  2. Cool!!!
    Heather I used to think classics were really bad, then i read your books and I gave them a chance and I figured out that i like them!!!
    Are you going to put any new books in the 6th book? It would be really cool if you mentioned Harry Potter or Percy Jackson or The hunger Games!!!!!! Maybe Darcy could read them or something!

  3. so cool joing to listen tp it right now but dont need to enter conest already got autographed version of Home for the Holidays. It was so much better to get it in person 🙂

  4. Heather- My friends and I have followed your books since we were in fourth grade…And we were talking and wondering– Why is this your last book? Just because the girls are getting older doesn’t mean the fun has to end! I’m sure we all want to see what the girls go threw for the rest of their high school experience.. I would love to see how the college thing will work out! Everyone in different places.. 🙂 Please! Don’t let this be your last book!

  5. I love it! “Authors are rockstars!” What a cool name. What does this website normally do, Heather?

  6. When are we going to here news on the mother daughter book club. Don’t get me wrong I love your post but I want to hear about your stuff please.

  7. When will we hear about the winner from the other giveaway, Heather? (I really want to win it…)

    • Very soon, Margaret! Cyn’s just waiting to hear back from one of the winners, and then we’ll make the announcement!

  8. Will the authographed book be in hardcover? And will the entries get picked from the KidLit Corner by the answer? By answer, I mean… what you write in your post that is answering the question or theme. Or will the entries be picked randomly?

    • Yes, Becca — they’ll be hardcovers. I’m not sure how the winners will be picked, though, because I’m not the one picking them! Allison and Michelle at Authors are Rockstars! will be picking them. 🙂

      • Ooooh, I see. Do you know what month “Wish You Were Eyre” is coming out? I hope it’s July- my birthday! And in the title, is the “Eyre” part supposed to mean “here”? It sure sounds like it?
        Can’t wait for your upcoming books 😀

        • WISH YOU WERE EYRE will be published next September. And yeah, “Eyre” is sort of a French-sounding rhyme to “here” — it’s a slightly silly stretch, but we wanted to get “Eyre” in the title since the club will be reading JANE EYRE. 🙂

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