And the winners are…

The results of the Cynsations giveaway are in (well, 2/3 of them), and an autographed copy of HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS goes to … Sara Orlowski!

And now for the grand prize winner–drumroll, please.  Megan Phillips was chosen to receive all of the swag pictured below:

In addition to an autographed copy of HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, your box will also include the new BETSY-TACY TREASURY (which contains the first four books in Maud Hart Lovelace‘s series:  BETSY-TACY, BETSY-TACY and TIB, BETSY AND TACY GO OVER THE BIG HILL, AND BETSY AND TACY GO DOWNTOWN), PLUS the first two BETSY-TACY “high school” books (HEAVEN TO BETSY and BETSY IN SPITE OF HERSELF), PLUS this totally cool BETSY-TACY canvas bag!

Congratulations to you both!

I’ve been given your snail mail addresses and will be mailing off your parcels this weekend.  I can’t promise they’ll make it to your, uh, home for the holidays (sorry, couldn’t resist), but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, we have a straggler out there who has not responded to emails — he or she also won an autographed copy of HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, but must hop to it and reply, otherwise another winner will be chosen.  So please check your email if you entered this giveaway, OK?

44 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. heather sorry i keep bugging you about this!!! but eill there be a giveaway for once upon a toad???? and is it about a girl who has toads coming out of her mouth?

    • There will definitely be ONCE UPON A TOAD giveaways, when we get closer to the publication date (April). And yes, our poor heroine is afflicted with toads when her inept fairy godmother gets mixed up. How on earth will she get rid of them? Ah, therein likes a tale… 😉

    • Well, when I was your age, I was a mix of Emma (obvious reasons) and Jess (because I love animals and because I used to be super shy). Now, I don’t know — you’d have to ask my boys which mom I’m most like! 😀

  2. Congrats! I was gonna sign up it’s just that the day I checked was the day it ended so yeah 🙁 I hope you have more contests 🙂 I would love to join them 🙂

  3. Heather!! Guess what?! I just went to see the exhibit at The Concord Museum with all the hand-made ornaments of children’s books on the trees! It was AMAZING!! I LOVED it! Is that what Emma wanted to go see in Home for the Holidays? 🙂

    • Yes, Isabel — exactly! Wow, how fun that you got to see it in person! I actually never have. A friend went and scouted it out for me, then sent pictures (my “research”).

      • It was really cool! I wish that you could see it in person! Their biggest tree, the ornaments were actually made by the illustrator of the book, it was unbelievable! Do you know the children’s book Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type? Well a woman did a little tree on that book which was amazing! It had little cow heads, and typewriter keys, and underneath the tree there was spilled milk, and the tree was in a milk pale… It was really sweet! I think Emma would have LOVED it! 🙂

        • I would have loved it, too! I’ll have to arrange to make it to Concord around Christmastime some year.

    • Definitely having fun, Mariah — but first drafts are HARD! I’ll have more fun once this is done and I can revise (that’s my favorite part of the writing process).

  4. Heather- The secret Santa exchange that the girls did inspired me- my book club is doing a Secret Santa this year!

  5. In Dear Pen Pal, Megan says that she knows that Jess likes Darcy, but in The Mother Daughter Book Club at the spring fling, doesn’t Jess admit she likes Darcy and not Zach?
    And will there be more parts about Simon Berkeley? Or is he long forgotten? Hm.. I wonder.
    Did the other autographed copy winner reply to the emails yet? The suspense is killing me!
    And when will the winners of the KidLit Corner be posted.
    Sorry, I’m just feeling sooooo excited! 😀
    Yes, I just LOOOOOOVE the MDBC!!!

    • Becca, to answer your first question, two years have passed since the spring fling dance, and the girls have forgotten that Jess likes Darcy. The Berkeley brothers will definitely be back, never fear! They’re set to reappear in WISH YOU WERE EYRE. And yes, the other winners have surfaced and will be announced soon.

      Meanwhile, watch for one more giveaway near New Year’s!

  6. Sorry to bother you, Heather, but when in I think Much Ado About Anne, when Emma’s dad says(this is the closest I could quote it): “We’ll have to invest in a second mortage just to feed Darcy” or something like that and everyone falls silent, how come there is a silence? Did he speak amiss? If you could explain that part, I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks 😀

    • It’s because the Delaney family is having serious financial problems, Becca – unbeknownst to everyone at this point (as I recall), they may lose Half Moon Farm. They’re worried about being able to feed their family, so that’s why Mrs. Delaney grows quiet when Mr. Hawthorne says this. Hope this makes sense!

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