Exciting news!

I just found out that PIES & PREJUDICE has been nominated for a 2012 Oregon Book Award in the YA category!




Click here to read the full list of nominees.Β  I’m in great company with a lot of good friends!


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    • If you win(which you probably will) do you get nominated for some other reward or do you just get the 2012 Oregon book reward? By the way did you base the characters in mdbc like Mr.Hawthorn did?

      Congrats!!! πŸ™‚

      • Nope, just the Oregon award. And no, I didn’t do what Mr. Hawthorne did. Well, except for maybe one character… πŸ™‚

    • That would be totally awesome!!! If they did the fans shoud pick the actors cause they can’t mess up a movie by putting someone ugly for Jess and Darcy. Exspcially not Darcy.

  1. *EEEEE* Wow! I got that book for Christmas last year and LOVED it!!! Great job! Can’t wait for the next one to come out! How many are you planning on doing?

  2. Congrats!!! I’ve gotta say, this had to be one of my favorites in the series ~ the descriptions of England and the Jess+Darcy action made it pretty poppin’!

    • Yes i would have to agree with Anna that this was one of the best books you wrote!


      • Congradulations!
        I would have to say the 4th and 5th books are my all time favorites. You totally deserve it. The Jess+Dary action made it really exiting like Anna said.

    • Yeah especially the Jess and Darcy action hope there is more of that and lots of “spooning” too!

  3. that’s awesome! I loved that book. Random fact:i have family (grandparents.cousins.etc.) that live in oregon.
    That would be awesome (as well) if it became a movie!!!!!

  4. Woohoo!!! I hope you do well, Pies and Prejudice is my favourite book in the series! Yahoo!

  5. That’s awesome Heather! Pies & Prejudice is a amazing piece of writing and you totally deserve it. I hope you win!:)

  6. YAY! Congratulations! When will you know if it won? I LOOOOOVE that book so much!!! You deserve to win!! πŸ˜€

      • Yay! Well, I bet you have it in the bag! (Well, you would if I was judging!) But I bet you do anyway! πŸ˜€

        • Well, I am in VERY good company with some VERY good friends of mine, so really, it’s a win-win whoever wins!

          • True…:D That’s good that you’re with friends! I still hope you win though! You and your book deserve it!

  7. yay!!!!!!!!!! there could be know better book nominated then p&p!!!!!!! so happy for you! i hope you win!

    • Nope — it’s truly an honor to be nominated, and nearly all of the other nominees are good friends of mine who have written wonderful books, so it’s a win-win whoever wins! But thank you! πŸ™‚

  8. OMG!! That’s awesome! You so deserve it. I think that’s my second favorite Mother Daughter Book Club book. (My fav is Home for the Holidays.

  9. i don’t wanna sound like a super girly girl but…. OMG OMG OMG OMG (I don’t normally do that) that’s so so so so so so so( 100,1000100000000,10000000 so’s later) so so so so so awesome Heather! That book totally deserves that award! I loved it! Maybe Home for the Holidays will get nominated too ;)! Trust me you are 2nd in line for the greatest author of all time! (The 1st being Jane Austen I’m am with Mrs.Hawthorn on that one) Emma would probably read your whole series 1,000 times! I’m going to force my parents to read your series! (That will probably get me the books easier;)) I love your books so so much!

  10. Way to go, Mrs. Frederick! You know you have a BIG cheering section on the blog cheering you on! πŸ™‚

  11. You are so gonna win! I wonderif readers can vote along side the judge? I think I`ll look it up. You`ve got this. All you have to do is sit back and once the judge reads the first word of the book s\he will be eating out of the palm of you hand. πŸ˜‰


  13. Hey Heather I thinck for Wish You Where Eyre that you should let the title the title page colors be pink and brown and the title letters should be in circles with the same girl as the first book. It is just an idea though.

  14. That’s amazing! Congrats! I have a quick question-even though I’m pretty sure you don’t have too much to do with how the covers end up looking for your books, do you have any idea which girl will be on the cover? Because we’ve already seen all the girls in the club on covers. Just wondering!

  15. Which celebritys would you have for the roles for the girls in the mdbc books if it were ever turned into a movie Heather?

      • well i would want a cute guy for zach! i hate it when the cute guys in the books are the ugly ones in the movies!!!!!! and what books did linda park write??/

        • Cello Girl: have you heard of Project Mulberry? Linda Sue Park wrote that one. It’s pretty good, even if it is kind of short. You should try reading it.

        • They should definitly put someone cute for Darcy! They can not mess up an entire movie by putting someone ugly for Darcy. Jess also needs to be really pretty. She should have brown long hair and it shouldn’t be in a braid all the time.

          • But that’s what she wears almost every day, especially when she is working on the farm. That braid is like her signature look! They can’t just take away that characteristic from her. I also think her hair should be brown, too, though. πŸ™‚

      • You should totally have the books be turned into movies!!!!! Just like Jane Austen’s books! I would totally watch them! Do you think you will ever have them made into movies?

      • Congrats!!!! You deserve it so so much!!! I hope you do, Ill be your personal cheerleaders! As for the cast could it be the modles on the books??! They were perfect as all the girls!! Or…… you could do open auctions???? Meaning fans who look like like a character example: I look like Emma I would try out and maybe get the part???? THAT
        Would be so COOL!!!!!!! But I wonder if the company who choses you would allow you….. Day Dreaming …… Anyway contests I’ll be thinking.

  16. I think we all saw this one coming. ‘Cuz OBVIOUSLY that is one of the best books ever written. GGGGGOOOOO MRS. FREDERICK!!!

  17. I think that AnnaSofia Robb would make a great Cassidy (even though she doesen’t have red hair); Maybe Selena Gomez as Megan, not sure about the others, though…

  18. Oh, and Sefanie Scott (who plays a queen bee ;)) on a disney channel show would be a great Becca!

  19. Yay! All my Mother-Daughter Book Club books are sitting right next to me :3(except Home For the Holidays which is still in the living room). I TOTALLY agree on making a movie!!! I was thinking about that all the time. Take the girls from the cover and pop em’ in a movie. They all look like Jess, Cassidy, Megan, Emma and Becca. I would just die I they made a movie…it would be epic.
    Only 6 books? πŸ™

  20. I love P&p it is my favorite book in the whole series. dont stop at 6 books we need more im dying with out 6 right now im readibg a jane austin for dummies book right now you should read it its awsome i never noticed jane austine before and now i love he when im older im taking at trip to london and visiting all her tourist attractions and im going to write a book im going to college for journalism i cant wait i could read boos for the rest of my life. congradulations you deserve this.

    • Thanks, Marina! Glad you’re hooked on Jane. And sounds like you have great plans for the future! πŸ™‚

  21. Hopefully all the girls are actors as well as models and I agree there should defiantly be more than 6 books.

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