Tick tock

I’m on deadline this weekend — racing to finish the first draft of WISH YOU WERE EYRE.  I don’t know how it works for other writers, but for me, books tend to pick up momentum the closer I get to finishing them.  Kind of like a snowball rolling downhill.  All of a sudden the ideas start flowing thick and fast, and I have no choice but to sit tight and hang on for the ride.

Actually, I do have a choice, but I wouldn’t be a professional if I slacked off.  Slacking off is for amateurs, for wannabes.  Real writers need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

And so, I’ve been burning a lot of midnight oil this week — and even some 3 a.m. oil.  It’s all part of the job.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  I happen to think I have the best job in the world.  And when that flow kicks in, I’m more than happy to ride the wave.  Or the snowball.

But look!  There, on the horizon.  Do you see it?  I do.

Catch you on the other side!

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    • What do you do to keep yourself awake? Do you drink coffee or tea, do you eat chocoate, what is your secret fuel?

        • Junior Mints <33 my fave chocolate …I have a question.. Does Wish You Were Eyre take place the next year with school starting and stuff because in Home For The Holidays it ended with the New Year, or does it start when they have their next break off school? 🙂 Just wondering 🙂

          • It picks up right where HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS left off, Rachel, and finishes out the school year. 🙂

          • It is, Sheila. But I promise to tie up all the loose ends and leave you and all my readers with a glimmer of the future (not quite an epilogue, but close). And I will be writing many, many OTHER books — hope you come along for the ride with them, too!

    • I am eating junior mints right now! You made me buy them, Heather! Their awesome. ( I have had them before, btw.) I have a question: What girls have their driver’s license? I know Cassidy does and I think Jess but I’m not sure. Also, I don’t think you should make all the girls get their license right away. Because I ( and a lot of other people) might not get my license right away because of a disability I have. So I think that girls could relate to that. Alos, one of the girls should stay single ( As much as I love romance) Maybe Becca or Megan because not all girls have a boyfriend. But please don’t break anybody up!

      • Good question, Grace. Let’s see — Jess does, Cassidy does and maybe Becca. I don’t think I talk about anybody else driving. It’s not a real issue in the book; doesn’t come up all that much. As for the romance (or no romance) — I’m not telling! 🙂

  1. Best of luck finishing the book! Do you think you could tone down Mrs. Wong a little bit in this one? As a vegan I kind of find some of the barbs directed at her character a little insulting. I’m sure you didn’t mean to write it that way, but it just perpetuates a lot of stereotypes people have about vegan food. Certainly there are bad vegan recipes (just like any cuisine can be unpalatable if prepared unskillfully), and Mrs. Wong might just be a bad cook, but there is also a lot of REALLY delicious vegan food out there. I just wish we could kind of see that side, too. I’d be happy to send you some recipes. 🙂 I think you are a lover of animals (correct me if I am wrong), so I’m sure you can understand why some of us don’t want to eat our friends. 🙂

    Best of luck finishing everything up! 🙂

    • Already taken care of, Audrey! I probably got a little carried away poking fun at Mrs. Wong in the previous books. She’s just such a DELICIOUS target, I couldn’t resist! 😀 She’s going to get a vegetarian ally in the new book, though, and we will definitely hear about some yummy veggie/vegan recipes, including my personal favorite, Vegan Chocolate Orange Pudding! (You might be surprised to know that I cook a lot of vegetarian and vegan dishes for my family.) I read recently that Americans ate something like 12% less meat in the past year, with lots of folks (my family included) opting for Meatless Mondays, among other things. I think it’s great that people are starting to educate themselves more as to where there food comes from, and make responsible choices, whether that leads to becoming vegetarians (like my son), or just cutting back on factory-processed meats and other foods and eating more locally sourced, organic, plant-rich meals. Anyway, interesting discussion!

      • Thank you! That is so great to hear. 🙂 It’s good to know that the hostility was all in my imagination! Seriously, this makes me really happy. I thought you hated vegetarians or something, haha.

        I’m currently reading *Home for the Holidays* and I think it is my favorite so far. I’m really looking forward to the next one and glad that is still a little ways off so that it will give me a chance to–hopefully–read *Jane Eyre* first and be all ready for *Wish You Were Eyre*!

        Thanks again for replying. I really appreciate it! 🙂

        • Yay! Go vegetarians! I haven’t minded it much, but vegan/vegetarian food isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Especially tofu. Frankly, after the last book I was inspired to try tofu-infested cassarole! After all, it works great in lasagna!

    • Go vegetarians!I am kind of trying to be a vegan (I am a vegetarian) but am a fan of cheese, which won’t go over too well.

  2. Woo-hoo! Can’t wait for Wish You Were Eyre!” I know how you feel! Not that I am a professional writer…I’m only a wannabe! 😀 Have fun continuing with your story!

  3. Go, Mrs. Frederick! I am so pumped for Wish You Were Eyre. I’ve marked it on my calendar. Run to the finish line! 🙂

    • 236 days, 5,664 hours, 14,160 minutes 849,9600 seconds until September! (Please correct me if I’m wrong and/or update! 😀 )

  4. Yay! CANNOT WAIT for Wish You Were Eyre! Glad you are almost done the first draft . . . revising and editing are SOOOOO much more fun! Keep on keepin’ on! Remember we on the blog are all cheering you on and appreciate all the headaches and crankiness you go through to put smiles on our faces! Write, write, write!!!

  5. Good luck finishing the book 🙂 Me and my friends Tiffany and Lanie are in a school book club and we made our own little book club :)We are having so much fun 🙂 I really love reading books 🙂 If you knew me , you would of known that I go to the library every single day to get a new book lol and i make sure I read it the day I get it . Some people think it is hard to read like 3 books in one day but whenever I am free, that is what I do 🙂 Me and my friends check your blog every single day 🙂 You are a very inspirational author to all of us. Best of wishes on writing your book <3 Rachel

  6. Woo! Go Heather! Get some Cassidy in you! She would be SO determined to finish this… 😉 Can’t wait to read it! Keep us posted!

  7. I am so exited to read it! I’m kinda glad you’ve got a dead line. But, I don’t like it when I get rushed I can’t even think about how fast you’ve got to get your books done! I don’t know what midnight oil or 3 a.m. oil is either so could you please tell me? What is the plot in Wish You Where Eyre? If you want it to be a suprise you don’t have to tell me. What month is Wish You Where Eyre coming out? I can’t wait to find out what happens with Cortney and her fiance! (can’t remember his name) and with Zach and Cassidy! I’m kind of a romance freak so I was in hestarics (is that how you spell it?) when I finished Home for the Holidays because I wanted to find out so much that I was drooling for Wish You Where Eyre! 😀 Good Luck Heather you have all of my support. :I (that is my repectful face)

    • “Burning the midnight oil” is an expression that means you’re up late working — i.e. burning a candle, or oil lamp, etc. WISH YOU WERE EYRE is coming out in September, and the plot’s a surprise, although I’ll be giving hints away soon along with a sneak peek in a couple of months (read the other comments here for more info). I love your respectful face! I laughed out loud, Hannah! 🙂 (my happy face)

  8. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!! I think I’m overly obsessed with MDBC and I have read each book ATLEAST a bazillion times!!( or more…) Please Please PLEASE make more!!! I think I will die if there isn’t a 7th one!!!!!

  9. Ah. I’m one of those people to have to give themselves deadlines. Without them, I’d be dead meat. Good luck, and always remember: have fun!!!(:

    • Either way — you’ll get all the inside jokes and references if you read it before, though. 🙂

  10. Coming close heather!!! let us blog readers be known as the offical cheering squad for you as you near the finish line 🙂

  11. Good luck! I feel the same way about having so many ideas as you get to the end of a book. It’s exciting when you get lots of ideas at once!

    I read above that Mrs. Wong is going to get a vegetarian ally. I can’t wait to find out who it is! Now I want to read Wish You Were Eyre more than ever!

  12. omg! can’t wait! but i’m soooo embarassed. None of our libraies have home for the holidays and if they do, they just ordered it! my parents are like, if you need to find a book, go to the library. They won’t let me buy:( But i have a hold on it and am waiting for it to come. I think I was disloyal to you or something Heather!

  13. Random thought,but I always imagined that if they ever made a movie out of the mother daughter book club they would cast patrick dempsey as the shrink Cassidy goes to see.

  14. Hey!!! Havent check in for awhile…

    When will we be able to see a sneak peak?
    and who will be the first to tell the first chapter??? i hope it cassidy
    and would u please tell me if cassidy and zach are a couple now??

    !!! I LOVE CASSIDY!!!!!

    🙂 🙂

    • Sneak peek in a couple of months…Megan’s chapter will be the first one…my lips are sealed RE Cassidy and Zach. 🙂

      • I comment too many times 🙁 lol I have ANOTHER question too lol sorry to bother 🙁 okay when you finish your deadline does that mean you need to send the cover in with it? Or do writers have to send in their writing piece first?
        Sorry again 😉
        Rachel 🙂

        • oh lol I forgot to ask that I think in a old blog post I said that my school has a book club and we have to bring in suggestions… and I don’t have any good books to recommend.. Any good ideas?
          And here is some background info ( just in case u need to know the level)

          We are in middle school soo yeah xD lol

          • Anybody have any recommendations for Rachel? I just read a FABULOUS book called GLORY BE — it’s by Augusta Scattergood and it’s brand new. So that’s my recommendation for today. 🙂

          • Percy Jackson Series, Any book by Andrew Clements (READ “THINGS NOT SEEN”!!!!), Any Book by Margret Haddix, Any book by L.A. Mayer, Gone with the Wind (*depends on how high you reading level is*),My Sister’s Keeper-By Jodi Picoult(note-cursing in this one), most books by Ann Rinaldi and a a book you really must read is “The Sacrifice” byI can’t remeber but google it and you’ll figure it out.

        • I’m only responsible for the writing, Rachel. I don’t have ANYTHING to do with the artwork (which is a good thing, because I can’t even draw stick figures ha ha).

      • THANKS!!!!!



  15. OMG!!! When is Wish You Were Eyre coming out? I am soooo excited!!!!! I REALLY WANT TO KNOW IF CASSIDY AND ZACH ARE A COUPLE!!!!! I love these books soooo much I feel like I actually know Megan, Jess, Emma, Becca ):, and Cassidy!!!!! These books are life changing Mrs. Frederick!!!!!

  16. okay!!!! That’s awesome!!!!! I can’t wait to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree, I like all of them, but Pies and Predjuice kind of relates to me right now. (:

    • I know — age ranges on books are totally stupid, in my opinion. I read everything from picture books to giant non-fiction tomes. Who cares, as long as it’s a good book!

  17. I can’t say my age cuz I’m being cyber safe but under 12 and when I’m 13 and over hope I’m still reading the books

    Okay, I am writing a book, We’re More Than A Band, and it’s getting published (INFINITE YAY! :D) and guess who’s on the dedication page? HEATHER VOGEL FREDERICK, for being such an inspiration. I LLLOOOOVVVEEE your books, and I really think Mother Daughter Book Club needs a movie. Who agrees??
    And, I really wish I could read Once Upon A Toad, too. I wish I could meet you!!! Good luck with WISH YOU WERE EYRE!

  19. Will it be as long as the others or shorter? I can not wait for your next book to come out!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to read and write and someone told me about your books and I was immediately hooked I checked them all out at the library, lugged them to house and read them all over spring break! (except for Once Upon A Toad) I also had the honor to meet you at Powell’s on May 11th! I was super excited! I can barely wait for your next wondrous, spectacular book to come out! By the way what day does it come out?

    • It was an honor to meet you too, Hannah! I’m delighted to hear that you love my books. Music to my ears. 😉 WISH YOU WERE EYRE will be out in September — not sure of the exact date as it seems to be bouncing around a bit. I’ve heard the 12th, the 25th, etc., so sit tight and as soon as I know for sure I’ll announce it here. Probably around the same time I post a sneak preview. 🙂

  20. OMG!!!!
    I LOVE U <3

  21. OK for all you guys talking about the movie thing i made a big word document with names and pictures and everything! I’m a total book geek!!! 😉 also I was thinking that willow shields could play jess!!!!!! I don’t know who should play zach norton tho!!! ahhhhhhh! LOVED P&P THE BEST! love ,can and simon he brings out the best in her eh? yup I’m canadian and i read your books and i luv them and reading about the US!!! and i guess that you can tell by my name that i luv cassidy and zach they r perfectooo! luv ya heather

  22. OMG :-0 I luv mdbc but when when is the next book coming out I am waiting on the edge of my sit can’t wait for it to come out btw you are my favourite author 🙂

  23. I luv your books and cannot wait for the next one! The sad thing is I probably can’t find it until 6 months after it’s published. Are you going to make a 7th book? I would like to see what happens to the girls after high school. I hope you keep writing MDBC because it is my most favorite series! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • The sixth book will be the last one, Yashu. I know, I know, it’s sad! But all good things must come to an end, and I’ll tie the threads up neatly and give you all a glimmer of the future, never fear. And I plan to write many, many OTHER books, and am hoping that you and all my other readers will come along with me for the ride… 🙂

  24. I can’t wait!!!!! Heather, you are my favorite author and I love your books. You got me into the Betsy tacy books. I have read each of your books a million times and counting. I can not wait for the next book. I think you should make a chapter at the end that says how thier lives turned out. Just a suggestion, though.

  25. I really love your books!! When u finish writing your last book are u going to leave it at a cliff hanger or end it all?

    • I will tie it up with a bow, although not an official epilogue. Personally, I don’t like books that do that. I like there to be a little room for imagination to take over and allow each one of US to decide what happens in the future! That’s why I never read the sequel to “Gone with the Wind,” for instance. I like my own version better ha ha.

  26. I LOVE CASSIDY AND ZACH! your sneak previews excite me so much! im so sad your going to be finishing the series :;( i must have read your books each 200 times (not exaggerating) 🙂

  27. I love Tristan and Cassidy together actually. I never really liked Zach honestly. Emma and Stewart are my favorite couple!!

  28. Ross Lynch is dreamy enough to play Zach Norton ( I don’t when girls get all gushy over a guy but I think Ross Lynch is SUPER CUTE! And I can’t believe I said dreamy about a guy but Ross Lynch…) Anyway anyone who played Tristan… Oh really cute!!!

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