And now for something completely different…

February 8th, 2012

Ta-da!  I promised you all a sneak peek of ONCE UPON A TOAD, my new book coming out in April, and it’s finally ready.  Click here to hop on over (*groan*–bad pun, sorry!) and read the excerpt.

I also promised you a fun giveaway, so here we go.  Since this book is WILDLY different from my mother-daughter book club stories, take a deep breath and switch gears.  Then leave a comment below telling us which is your favorite fairy tale and why.  That’s it, simple as that.  You’ll be entered to win an ARC (Advance Reader’s Copy) plus a copy of the original book jacket (the one pictured here has been tweaked–you’ll have fun spotting the differences).  I’ll autograph both for you.

If you tweet this, blog about it, mention it on Facebook, or tell a friend who then also comments below, you’ll receive an additional entry for the drawing.  (U.S. and Canada only, please.)  Two winners will be chosen at random after midnight Pacific Time on February 20th, and announced on the 21st.

**For all of you baby boomers out there — or non-baby boomers, why not? — a bonus entry for the first three people who recognize the TV show catchphrase mentioned somewhere in this post and email me about it…


186 Responses to “And now for something completely different…”

  1. Erin says:

    I love all sorts of fairy tales, but I have a special spot for Beauty and the Beast, since I’m such a big believer in finding inner beauty and the power of second chances. Love the Mother-Daughter books and can’t wait to read this one!

    • ilovemdbc says:

      I would have to say my favorite fary tale would have to be Snow White. I used to like sleeping beauty until “Once Upon a Time”, a show on ABC, came on. I am so addicted to it and whatch is every Sunday.

      • ilovebothdarcys@ says:

        i love that show too! but my favorite fairy tale is rumplestilskin. i know shocker but this guy or creature is weird and interesting like me! so yeah rumple is my guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Caroline says:

    My favorite fairy tale is Hansel and Gretel! It is so mysterious and sweet. I also think it is the most imaginative with the candy house. It is a little creepy with the child eating witch, but I like the rest of it. Of course like all classic fairy tales it includes a sweet father and wicked step mother. haha

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Yes, those wicked stepmothers do abound, don’t they? Check out the twist on THIS cliche in ONCE UPON A TOAD, though! 🙂

  3. Brenna says:

    Hi Heather! My favorite fairy tale? Hmmm… I think it would be Snow White because it is one of the most unique princess stories I know. I tweeted about your contest @rubbersoul999. I don’t have many followers but I haven’t been on in a while so hopefully I’ll acquire some more soon.
    I hope I win your new book, it looks great! 🙂

  4. Alaina says:

    Cute story! Even though I’m above the recommended age for this book, I think I might just have to read it :D.
    My favorite fairy tale would probably have to be Beauty and the Beast. I like it because Belle sees past the scary facade of the Beast and looks at his personality, the part that really matters. Also, I love a good love story 🙂

  5. nadia says:

    My absolute favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. This is my favorite because, it is soooo romantic and it has its funny parts as well as serious parts. I hope this is your favorite to!

  6. nadia says:

    My absolute favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. This is my favorite because, it is so romantic and it has its funny parts as well as serious parts. I hope this is your favorite to!

  7. emma+stewart=4eva!!! says:

    My favorite fairy tale would have to be The Princess and the Frog because it is a cute, imaginative love story all in one! 😀 (Plus, it was my favorite story when I was little, too, next to Rapunzel! 😉 )

  8. Hilda says:

    My favorite fairy tale is… Cinderella. I love how humble she is and tries not to let her life get her down while she works. Then the fun part is when she gets all dressed up for the ball! Fun! And of course, I love the happy ending when her prince slips the glass slipper over her foot and then they live happily ever after.

    I posted your link here:



    3. My fiction blog:

    4. My blog:

  9. Carlye Washington says:

    When i pick up your books the house could burn down on me and i would still be reading i LOVE them!! My mom and i love reading them together and are always refering to them!! My birthday is in April and i would love to have a book sent from you for my birthday!! I would NEVER forget it i would probably pass out!! I hope you read this!!..!!

  10. Hilda says:

    I clicked on the link to read the excerpt but the page wont load. 🙁

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Hmmm. Try again, Hilda — it should work. Otherwise, go to the “home” page on my website, and you’ll see the link there.

      • Hilda says:

        That’s strange. I read an excerpt the other day of the MDBC Holidays one but I can’t read the Once Upon a Toad. I’ll try it on my other computer.

        • heathervogelfrederick says:

          You may just need to refresh the page, Hilda — the excerpt JUST went up. Your computer might be reading the screen from the other day…

          • Reviewer11 says:

            I’m using my brother’s computer and was able to view the excerpt to Once Upon a Toad. Now I have 3 books I need to get. Holidays, Eyre, and this book. I enjoyed reading most of the excerpt. Didn’t continue so I can read it when I get the book.

            I really enjoyed it and it’s funny too. LOL, I like the part where Cat says she almost starved to death on a trip with her mom to her aunts RV and adds her dad agrees, not about the starving part. LOL! Very clever story so far. I can’t wait to read the rest. 😀

  11. Taylor N. says:

    Hi Heather! I wrote a blog post about your new book:
    My favorite fairy tale is Alice in Wonderland because it’s just an escape. Alice gets to escape from her life in the “real” world and just live among her supposedly imaginary friends. Wonderland sounds magical yet mysterious; like how they portray it in the newer movie. Alice in Wonderland is light, happy, but it is still dark and cautious. I’d choose Alice in Wonderland as my favorite fairy tale. (:

  12. natalie says:

    It looks so good!!! I really don’t like fairy tales because they always end ‘happily ever after’. But I do like Little Mermaid ( cheesy I know) and did you know that In Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale, Ariel can only come on land to be with the handsome prince if she drinks a potion that makes it feel like she is walking on knives at all times. She does, and you would expect her selfless act to end with the two of them getting married. Nope. The prince marries a different woman, and the Little Mermaid throws herself into the sea, where her body dissolves into sea foam!
    Yep quite a twist!! Looking forward to the book coming out! By the way, Heather, What age is it exactly for?? Also looking forward to the Wish you were Eyre!!! 😀

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Oh yeah, those old fairy tales aren’t QUITE as sweetness and light as we all imagine, are they?! 😉 ONCE UPON A TOAD is for age 10 and up. Or somewhere around that range. I like those open-ended age ranges, because some of us old folks (cough cough, me, cough cough) thoroughly enjoy reading books written for younger readers!

    • Shelby says:

      Yeah. And in Cinderella, her stepsisters cut of there heel and toes (respectivally) and the prince doesn’t even notice… And in the end they get there eyes pecked out by birds. Also, no fairy godmother!

    • Emma (Stewart Fan!) says:

      I just finished reading some Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, the version I read had an interesting twist; instead of disolving into sea foam, the Little Mermaid gets an immortal soul because of all her selfless acts (ex: not killing the prince). I liked that ending much better.

  13. Margaret loves the MDBC! says:

    My favorite fairy tale is probably Rumpelstilsken. It’s so hilarious how the short old man tries to trick a princess and eventually fails when his own stupidity gets in the way. It’s a classic fairy tale and I really enjoy it. 🙂

  14. Carlee says:

    MY favorite fairy tale would have to be Cinderella, because I’m just like Emma; Hopless Romantic, AND dealt with my own wicked step sisters, so I hope one day my fairy god-mother will come and I will find my prince… Doubt it! 😉 I would love to win this book! It sounds amazing~

  15. Kelly D says:

    Beauty and the Beast! My absolute favorite!!!!!!!! Pick me pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kylie says:

    Hmm.. Hard to choose but I think I will choose the three little pigs. I like the three little pigs because even though the three siblings don’t get along well in the end they all come together and defeat the three little pigs! I hope I win! I telling my friends about this!

  17. Shelby says:

    My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. Yeah, original:) I don’t really have a reason I love it – it’s just been my favorite since I was really little. I guess I like the fact that, even though Cinderella has the prince handed to ner on a silver platter (or glass slipper, whichever you prefer) she works harder than any normal princess!

    I like all fairy tales, though, or most:)

  18. Allie says:

    My friend Kylie told me about this. My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella because she is treated badly and bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters even though she is supposed to be part of the family. She doesn’t even complain. Because she is still nice and sweet to every one. And in the end the prince except her for who she is not who she was trying to be!

  19. Becca says:

    My favorite fairy tale is.. this is really hard, I’m having SUCH a hard time choosing- I am just CRAZY about books! THe Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast.. I would have to say, probably, Alice in Wonderland? I love Alice’s innocence to things- wait, no.. I would have to say Beauty and the Beast! This is hard.. I admire Belle’s inner beauty and how she accepts things easily- these days, it’s a bit hard to find those things in a person- I don’t know anyone who’d like to marry a beastly figure. Belle is caring for the beast, always trying to help, and later, she is repayed.

  20. Alaa says:

    Wow! I haven’t been on since new years??? Anyway sorry heather that I haven’t sent the bookmark! Hope you aren’t mad…… I will send it though. Reason I haven’t sent is because my gifted class had to travel to somewhere for science Olympiad which I.had to study for months on ugh. Also science fair, math classes, social studies projects, sports, and swim team. Busy family!!! (A baby coming in June) So sorry!!! Estimate date for sending the bookmarks is March 2-12 I hope I can do it soon! Sooooooo sorry though! Anyway I love the book uhmazing!!!!! I will try to enter your contest soon! Again spool sorry!

  21. Kylie says:

    I just read the preview and it was awesome! I hope that I win a copy of it!

  22. Tiara says:

    I love the whole idea of a fairy tale really so its hard for me to pick just one. Probably Rapunzel and Beauty and the beast.

  23. Laura says:

    Maybe its not nessescery a proper fairy tale, but one of my favorites is definitley Mulan. She doesn’t need a guy to save her, she’s the one saving him. She’s smart, brave, and a great role model( obvi not the going against the parents bit, unless of course, the huns arrive) this movie also has really good music and charecters

    But if u guys dont count Mulan, another fave of mine is The Nutcracker( if this counts?) I love this story. Its really sweet and very fun to watch or read. Theres fighting, dancing, and a nice ending. I love nutcrackers too, so if i was Clara i would love to have him under my tree too!

  24. Jennifer says:

    My favorite fairy tale is probably Cinderella. Just because it is one of the first stories I remember seeing as a kid and it was SO magical! =)

  25. Denise says:

    Okay first my favorite fairy tale is Snow White because I love all of the characters in it and it makes me laugh. And second I love the preview I really really want to win!

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Yay! Glad you like it, Denise. 🙂

    • Seanna says:

      Hey my friend Denise wanted me to make sure that I made sure you knew that she let me know about this contest so she could get another entry! Well my favorite fairy tale is beauty and the beast because it is about loving someone not based on their looks but who they really are!

  26. HannaH says:

    My favorite fairy tale is going to be Sleeping Beauty! It’s so epicly awesome and some of the gifts they gave Aurora made me think of these funny ways to say it. (For example: Like totally I’m going to make you so pretty all the prince’s will like totally faint) 🙂 I also think it was really sweet how the prince went to all that trouble to kill that dragon. To tell the truth I’ve never read the story. Aurora isn’t my favorite princess though, that would be Cinderella, because she has a good temper and because she’s a good role model ( Ariel is a spoiled brat, how she ran away because she couldn’t have Eric as her boyfriend!) But, Sleeping Beauty has a nice story that has all these mixtures of genres and Cinderella doesn’t have all that much action in it. So, to break it all down The Sleeping Beauty=My favorite fairy tale Cinderella=my favorite princess.

    I told you that cause I was worried that you’d be confused. Let the Best Comment Win!

  27. Oh, wow. Heather, that looks FANTASTIC! I cannot wait to read this book. I’m not in the US, so I’m not entering the giveaway, but I am SO impatient for April to come around so I can get myself a copy!

  28. Sophia says:

    I have to say, Cinderella. I like the elegance that comes with the story. Oh Heather, your excerpt is too short!

  29. Sarah says:

    MY favourite fairy tale is Cindarella. It’s a classic and a true fairy tale!

  30. Connie says:

    My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast, in all its various renderings. I especially like Disney’s version, because the heroine loves books, and the Beast “gifts” Beauty his entire library-floor to ceiling books-heavenly!

  31. meganfashion says:

    I think that my favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. This is totally random, but I want to be an author when I grow up, and Cinderella is the story I like to tweak a lot so that there’s a whole new story but still Cinderella-ish when I’m done. I just really like Cinderella. 🙂

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Cinderella is a GREAT story to tweak as an author! I may have to take a look at that one sometime, too… 🙂

      • Reviewer11 says:

        OOh yay! **crosses fingers 😀

      • Alaa says:

        Will this be a series? Like “Once Upon A Glass slipper” (Cinderella) with different characters bet maybe the meet like Cat meets ….. and they have magical great aunts??? IDK but from the expert I think this will be an amazing book. So a series would be Amazing. Some ideas Once Upon A Beast? Once Upon the three twerps(or jerks,pigs)?, Once Upon The girl with lots of Hair or Once Upon hairy, Once Upon The girl with a tail or Once Upon a Mermaid. Some ideas I guess I’d love it if this would be a series!

        • heathervogelfrederick says:

          You are full of ideas! I don’t know yet whether it will be a series, Alaa. It probably depends on whether readers like the first one. So if you read it and like it, tell all your friends, OK?! 😉

    • Alexandra says:

      If you like tweaks on the Cinderella story, you should ask your parents if you can watch the movie “Ever After”. A great twist on a classic!! 🙂

  32. Giggly says:

    I have two favorite fairy tales (if these count): Pocahantas and Mulan. I like them because they are strong and selfless women whose ultimate life goal was not going of with some prince. Also, I’m not sure, but was the t.v. show catchphrase “Take a deep breath and switch gears”? 😉

  33. Isabel S says:

    My favorite is Beauty and the Beast because I grew up listening to an old Grimm’s tale of it. Beauty had many brothers and stepsisters – a very different take than the movie – and the stepsisters were all quite superficial and asked the father to bring them clothes. Beauty only asked her father to bring her a rose. I always thought that was so sweet and one of my favorite memories is listening to it.

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      LOVE that tale, Isabel — have you read “Beauty” by Robin McKinley? *swoon* I think you’d love it.

      • Isabel S says:

        I haven’t but I will!

        By the way, what reading level is Once Upon a Toad? Of course I’ll read it even if I’m too old because I’m a die-hard Heather Vogel Frederick fan but I was thinking of getting it for my little sister…

        • heathervogelfrederick says:

          I would say the age range is 10 and up. (Readers younger than that who are good strong readers will enjoy it, too, and the open-end on the age range means it really doesn’t matter how old you are — a good book is a good book, ya know?) 😀

  34. Haley says:

    My favorite fairytale would probably have to be Three Little Pigs. i love this one because they are little pigs and then a wolf if all tough and is like “I will blow your house down because I am big and strong!!!” (he doesn’t say the big and strong part but I bet that is what he is thinking!!!!!!) It is just so funny! I love Once Upon A Toad!!!! (so far)

  35. Zoe says:

    My favorite is Cinderella. I like stories with step mothers. Another thing I like about this story is that so many people have written different versions of it, so now it is a completely different story than it used to be.

  36. Rose says:

    oooh so hard but i have to go with three little pigs. I love to compare the original with all the other ones that people like to add stuff to make them better, (they never will) 🙂

  37. Rose says:

    I love the excerpt!!! I want to read the whole thing now it is soo funny! When is it coming out so I can look out for it?

  38. Rachel says:

    My favorite I have a lot and I mean A LOT of fairy tales so this is gonna be heard 🙁 I guess one of my favorites would be Alice in Wonderland! When I was little I used to always want to dress up as Alice for Halloween.
    *~I also shared the post on Facebook ~*
    I will send you the web URL for it 🙂

    (っ◕‿◕)っ Rachel <3
    (and also I am currently making the letter to give to you that I told you about in another post <3)

  39. Alexandra says:

    YAY! I’m writing a blog post about it right now! Go to to see it! I sent you an e-mail, Mrs. Frederick, and now…for my favorite fairytale!! 🙂 My favorite would definitely be Cinderella. I always pretended to be her when I was little. I kind of look like Cinderella, so I wanted it to come true! Hmm…know of any stores that sell glass slippers? 😀

  40. AbaGayle says:

    Ohhhh! IM gonna read it! 😀

    Hmm, this will be hard because I didnt grow up watching fairy tales. Though, the ones I HAVE seen (mostly because my nieces make me) I’ve liked. Actually I only think I’ve seen Snow White. and Tangled. I like Snow White, though.

    I love how she has her little dwarfs! It’s really a good story. I mean, she became friends with even GRUMPY. I probably would’ve given up on him, haha.(:

    She just seems so strong and sweet and you just love her, you know?! I wish I knew a Snow White.

    Here’s my blog post:

    Unfortunately, I’m too young to have a twitter or facebook. I’ll so tell my friends about it, though! (:

  41. Tiara says:

    If you ever need a new idea Heather for a new book,you should definitely do a new twist on the fairytale Cinderella.

  42. katie says:

    My favorite would have to be a cinderella . Its just really great that the stepmom and her stepsisters don’t get to go out with the prince and they shouldn’t have because they were mean. but cinderella gets to go and she is nice

  43. Hannah says:

    I absolutly love the fairytale “Snow White and Rose Red”. Its awesome!

    (I couldn`t copy the link)
    I`m @ohiohannah on twitter,and your tweet is my latest one.

    My blog:

  44. My favorite fairy tale is the Princess and the pea. My mom always calls me that because I notice if a sweater is only 98% cashmere and things like that (though I wish I didn’t).
    I also like it because it is funny and I like the series of tests that the princesses have to go through! 🙂


    I blogged. 😉

    My favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast or the original Cinderella. I like the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, but the original Cinderella is better than the Disney one because I’ve heard of various versions of it. Instead of the glass slipper, it’s sometimes been a golden slipper or a fur slipper! Weird, huh?

    • Reviewer11 says:

      I tried to leave you a comment but this is what I got:
      “Comments on this blog are restricted to team members.” You have a cool blog. 🙂

  46. Isabel says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! I LOVE the sneak peak!! It’s so good!! I can’t wait until it comes out!!! Are you going to write a sequel?

  47. Aleksie(Emma fan) says:

    well thats a really hard qestion! I love just about every princess! My favorite would probably be either ariel or Jasmine though. Ariel because she’s very brave and is a mermaid. Jasmine because she kind of reminds me of a tomboy. And their both so sweet! Heather, whats your favorite princess?

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Don’t know as I have one – maybe Beauty from Beauty and the Beast (or Rose or Belle or whatever she’s called, depending on the version you read). She goes out there and gets the job done. 🙂

  48. Glittery_Zebra says:

    Well. lets see, my favorite fairy tale? Oh, well let’s just say Beauty and The Beast! It’s about showing your inner beauty and it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside. Actually, kind of like The Mother Daughter Book Club series. Cassidy’s into hockey, Megan’s into fashion, Emma’s basically read every single book, Jess is more of a farm girl, and Becca’s with Megan, they all have some kind of author in them, if it’s either Louisa May Alcott or someone else, they all have that inner beauty. your new book, Once Upon A Toad, looks super interesting and a good read. I just LOVE reading! It’s one of my favorite things to do. But i just can’t find Home For The Holidays. I hope I win your book! =D

  49. Grace says:

    My favorite is Beauty and the Beast! (If that counts) It can apply to modern day love stories to older love stories. It is a beautiful tale.
    The sneak peek is amazing! 🙂

  50. jockgirl says:

    My friend (who’s with me) says her favorite fairy tell is the disney movie “tangled” – she thinks that the camillian and the horse are cute.

    I think my favorite fairy-tale is the emperpor’s new clothes.
    It took a little kid to speak up and point out how stupid and silly the king looked. Isn’t interesting how we make things so hard sometimes; and how little kids have such easy and simple solutions that work?

  51. Kary says:

    how do u sign up 4 the contest??

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Follow the directions and leave a comment here, Kary, telling us your favorite fairy tale and why. 🙂 We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

  52. Keri says:

    I love what I have read so far of ONCE UPON A TOAD. I’m almost exactly like Cat except, I’m homeschooled and I don’t have a really annoying step-sister. But other than that I’m pretty much like her. I love music, I not crazy about boys and I don’t like make-up.
    My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. (cliched, right?) But I just like how she’s a princess inside while she is being mistreated. I think everybody should be like that. I also like reading all the different versions from other countries.

  53. Mary Grace says:

    Hey Heather!!! Well, I have to tell you a couple of things. Number one, I just a couple days ago read Pies and Prejudice (For the millionth time ) But it was SO WONDERFUL because I let someone borrow it a long time ago, ( I know, I am a life changer that way. 😛 ) and they finally gave it back, and it was EVEN BETTER than when I read it the first time! Number two, my favorite fairy thats a toughy. Okay, well my fav. fairy tale would have to be Rapunzel because it shows that even little girls ( or teenagers, I guess) can stand up to evil witches that lock you in a tower, and that everyone will have a prince in their life that will come save them 🙂 When I was little I loved the Barbie version. 🙂 My favorite princess is Belle, because #1 I LOVE reading, and #2 it shows that you may be different on the inside than who you really are, and I loved how Belle really saw the inside that the beast had, and she was willing to stay in he castle for her father, and the songs in that movie ( the disney version) are AWESOME! =) And by the way, the little part of Once Upon A Toad is totally AWESOME as well! Here is the link to my blog post about your new book….
    Mary Grace. <3

  54. Kylie says:

    Hey I posted your contest on my blog!

    I hope I win! And good luck to every one else!

  55. maggie says:

    my favorite is the little mermaid, because
    1. no other princess is a mermaid
    2. i love price eric
    3. and i love the songs
    4. and her sisters names
    5. i love how ariel would do anything to get to eric

  56. Isabel says:

    I like a lot of different fairy tales! If I had to choose one, I don’t know if I could… There’s so many… I really like Cinderella, and Snow White. What about you, Heather?

  57. Emma Fan! says:

    My favorite fairy tale… Hmm… I love Cinderella! Going to the ball….


    I love a lot of fairy tales, but I think my favorite is Rumplestiltskin (is that spelled correctly? :D) I love it because Rumplestiltskin is nice but evil. I love it when the villans pretend to be nice then turn out evil. It’s a fun plot. 😉
    If you haven’t read it, it’s about a miller’s daughter who the father said to the king that she could spin straw into gold but she couldn’t. If she didn’t spin all the straw into gold by dawn she woud die. Rumplestiltskin comes along and HE can spin straw into gold, but wants a reward. The 1st night she gives him her ring, the 2nd her necklace, and on the 3rd, which if she spins all the straw she will become queen, she doesn’t have anything left to give. R. (i got tired of typing his name!) said that if she EVER had a child she must give it to him.
    What other choice did she have? She accepts, and marries the king, and they do end up having a baby boy. R. doesn’t forget, though. And the queen loves this baby so much that she doesn’t want to let him go. R. gives her three days to guess his (R.’s) name.
    Of course she doesn’t know, and on the 1st and 2nd day she gets it all wrong. but then, on the 3rd day, she sends a servant out to look for R. The servant finds him and spies. He sings a song and in the song he mentions that his name is R. The servant tells the queen and when R. comes she guesses it right. R. is SO mad that he stops his foot real hard which makes a hole. He falls through it and dies. The end
    Sorry if I wrote too much!

  59. Maya says:

    My favorite fairy tale would have to be Rapunzel. I love all the different versions and I especially loved watching the new movie Tangled. I know everyone is hoping for the book, but I really hope I get it too 🙂

  60. Alaa says:

    Hey!! Your annocing this on my bday!!!t I still and always will love Rapunzel. Even though she came out in Disney recentaly I saw an old barbie verison when I was very young and instintally loved her. I also like when big bad wolf tells his part of the story.

  61. Margaret loves the MDBC! says:

    Mrs. Frederick- when will the contest for Once Upon A Toad be over?

  62. Grace says:

    I love Rapunzel and the new movie Tangled!

  63. Hannah says:

    I can’t wait to read the whole book Heather! It looks amazing! my favourite fairy tale would have to be Cinderella. I love the happy ending, and the little mice that help Cinderella out. 😉

  64. Laura says:

    Hmmm, tough question because I love em all, but if forced, I’d say The Little Mermaid. It was the first fairy tale I remember falling in love with + who wouldn’t want to be able to live “under the sea?”
    I absolutely love the Mother-Daughter book club books! Thanks for writing them (I can’t wait to read the “holiday” one, which I haven’t got my hands on yet) & this new fairy tale-ish romp!

    • Glittery_Zebra says:

      I’ve read like all of the MDBC books like twice and recommended them to my friend, but i haven’t got my hands on the holiday one either! I hope to find it soon……..

  65. ilana says:

    my favorite fairy tale is the little mermaid b/c ariel and i have the same color hair(red)! i also love the little crab!
    so excited to read this and so excited to read the naxt mother daughter book club!

  66. Gabby says:

    Is there going to be a 6th book in the series of the Mother-Daughter book club? PLEASE SAY YES!!!

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      YES: it’s called WISH YOU WERE EYRE and it will be published in September! 🙂

      • Gabby says:

        YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad! My friends told me that the book was AMAZING, but I didn’t know how good it was.. I tried it out, and now I’M IN LOVE with your books.. This saturday, all i did was read the entire book Dear pen pal! My friends will be so excited to hear about this!!!!

  67. Kary says:


  68. Tiara says:

    Do you think Wish You Were Eyre will be more successful than the others in the series Heather?

  69. Alicia says:

    This is such a cool story!
    My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. Since I love all of the characters in the house! (Especially Lumiere and Chip!) I also like the message, and how Belle still loves The Beast, even though he’s well, a beast! I also like that there is romance, comedy, and action!

  70. Leah says:

    Gosh, this is tough…. I’d have to say my favorite fairytale is Cinderella. I guess I just have a thing for a servant girl becoming royalty against all odds. I also love how many times it’s been redone and made into a modern story.

  71. Cello Girl says:

    my fav fairy tale is sleeping beuaty!
    cause i love the nice fairies!!!and it has a great ending!

  72. Cello Girl says:

    omg i luv the sample but i had a question it says “my dad knows every trail in oregan portland too” but isn’t portland in oregan????

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Yeah, but I’m making a point here that he knows the wilderness as well as the city. I’ll look at it again and see if it needs to be tweaked! 😉

  73. Cello Girl says:

    heather! the fairy tale about the frog/bugs and the jewels is the BEST fairy tale ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is it called?

  74. Charlotte says:

    Wow, that’s tough. I guess my favorite fairytale is Beauty and the Beast. Why? Probably because of all the comedy. If I lived in that castle, though, I wouldn’t be able to use the dishes knowing they were alive. I feel bad for the guy who got turned into a toilet…haha.

  75. Kary says:

    R all fairytales an answer?

  76. Gabby says:

    My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella! I just love how the prince still loves her even when she’s a poor servant stepdaughter! I’m only 11 but I hope that when I get married, my husband will have such deep love for me just as the prince had with poor Cinderel!!!!

  77. Alli says:

    My favorite fairytale would have to be Beauty and the Beast. Like Belle, I love to read, and I try not to judge people by their looks. It is what is on the inside that really counts. Who wants to marry a cute, but mean or self-centered guy? I would much rather marry an ugly, kind, sweet, genlte, and hilarious guy. (hunor is important to me!) I also think that it would be really cool to find a castle in the woods, filled with talking furniture and silver ware. It would be so fun to be able to meet Cogsworth, Chip, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and the rest of the castle folk. It would be an adventure worth writing about!

  78. Tamara says:

    I’m in love with The Little Mermaid (DISNEY VERSION) because well… I don’t know, Ariel was just so passionate to see what we humans do and I feel bad that it’s not as nice up here as it seems unfortunatly 🙁 🙂 😛

    • Megan( HVF fan ) says:

      I like flounder sooo obsessed with him! This means I choose the little mermaid y? Cuz flounder is in it and I also like skully my second fave character

  79. Lily says:

    i totally loooooove sleeping beauty.-btw, what is that “once upon a time” show about? i want to see it, but havn’t got the chance!

    • Alexandra says:

      It’s about the evil queen who cast a spell on innocent fairytale characters! They are trapped between two worlds. The fairytale world, and modern-day! It is very good!

  80. SARAH (me! ;) ) LOVES THE MDBC MORE THAN ANY ONE! :D says:

    Hey, Mrs. Frederick!
    I wish I could say “YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! I WON!!!!” 😉 I would be SO HAPPY if that happened! Don’t you want to make a little girl *cough chough your NUMBER ONE FAN cough cough* happy? 😀 😉

  81. latte says:

    I personally like the grimm brothers version of cinderella, I just love reading the umm . . . well the “old stuff”, and I do like original stories. sure it may be what u say . . . a bit inappropriate for little kids but it is different from the usual cinderella story u hear

    but don’t say I hate the disney version I am fond of that too (by fond I mean I watch it at least once every month for some reason I don’t quite understand)

  82. Mackenzie says:

    My favorite fairy tale is definitely The Ugly Duckling because I like at the end when The Ugly Duckling turned into a beautiful swan.I think that fairy tale inspired kids because they learned that the true meaning of beauty comes from the inside. It definitely inspired me because if I grow up to be a teacher the first book that I will read will be The Ugly Duckling. I wish every kid read this book.I <3 The Ugly Duckling!!!!!

  83. Mackenzie says:

    Boo Hoo I don’t have a blog!!!

  84. Mackenzie says:

    I think the catchphrase is And Know For Something Completley Different from the T.V comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus! Am I right?? My mom helped me out with this one.

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      You ARE right, Mackenzie — I’ve had about half a dozen readers figure it out, and you’re one of them. 🙂

  85. Megan says:

    My favorite fairy tale…probably Thumbelina, or the Princess and the Pea.. I love those two, I had this giant book of fairy tales when I was little, and my grandma would read them to me and my cousin..Or, sometimes I would just read them myself.:] Those are probably my favoties.:]

  86. Stephanie Pfahl says:

    My daughter and I have talked about it, and we’ve decided that our favorite fairy tale is Rapunzel, but I have to say that it is probably because of Disney’s take on the tale, with the movie, Tangled! We both like the story because it has everything; romance, humor, and a touch of evil. 🙂 We’ve read all of the MDBC books (actually just finished ‘Home for the Holidays’ today!) and we have to know – when is the next one coming out? My daughter hopes you continue writing them at least until the girls are off to college. We read the excerpt of the new book and we are anxiously looking forward to this one hitting the bookstores!

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Next one (WISH YOU WERE EYRE) is due out in September! So glad you like them! 🙂

      • Stephanie Pfahl says:

        Thanks for letting us know! That’s going to be such a long wait! I stumbled upon your books at Barnes and Noble before Christmas, and I bought the first 2 for Mads. Well, shortly after Christmas we started them, and liked them so much we bought the digital copies of the other three, and as I said, have finished them all. Having the next book available as soon as we finished each was such a luxury!

  87. Alaina (Cassidy Fan) says:

    My favorite fairy tale is probably Cinderella because the whole story is so magical and it can be told in so many different ways. 🙂

  88. esther says:

    the wizard of oz is definitely my favorie fairy tale..if it is a fairy tale 🙂 it was hard to choose..i love so many fairy tales! can’t wait for your new book.

  89. Cassidy(CassidyFan!!!!!!!) says:

    Is this a mother daughter book club book? To make that clearer, is this the sixth book of the mother daughter book club?

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      ONCE UPON A TOAD is NOT a mother-daughter book club book. It’s a completely different book. Look for WISH YOU WERE EYRE next September — and a sneak peek of that coming along in a month or so. 🙂

  90. RyAnn says:

    Haha, it looks good. I think I read the fairy tale for that when I was little. I’m SO SO SO SO SO excited for Wish you were Eyre. I’m not even going to wait for the library, I’m going to buy it as soon as I can. (:

  91. Mackenzie says:

    I have a question for you!!! What is your favourite book?

    P.S You might think favourite is spelt wrong but here in Canada you spell it with a “u”!!

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