The Big Reveal

And the winner is…


Here it is, my friends, hot off the design table.  Is this a gorgeous cover or what?  I love everything about it — the color scheme, the wonderful retro look of the luggage and the stamps on the blue background, the sunglasses and bracelets on our aspiring fashion designer — absolutely everything!  As Wolfgang would say, it’s FABULOUS, darlings, simply FABULOUS!

And you know what else is fabulous?   Since several of the characters will be hitting the road in this story, one of YOU suggested using a pile of suitcases instead of books!  How cool is that?!  (I ♥ my supersmart, supercreative fans.)

Can you guess where Megan is going?  Who do you think is taking her there?  What’s on her Top Ten list of things to do & see?  I know what would be on my list if I was going on a trip to–oops, I almost gave it away.  But I’ll bet you guessed anyway, didn’t you?