The Big Reveal

And the winner is…


Here it is, my friends, hot off the design table.  Is this a gorgeous cover or what?  I love everything about it — the color scheme, the wonderful retro look of the luggage and the stamps on the blue background, the sunglasses and bracelets on our aspiring fashion designer — absolutely everything!  As Wolfgang would say, it’s FABULOUS, darlings, simply FABULOUS!

And you know what else is fabulous?   Since several of the characters will be hitting the road in this story, one of YOU suggested using a pile of suitcases instead of books!  How cool is that?!  (I ♥ my supersmart, supercreative fans.)

Can you guess where Megan is going?  Who do you think is taking her there?  What’s on her Top Ten list of things to do & see?  I know what would be on my list if I was going on a trip to–oops, I almost gave it away.  But I’ll bet you guessed anyway, didn’t you?


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      • It is so AWESOME!!!! I’m am so excited to read it! Is it really going to be the last Heather? I think you should create a series when the girls are grown up and from their children’s point of view as they start another book club. That would be so COOL! I can’t wait for this fall!

  1. Yay I was hoping it was Megan 🙂 I can’t wait to read it! ( Wish You Were Eyre and Once Upon A Toad)!! Thanks for all your hardwork Heather!!

  2. Hi Heather! I loooove the cover! Whoever had the idea of the suitcases must be really artistic because this looks reallly good. Megan wasn’t who I voted for (Cassidy was) but still she was my second choice. I must be the only person who wakes up early because i was expecting a lot more comments! Okay so anyways i think Megan is going to Paris/France. It sort of gave it away on the backround! I think that GiGi is probably taking her there. Wait no maybe WOLFGANG is taking her for some fashion week thingy maybe. Top ten list? Well i have never been to Paris so i don’t really know anything but the Eiffel Tower… So this is the last one? 🙁 There no way to possibly make a 7th?

    • Maybe she’d go to a FASHION SHOW ON THE EIFFEL TOWER! Now THAT would be AWESOME! (Sorry, I like to emphasise with capital letters!)

        • Yes, a wee visual “spoiler,” but since we find out in HFTH that she’s going, it’s not too much of a shock, right? 😉

          • Wasn’t it her Christmas present from Gigi? The one that made Becca jealous (well, jealous-er),because she only got to go to Minnesota with her Grandmother?

          • My friends started to read the blog before me, and they said, correct me if I’m wrong by all means, that the original title was supposed to be From Paris With Love, and then it was changed to Wish You Were Eyre…?

          • That is exactly right. My brilliant editor came up with the fun play-on-words WISH YOU WERE EYRE. Love it!

          • Even though I am a HUGE MDBC fan I cannot figure out what in the world’s name HFTH mean HEELLPP

    • Wait, but wasn’t it Megan’s Christmas present in Home for the Holidays from Gigi to go to Paris (Although with Wolfgang it would be cool) and Becca was extremely jealous because she only got to go to Minnesota? (Which, if as a Minnesotan, I think is a great place to go and Mankato is cool, especially if you are a Betsy~Tacy fan like myself) I agree with Julia, You NEED to write another one!!!

          • If you do go with everyone on the back, they should each be holding on of the books that they read the year they were on the cover, or better yet, they each hold the book they were on, Megan can hold two. It could be kind of like how on the backs of your other books it has the books that came before it as a promotional thing! Also, out of curiosity, did the Art Department tell you the “places” of the other girls?

    • Second place, Third place, etc. Like in the Olympics, First place, ultimate honor, and (h)ON(or). That might make the lesser placed girls feel
      bad, though. Hmmmm. I still want to know though.

      (Sorry, I LOVE terrible puns! Good ones too.)

    Happy early Easter Heather! I was so excited to see the book cover! YAYAYAYYAYAYAY I litterly screamed sooo loud! 😀 If we are gonna see a sneak peak do you when we r getting a sneak peak inside the book? Also I was wondering what book their reading this time.:D 😀

  4. I love it! It totally makes sense to have Megan on the cover. And the suitcases is pure GENIUS!!! Is she going to Paris? For a fashion show?

      • I can’t wait!

        I’ve just realised something so annoying – I guess since I live in the Uk, Amazon (where I currently get your awesome books) won’t get Wish you were Eyre immediately. Moan. I wish I could get it on the day it comes out!

        • Actually, I think you CAN get it on the day it comes out! Double-check with your bookstore, or online bookseller, OK?

        • i know how you feel! But I am still on the Home for the holiays so I guess I am not itching as much. but still!

          Scincerly, abb

  5. i like the cover a lot. Sadly i didn’t get to vote because my parents don’t have Facebook. BUT… I was hoping that it would be one with all the girls. this is the best one, other than the one i was imagining. and for the record, if you don’t know where Megan is going, look CLOSELY at the background for a hint!!

  6. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 D 😀 😀 It’s beautiful!!! I’m totally going to add it to the screen saver! Do you want me to send you the screensaver after I add it? Oh, and Megan is going to (where else?) PARIS!!!! For spring break! With Gigi (it’s not like Mrs. Wong would bring her!)!!!!! Isn’t it fashion week or something?

    • Yes! Please add it to the screensaver and send it to me, Sarah. I’ll post it so everyone else who wants it can grab it. 🙂

  7. EEEEEH! Heather I LOVE it! The suitcase idea is great too…. she looks so gorgeous and so classy with the older fashioned trunks….. those soooo have Gigi’s name written all over them! I adore the new cover and can’t wait to see it on the new book!

  8. OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is so creative, and I love everything about it. The way you put little Eiffel Towers in the background, and have her with her sunglasses, and whoever came up with the suitcase thing, girl, you have some creaTIVITY! 🙂 Man, I cannot wait to read this!!!

    • And didn’t we find out where Megan was going in Home For The Holidays? I thought everyone already knew where she was going….

  9. Wow! It looks absolutley FABULOUS!!!!!!! I love it! It is perfect! Go MDBC!!! 😀

  10. Heather, I have a GREAT idea. If the back isn’t designed yet, you could put the whole Mother daughter book club on it! Do you get any input on the back or does the art department just do it?

      • Another question, Have you ever wondered how you’re books would be if it was turned into a movie? I like to write myself and when I am writing, i think, WOW, this would be a great movie! Heehee LOL

        • Oh Julia, a movie would be so fun! But it’s not up to me. Winona eyes at Hollywood, OK? 😉

          • I will beg my parents to take me to California and I will Winona eyes at all the movie producers in town!

          • @Emily
            But aren’t the girls on the covers models? not actors? Well anyway heather, If a movie does one day happen, I’m your girl to call for the role of Emma! Not only am i just like her, I have curly brown hair and purple glasses too!

          • I have curly brown hair and brown glasses! I love acting and had been to 4-5 camps on it!!! I’m free 🙂

          • i get dibs on becca then i have blonde hair and blue eyes just like her, plus she’s awesome so nobody get an ideas she’s mine! lol

          • I am a total Cassidy Sloane!!!!!!! (Well, the attitude part, not so much in the athletic department 😉 )

          • No way!! If there is a movie I would totally love to be Jess- I have long thick hair and ok maybe it’s not really blonde but that’s what hair dye is for right? Plus I have had all the books since the beginning Of this mdbc era and I have been waitin for a movie just as long!!!!

          • I call Emma!!!! LUV her!! Take a look @ my screen name and tryto figure out why I chose it! 😀

        • YES! MOVIE! Oh my gosh, I would totally be the first in line to see it—at the midnight opening! 😉

          • YEA! I would totally audition for the part of Megan due to the fact that im Asian! BUT I like Cassidy because we have SO much in common!

          • if i was in the movie, i could be all of them. i have blonde hair, blue eyes (becca) , like to read (and not necessarily FIT, emma), i have a sharp attitude (Cassidy), i like fashion (Megan), i am smart (Jess)

  11. I loooooooooooooove the cover! It’s so smart and pretty! I actually voted for Jess since I thought since she was on the first cover she coud be on the last cover too, or I thought maybe putting all the girls on the last cover, but since Megan’s going to Paris it’s a fitting choice!

  12. I love it!! That is beautiful! 🙂 okay, this is probably a little too soon to ask, but do you have any plans for another series after you finish the MDBC? I will go in withdrawal if you don’t! 😉

  13. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED, IT’S SO GREAT, I COMPLETELY LOVE IT! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Happy Good Friday, Ms. Frederick! Megan looks so awesome, I love the blue, and the suitcases and everything! It looks Megan designed it herself! I couldn’t vote b/c I didn’t know how to vote on my dad’s thing, but Megan or Emma were tied for my picks. its so great b/c I have stuff in common with every girl. Emma: I love to write and read Megan: I love clothes and style Cassidy: I like some sports, and doesn’t everyone like fresh air? Jess: I go to a private school, and I am in Madrigal choir. I love to sing! Becca: My parents are embarrassing sometimes too, but thankfully not as much as Mrs. Chadwick!

    • I know! You find things that make you just like all these girls that you never thought could be similar to anyone else’s thoughts or behaviors. Or even just what they look like!!!! I heart MDBC!!!!!!!!!!! And Emma!!!

        • Wow same haha! And Julia. You know what’s weird? You said before that you had brown curly hair and glasses right? Me too and my names also julia! Or maybe tht was a different julia but still!!

  14. Omg!!!!! That is absolutely beautiful. I’m an Emma fan through and through but Megan looks Fab!!!Can’t wait to read it!!!!

    • Emma had my vote too! Probably because she’s booky and loves to write too 😀 I think Megan looks FAB on the cover tho… Idk if Emma would have looked as amzing, lol 🙂

  15. I adore it! I am so proud i got the first comment(see top of page)- i got up really early and sacrificed my sleep-in day to see it! I love the plum nail polish- very Megan. She does Simon proud- if they do get back together?

    • maybe on her way to Paris, Megan can have a three day layover in London-long enough to go to Bath etc., and she and Simon can get back together! Just my imagination whirring with wishful thinking.

  16. Oh i didnt even realize this until now. Wish you were EYRE, i didn’t get the eyre part. But now i realize they must be reading Jane eyre!? Am I right?

      • I’ve seen the movie Jane Eyre. I saw it when I was littler, tho (3rd grade, and now I’m in 7th) and it was really scary for me. But mabye, I’ll try to read it before Sept., and then I’ll know what the girls are talking about.

        • I just got Jane Eyre from the library, along w/ Patience Goodspeed! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO< EXCITEMENT BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!

        • EYRE is Jane’s last name, and a little play on words (in my book title) on the phrase “wish you were here”…

  17. It IS fabulous! I like that it’s Megan, although I think it would have looked cool with Cassidy. I love the colors and Megan’s look. I can’t wait to read about her going to what I’m pretty sure will be Paris!

  18. AWESOME!!!!! I can’t wait!! Is this the last book? I’ve heard some differing answers. I hope not!!!

  19. It looks fantabulous! I absolutely love it! Oh, by the way, I think Megan is going to go to Atlanta (that’s where I live)to visit some art museum with the whole Mother-Daughter Book Club! You rock Heather!

      • why not the 3rd? that’s my b-day… and i guess im lucky cuz most of my fave books come out near or on my b-day 🙂 thats why I love b-day cash! xD

  20. I remember seeing a comment about the luggage! Love love LOVE the cover! I can already tell its going to be one of my favorite MDBC books!;) do you happen to know who had the comment? It will drive me insane if I can’t remember…

    • It’s driving me nuts, too, Carlee! I want the “luggage girl” to know that her comment turned into reality!

      • I’ll have to do my research! Let you know how it turns out 😉 Oh! And I sent you some fan edits! 😀

        • HAHAHA! I laughed so hard when I found the “luggage girl” That comment was from your blog titled: Wishing you all.. AND IT’S FROM ME! I’m so slow sometimes, it’s not even funny! 😉

          • Carlee! It’s you! I’m so glad you spoke up — for your wonderful snoggestion, you will receive an autographed copy of the book when it comes out! Will you please email me your snail mail address (don’t post it here), and I will put it on my calendar to make sure and send you a copy. Thank you!

  21. So since the series of the MDBC is almost over, I was wondering, Are you’re other books anything like the MDBC? Oh and also, are there any other authors/ people that inspired you to write the MDBC?

    • My other books are different in that the Patience Goodspeed books are historical fiction instead of contemporary, and the Spy Mice books are fantasy. But Patience will remind you of a cross between Cassidy and Jess, and the Spy Mice will remind you of … nobody in the MDBC books! They’re kooky and zany and fun! 🙂

  22. I LOVE THE COVER SO MUCH!!!!!! Let e guess, Megan is going to Paris! So awesome! Gigi is going to take her to Paris. And I bet on her list, she will have visiting Fashion Week, of coarse! Plus the Eiffel Tower. Thank you! Happy Easter to you too!

  23. Omg! How cool . When is the exert coming out? Why does the book have to be so far aaaaaaawwwwwwwaaaaaaayyy from now:(

  24. It looks cool! I still wish it would’ve been Jess, since she had the first cover.

    Did the art department do a cover with each girl on it, or did they wait until the votes came in?

    • The luggage idea has been in place for a while, since several of the girls will be traveling in this book, and it was just a case of plugging the right one in with the little extra details. 🙂

  25. To heather, I have fan art that i would like to send to you. Should i send it by snail mail or scan it in and email you?

  26. luv the cover! and she’s going to PARIS! with GIGI! who else?? 😉 idk what shes gonna do… well… maybe SHOP! 😀 did i mention how ah-mazing that cover is???

  27. I <3 the mother daughter book club please don't end them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i love the cover too! i have an idea for the back cover too, it might be bad but here it goes-maybe you can put all five girls standing with either a) things they like, ex. cassidy with a hockey stick, or b) each holding a stack of books (maybe the books the mdbc read!)

    do you think that’s a good idea?? i’m not sure….

    • I like both these ideas, Lilian — I know we won’t be able to use the actual girls, but perhaps something representative of them, or perhaps a stack of all the books they’ve read. Good job!

      • I like the idea too! On the back it has always been just a design. Since it’s the last book maybe you and the art department could switch it up a bit by putting on a picture!

  29. Ms. Frederick, do you ever feel like there’s too many books too enjoy and you never get to read them all? That’s how I feel. I want to read a few books I’ve been looking at in the library, a few I have at home, Jane Eyre, and I absolutely must reread the MDBC books b/c the other day I was reading your blog and someone was talking about Chloe, and I couldn’t remember who she was! And I only finished Home for the Holidays a few months ago! Ahh, my memeory is leaving me at this old age of 13. 🙂

    • RyAnn your not alone. I for get stuff all the time. I am a HUGE mdbc fan. I was talking to my friend who was mid-series. She metioned something and i was like “omg i totally for got about that!”

      • Ya, same. I have to reread the series in a litle bit before wish you were eyre. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I am soo excited to read the fith i am on the foruth now and Emma’s in England. Jess must be missing DArcy like crazy! Iam 11 years old and You’re my favorite author ever! I was hoping that you could mabye write a series of the mothers perspective and then it would be a real mother- daughter book club, because in real life the mother could read the mothers perspective and the daughters could read the daughters perspective! Please talk back ,sinscerley Abigail. I am also on facebook.

      • That’s completely fine I am on the fifth now on page 187!
        When I was reading about Jess XXX [Editor’s note: wee spoiler removed!] it was so
        tragic! When I read your books its like I am watching a movie its not even hard. Sorry I didn’t get back to you,
        either, see I don’t have internet at my house so I can only go on your blog when I visit the library where they have computers with internet, but I’ll try to reply as often as possible.
        Sinscerly, abby 🙂

          • Yea!I know!I am so glad I can be able to contact my favorit author! I was wandering could you help me with some friend problem? Its not that bad I am just super jealouse of mt best friend and its been this way for a while now , plus we’re super competitive! 🙁

            Scincerly, Abb

          • Gosh, Abby, I’m not the best person to offer advice, not knowing specifics. Have you talked to your mom? I’d always start there. I do know that love and kindness go a long way to keeping friendships “well-oiled” (like a squeaky door). Can you take a deep breath, look at her with fresh eyes and think, “Wow, she’s amazing!” and be genuinely happy for her successes? That kind of attitude rubs off, and is pretty hard to resist — before long, she might be doing the very same thing back to you. Anybody else want to offer words of wisdom?

        • Iam finished of home for the holidays!!!!!
          It was an amazing book Heather!And I loved that Megan learned french! Because I am in gr. 5 frenbch immerson!!!


          • I am in the writer’s guild its called yougn minds with sharp pencils, writing isn’t exactly my thing but its still kinda fun i really just love to sing and read!

          • It sure is! I am all finished of Home for the Holidays I don’t know what I am going to do!

            Scincerly, Abb

  31. WOW Heather, it’s gorgeous! (sorry if I spelled that wrong, I’m terrible at spelling.) I Love Megan, and I’m glad she’s on the cover. Like RyAnn said, I have something in common with all the girls. I read and write like Emma. I like to sing like Jess. I love clothes like Megan, I’m messy like Cassidy, and Becca, I like boys!

      • For some reason, I really like change. My family moved a lot when I was growing up, and I always thought it was exciting. My sisters were more like Cassidy and you, though. 🙂

        • Haha, last night I had a dream we were moving, and it was horrible! I was bawling my eyes out in the dream. Then I woke up and we weren’t even home, we were at my grandma’s, and since I was so tired, it was like, weird. Not all change is bad, though, like someone getting married, or having a baby. (:

    • I feel the same I love to sing and ihave a crush, plus i love details and designs, also i love to play sports plus i love to read!

  32. Heather, your books ROCK!!! And so does this cover!! This series needs to be made into movies. The tickets, if put in a movie theather, would go QUICKLY!!! Can’t wait to read ”Wish You We’re Eyre” and find out what happens to them all. Please include prolouge!!!!!!

  33. I am SO glad Megan is on the cover! For one thing, she’s one of my favorite characters, and for another she ROCKS on it! LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE the paris signs!

  34. If i had to take the world’s most wild guess about where Megan is goin and who’se taking her i’d crazily say that Gigi is taking her to Paris

  35. Quick question- did the book cover designers have a cover for each person who could be voted on, or did they wait until the vote was over?

    • The suitcase idea was a generic one that would have worked with any one of the characters — it was just a matter of plugging in the details when the contest was over.

  36. I have a quick question; on your website email? Or your email email? You should have seen my face Heather! I had to read it two times! Thanks so so so much! I will get right back to you as soon as I know which one to send it too! Or if I get too, too excited, just email it to both! 😀 Thanks again~ 😀 😀 😀

  37. just a question though: will tristan and simon and the gopher hole gang show up in this book??? 🙂

  38. This is soo amazing! I have two questions :
    when will we get to see the back?
    when will the book come out?
    You are my favorite author!

    • Not sure is the answer to your first question, and September 11 is the answer to the second one. Thank you!

  39. i love the mdbc! i especially love ur style of writing-u make everything so vivid! i feel like i actually know the characters. my friend and i finished our novel (yeah!) but we need help with the next step-publishing. any advice or help????

    its a young adult book, too.

    GO MDBC!!!!! <3

    • Congratulations on finishing your novel! As for publishing it — check out a book called the WRITER’S MARKET (your library will have it). You’ll find complete information in there on the steps to take, along with specific information for every publisher in the U.S. Oh, and if it’s a young adult novel, you’ll actually want to check out the CHILDREN’S WRITER’S MARKET — which is more specific to that genre. Good luck!

  40. i love the series!!! it is sooooo awesome. i really hope that you continue writing books that are similar. do you plan on writing a series similar?? i really really hope so….

  41. Yay! Cannot wait! I hope Megs happens to run into someone while she is off in Europe . . . perhaps a certain utterly FANTABULOUS boy by the name of Simon Berkely. Hmmm? Anybody else with me?

    • I WAS SO THINKING THAT! Just like, some random guy with a British accent, and is charming… His name just might be Simon Berkely… But I’m right there with you.. 🙂

    • Um, like, TOTALLY!!!! But i am most looking forward to seeing Cassidy and Zach- will they be together? I do not want Becca to have him!

      • I’m with you! Becca can call Cassidy “Ms. Zach Stealer Sloane” all she wants, he was never hers!

        • Eww, but Tristan is so … glah. I like Simon, Oh gosh but if I was megan in P&P when he calls fashionista jane an idiot blogger, I would just die.

          • Tristan is BOO-RING! I like the surprise element in the Cassidy-Zach couple. Funny,of all the characters, Cassidy gets the fun, gossipy drama love triangle! I would have thought Becca would have one- but i don’t get what boys see in Becca. What ANYONE sees in Becca, for that matter- such a drama queen.

  42. Heather- I cannot wait to read this book! I will go and buy it on the first day, If my Mom lets me. The hard thing, we live in a veerrry small city( I think it’s the smallest city in the country, or at least one of the smallest.) The city we live closest to has a book store, but I doubt it will have Wish You Were Eyre even close to when it comes out. I was wondering if you could put a pre-sale or something on online so we could order it. You know, I think my mom thinks I’m strange because I love these books so much. She loves books to, but these aren’t normal books that most people are obsessed with. Like, their not harry potter or the hunger games, which I haven’t read, I might read harry potter, but not the hunger games. I mean, I’m sure their great and everything, but violence is not my thing. I’m just like: You can love the hunger games, I love MDBC. Normal, right? But one of my favorite quotes was there’s no normal, so I’m proud of it.

    • Your nearby bookstore should be able to order it for you, but there are lots of online bookstores you can order it from, too. If you go to the page for the book (once it’s up on my website), there should be a list of options there for ordering, just like on all the other book pages, OK?

  43. Heather, you rock! I was wondering if in Wish You Were Eyre, you will give the perspective of all five members of the MDBC?? Also, do you plan on having another book??

    • Yes, I will continue with all five points of view in this one. And while WISH YOU WERE EYRE will be the last MDBC book, there are several other (different) ones in the works for the future. I’ll always be writing!

      • Heather, what made you start to include beccas point of view in the 5th when she has been in the book club since about the second?

        • Reader demand, Julia! Everyone wanted to know what was going on in that head of hers. She’d been kind of an outsider for a book or two, and it was time to bring her into the circle more fully. 🙂

          • That was agood chouce. I liked knowing that she wasn’t completely mean or anything, she has things going on, too. I hope she gets nicer to Third. I love Third. Its so funny how his name is Cranfield Bartlett the #rd. His parents must have not liked him when he was a kid. I was thinking up some names the other day I liked, like Louis, Ginevra, Igmatius, Gavin, and Liesel and all my friends hated them. They were like, “How much do you hate your future kids, RyAnn?!”

          • Oh ok! yea, i sort of realized that she was in the book club, but wasn’t really IN THE BOOK CLUB. i don’t know if that makes sense but whatever 🙂

  44. I love it! Can’t wait for it to come out, but at the same time I don’t want it to come out, since then I won’t have another MDBC book to look forward to. You are amazing, Heather. Keep Writing.

  45. EEEEEEEEH!!!! This makes me so happy! Megan is Paris! Ahaha!
    Can’t wait! Gorgeous darling! Fabulous!! 😉

  46. Sorry to bother everyone with another long comment, but while I was getting ready for bed last night I had a snoggestion: If the art department has not started on the back yet, playing in the idea that someone said they should all be on the back with books on they’re heads. Well, what if it was the girls and their boyfriends, and they all had books on their heads? I haven’t figured out what would be on the guys heads, but here’s my idea for the girls. Jess: Little woman, MDBC, a book about nature/animals and a mardigal songbook. Cassidy: A book about hockey, a book about her favorite hockey player, I think it’s Cammi Granato. Anne of green gables, Much Ado About Anne. Emma: Pride& Prejudice, Pies&Prejudice, a book about poetry, a notebook. Becca: Besty-Tacy, HFTH, A fashion magazine, a gossip magazine, maybe something about cheerleading? Megan: Jane Eyre, Daddy long-legs, Dear pen pal, her sketchbook, and maybe a book about paris. And then, they could all be sitting on suitcases. Viola, there’s my idea. I hope you like it!

  47. Oh my gosh! When I went to your website and saw this, I got so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so excited! I love it! Amazing job once again, Heather! And also, do you know what your new books will be about? I’m really curious!

    • I have an inkling, but just an inkling at this point, Abby. All will be revealed in time. 🙂

      • Ooooh, inkling! 😀 Congrats! I know for sure that your future books will be as fabulous, wonderful, amazing, spectacular…well, there are a lot of good adjectives, but let’s just say that I know they will be as awesome as the MDBC!

    • A number of reasons, Charlie. I have other books I am itching to write, for one thing. And for another, it was getting harder to find classics for them to read that were appropriate for the younger end of the age range of my readership. I want my readers to be able to read the same books that my fictional book club is reading!

      • Yeah- they started out older than me, so once they are seniors i would not be able to read along with them 🙁

  48. I’m with Anna hey how about Tristan too? I can’t wait. The books are posted in Amazon and Barns and Noble already no fair . Just a question Ms. Fredrick how long is Wish you Were Eyre?

    • DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN”T READ WISH YOU WERE EYRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in the new book yes

  49. OMG! PARIS FOR SURE!!!!! I LOVE MDBC SERIES!!!! IT HAS 2 BE LIKE MY FAVORITES BOOKS EVER!! Though Heather, which one is your favorite??? Hmmmmmm.. 🙂

    • Don’t have a favorite, Brianne — that’s like asking a mother, “Who’s your favorite child?!” 😉

    • Yeah, I know. I didn’t choose it. Perhaps my book will lighten a few hearts on a rather sad anniversary.

      • It will help me, that’s for sure. My friend wants to camp out in front of our bookstore to be the first people to get it. I don’t think people still do that though, do they?

        • I totally would- even thoug i ADORE sleeping in, i would do it, tent and all- if i had plenty of cocoa nad my parents let me 🙂

  50. OMG I LOVE THE COVER!!! I originally voted for Cassidy (she’s my fav. character) but the cover looks so well with Megan on it!! I can’t wait to read it!! Good Job Heather!!! 🙂

  51. The cover is tottaly awsome!!! My favorite charactor is Jess but Megan is great for the cover too. I am a HUGE fan!!!


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    • There’s one more coming, Emmie — WISH YOU WERE EYRE. After that, well, I hope you’ll follow me to new books that I plan to write!

  53. The cover looks fantabuous!!! I almost don’t want to read it, though; being the last book; it’s like saying goodbye to good friends. 🙁 Looking forward to your books in the future.

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  55. Are you absolutely positively sure you can’t make any other Mother Daughter Book Clubs? Can’t we see them go through their senior year… or are they there in Wish You Were Eyre? I don;t know… I haven;t read Home For The Holidays since it first came out 😛 Well, if it is the last book, I hope there’s an epilogue to see who gets married to who… GO ZASSIDY (Zach and Cassidy)! Heehee! LUV UR BOOKS! 😀

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  57. Yes please make other MDCD books!!! I can’t believe this is the last one!!!! 🙁 To anyone: Who’s your favorite character? Mine is Cassidy.

    • I would have to say Jess or Cassidy. I think Becca is too . . .obssessed with herself,and is very mean, and Megan is okay, but she sides with Becca a lot of the time and can be snarky. Emma is okay, I just like Jess and Cassidy better.

    • I really like Megan (even though she somtimes is a little mean) because I think her chapters are the most interesting and she is so straight-forward with her feelings. I can also relate with her alot.

      To anyone:Which caracter do you think you’re the most like and why?

      • CASSIDY’S chapters are sooo entertaining! I feel like she has the strongest “voice”- you can always tell right away when she is talking even if you don’t read the heading.

        • Agree completely! Sometimes I’ll miss a heading and get really confused, but when it’s Cassidy I don’t have to look, just the way she thinks and acts is so unique compared to the other girls.

        • kind of miss hates boy girl stuff-doesn’t have a boyfriend-totally hockey nut- not Chicks with Sticks- no ice dancing- no Chole Cassidy. I do love Chloe though

      • i like cassidy the most, look most like megan(dark hair, Asian american), like to read, Emma, loves animals, Jess, sporty and out going, cassidy

    • Easy, Cassidy. I am just as big as a jock as she is! Only I play basketball and soccer. I stick up for my friends and myself, and I tend to have anger problems a bit. I guess I’m also like Emma cause I like to read, write, and ADORE PURPLE. But I like Cassidy and Emma, but mainly Cassidy. I love her chapters, especially how she ends it with scores like: Cassidy Sloane: zero Winky Parker: zero it’s an utter tie for last place. I’m well I was but I left it at school, Dear Pen Pal. I love your books Heather! As long as you’re writing the world is good. 😀

  58. yeah i love cassidy..she is good at hockey and she stands up for herself..she doesn’t let people bother her and get away with it 😀

    • K megan is kool with her clothes and all but can be kind of snarky. I WILL NEVER FOGIVE BECCA FOR BEING SO MEAN TO THE MDBC GIRLS (original members that is.). I like Cassidy she’s so fierce and just REALLY KOOL. Jess is ok but i like Cassidy the most.

    • Exactly! If you have read Home For The Holidays( if you haven’t this is a SPOILER) then you will probably remember the part at the end when Becca blows up and gets all mad and the girls argue, and Cassidy just sets what she does and doesn’t like about Becca straight forward, and finds a solution to the problem…and she has wicked awesome pranks! 🙂

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    • Yay! I ADORE Daddy-Long-Legs and was just tickled pink to be able to introduce it to readers, including you! 🙂

        • Isn’t it fabulous, Mary Grace? I just LOVE that book (well duh, obviously, right?). Seriously, though — it’s hard to believe it was written 100 years ago. It’s so fresh and funny!

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    PS:You inspired me to start a Mother-Daghter Book Club with my mom!!!!! Premiere meeting is next Tuesday!!!!

    PPS:WYWE TOTALLY needs an epilogue!!! Go Emma + Stewart!! And Jess + Darcy!! And Megan + Simon!! And Zach + Cassidy!! And Becca + Third!!!

    PPPS: You need to create another series using their daughters!!!

  61. Oh, and I thought it was so cool in “Dear Pen-pal” when they went to Wyoming Because I’m from Wyoming! What are your new books (besides “Wish you were Eyre), going to be about?

    • Wyoming! Cool! I can tell you there will be more fractured fairy tales. There will be another contemporary, realistic story, and there will likely be more historical fiction (because I adore history, just like Darcy Hawthorne, and I adore the excuse to do some research and travel to intriguing historical spots). Beyond that, it’s all very hush-hush. 😉

      • maybe you can do s/t like a mini short story or bloog post of an epilogue so that major fans that always go on your site can see just how the mother daughter book club ends….

  62. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 DEPRESSING beyond words! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    And also, Heather, I have a quickie question. We know you don’t have a favorite character, but do you like a specific book in the MDBC more than the others? 😉 (Hint: Goooo, Pies & Prejudice!) 😉

    • Well, I have a soft spot for the first one, because it was the first one and there’s so much of my life in Concord tucked in there, and also I have a soft spot for Pies & Prejudice, because it gave me the chance to reflect back on my time living in England, in a cottage JUST like Ivy Cottage. But I really truly don’t have a favorite…

  63. Another question (sorry, I’m just so curious!): Which was your favorite book that the book club read? I’m very interested because I ADORED all of them! Especially Little Women, Daddy-Long-Legs (like I mentioned before in another post), and Pride and Prejudice.

  64. I have not read Daddy-Long-Legs but I have read Little Women and I absolutely loved it!!! I sad that WISH YOU WERE EYRE is the last of the MDBC.

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  69. I have a snogesstion for the back. What if you had all the book club moms+ Gigi along the bottom with a book on their head. I.e. mrs. Sloane- Kinkaid with Anne of green gables, mrs. Hawthorne with pride and predjuce, mrs. Wong with daddy long legs and Jane eyre, mrs. Chadwick with one of the Betsy Tacys, and mrs. Delaney with little women. Sorry, I type really long posts!! 🙂

  70. My daughter and I are reading your books. We just discovered them at the library a few weeks ago and are tearing through them. Such a fantastic set of characters, and I love the books they read as well. I am not aquainted with Daddy Long-Legs yet, but my daughter is reading it. I also haven’t read the Betsy-Tacy series, but will get it checked out soon. It’s so fun to be introduced to new (old) wonderful books to read. I live just south of Portland myself. Do you set your books in places you’ve actually lived in, or do you sometimes just imagine what it’s like? I observed in prior posts on this page that you’ve lived in Concord and England, but what about the other places they visit?
    I’m sad the series will end, but sometimes it’s best to let the reader fill in the rest of the story. Excellent “body of work”.

    • Thank you so much! I suspect you will LOVE Daddy-Long-Legs and the Betsy-Tacy series — so fun to introduce readers to my old faves. To answer your question, some of my books are set in places I’ve lived, but others (THE VOYAGE OF PATIENCE GOODSPEED, for instance, and the SPY MICE books) are not. My new book, ONCE UPON A TOAD, is set here in Portland! And speaking of Portland, if you live nearby and your daughter likes to write, I have two upcoming writing workshops open to the public – one at Powell’s in Beaverton and one at the Wilsonville library. Full details on the “appearances” page here on my website…

      • My daughter is much more of a reader than a writer, but my 13-year-old son is a prolific writer. He loves your Spy Mice series, by the way. I wish the workshop weren’t on Sunday in Wilsonville, since it is closer to where we live. However, I will investigate the Beaverton opportunity further. My son has countless times announced that he’s going to be a novelist. It would be amazing for him to get some professional guidance in that direction.
        I’m going to have to check out Once Upon a Toad as well, just to see how you’ve painted Portland! I love fractured fairy tales!

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    You are that author!!!
    Sorry Heather. I had to write that. By order of me and all your other fans on this blog I dub the totally superbly amazingly AWESOME!!!!!!! (:

    PS: MDBC series is the best series ever. You rock!!!

  72. hey I have a question about Megan going to Paris. Does that mean that you got to go too (for research…)? If so, LUCKY!!!!

    • Oh I wish, Claire! Haven’t been able to swing it yet (I have a son in college, and all our extra $$ is going to tuition these days), but perhaps before the final revision, we’ll see…

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    You inspire me soooo much!
    Ps. I LOVE every1s ideas 4 the back cover!

  74. Hey Mrs.Frederick,
    Please tell me that there will be another book for Mrs.Frederick. Please you can’t just end it in their junior year. Please Please.

    Thank you,

    • I know, it’s really hard to say goodbye to everyone. But. It’s time for me to write other tales, Stacey…

        • so sad there isn’t going to be a 7th book. 🙁
          i should probably know this but which girls are on the other covers? Dear Pen Pal+megan, Home for the Holidays+Becca, Pies and Prejudice= Emma, others=???????
          please help

          • I can solve this for you quickly, Amy — #1 is Jess, Much Ado is Cassidy, Dear Pen Pal is Megan, as you’ve already figured out! P&P = Emma, Holidays = Becca, and Wish You Were Eyre is Megan again. 🙂

  75. Yay! I am so excited!!!!! I have always wanted to go to Paris, but I guess in the mean time I can read about Megan’s adventures! Is this really going to be the last book?!? I think you should keep writing until they are high-school seniors. -Emma:)

  76. Am I the only one counting tue days until September 11th??? I know I can’t be the only one…

  77. My friend and I are in LOVE with your books! I love the cover! Are you going to release an excerpt again? If so when? I can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, excerpt will definitely appear before too long. We’re a wee bit behind schedule… hang in there!

  78. HEY!!!


  79. I LOVE this series!!!! I also love all the books they read ( I just got Jane Eyre on my nook cause I’m so excited for Wish You Were Eyre)! Oh my gosh, I can not wait for it!! I already pre-ordered it. I’M SO EXCITED!! You are doing a wonderful job with this series, Mrs. Fredrick!!

  80. i hope simon and megan have more moments in this book. ♥ i’m dying to know what happened after he texted her! the british boys were so cute. (i think i’m the only one that likes cassidy and tristan together still! he was such a mr. darcy. :’c becca and zach are adorable, too…) will they be appearing in the last book maybe?

  81. I f there is a movie can I be Jess I have blue eyes, wavy blonde hair, and am medium height. Plus I live on a farm. I am a MDBK and Betsy tacy girl. I go CRAZY Over those books. The cover looks awesome!!!!!! I think Cassidy will pick Zach but tristian will come back. OMG I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!!!!!! you’re an amazing author!!!!!!

  82. Are you sure this the last? I really want Courtney to have a baby<3. I'm a huge fan(I've read every book at least 10 times and relate to every girl. BTW- Is Courtney the one who gets married? If there is amovie I can play Cassidy- I have red hair, green-gray eyes and I'm athletic.

  83. Wish you Were Eyre is definitely #1 on my birthday wish list. I have been dying to find out what happens with Megan and Simon especially after that text he left her on new years. I cant wait to find out what happens with Becca too. I love the other books and judging by the first chapter this one will be great too 🙂

    • Have you read the book by now(June 2013)? I could play Megan in the move(if there is one). I am Asian and have really dark hair.

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