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April 25th, 2012

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer:  I didn’t win anything Monday night at the Oregon Book Awards.  But a wonderful book DID win — WILDWING by the lovely and talented Emily Whitman.  I highly recommend it!

On to my “fishing” trip.  I spent the weekend with three dear friends in one of the prettiest spots in the world:  Camp Sherman, Oregon.  It’s situated along the banks of the Metolius River in the Deschutes National Forest, a few hours from where I live.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Here’s that same view taken with Hipstamatic, a cool new app that I’m trying out on my iPhone:

It’s supposed to make photos look kind of vintage, like they were taken in the 1960s with a Polaroid camera.  Awesome, huh?  I’ve decided that my iPhone is going to be my only camera, since it’s so convenient and since I always have it with me, so I’m trying to become an expert.  Not there yet by a long shot, but I’m having fun learning as I go…

One of my girlfriends has a family cabin, and that’s where we stayed.  It’s like something out of a fairy tale.

My favorite feature, apart from the amazing deck out back overlooking the river, is the big stone fireplace.  It’s a real beauty.

It looks even better at night, don’t you think?

We sat in front of it for hours every evening, talking and laughing over endless cups of tea and a ‘smore or two.  There’s nothing like hanging out with friends!  I learned to play a new card game called “Poohead” (hey, I’m not the one who invented it!).  There are no winners, only one loser who’s the poohead until the game is played again.  Guess who earned that title? Yeah, that would be me!

Every morning I got up early to go for a walk.  I love to walk, and I do some of my best “fishing” (for ideas) that way.  I always stopped at the Camp Sherman General Store on the way back.  Stepping inside is like stepping into the past.

It reminds me of every camping trip I ever took when I was growing up.  Inside is an irresistible jumble of souvenirs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, food, camping equipment, fishing rods and doo-dads (the Metolius is legendary for its fly fishing), and would you believe espresso?  (OK, so that didn’t remind me of our Vogel family camping trips, I have to admit–they didn’t even have espresso back then!)  There were even decaf soy lattes, my favorite.  (Mrs. Wong would definitely approve.)  And don’t you love the big carved bear totem guarding the front door?

This part of Oregon is much drier and sunnier than Portland, where I live.  We had a blast soaking up the sun every day on hikes and bike rides.

Two of my friends pretending to be awed by the sight of the sun, which is a real treat for us Portlanders this time of year!

One afternoon we biked to the Head of the Metolius, the place where the river bubbles out of the ground.  Its source is a bit of a mystery–nobody’s ever been able to figure out for sure exactly where it starts.

The Head of the Metolius

See how the water just suddenly appears out of the hillside?  (That’s another Hipstamatic shot, by the way.)  It gushes out at a rate of some 50,000 gallons per minute, and just a few yards downstream it’s already a full-blown river.  The Metolius is one of the largest spring-fed rivers in the United States.  Clear and cold–a steady 48 degrees near the source (brrrrr)–it’s picture perfect. I’m serious!  Check it out:

(That’s another Hipstamatic shot that I tinkered with in Photoshop Express, where I found this fun frame.)  And here’s me, not picture perfect but having a great time anyway.

Another outing over the weekend was to Black Butte Ranch at sunset, where we explored the Big Meadow and made some new friends…

… including a red-wing blackbird, who perched on a fence pole watching us.  I got ridiculously excited when I spotted him (her?).  I grew up in New England, where they’re a dime a dozen, but I haven’t seen many since moving to Portland 20 years ago and they’re one of my favorite birds.

I also got ridiculously excited fiddling with my camera/iPhone. So excited, in fact, that at one point I somehow managed to accidentally take a picture of myself …

What a dork!

The absolute best thing about walking the Big Meadow trail at Black Butte is the panoramic view of some of the Cascade Mountains, including Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, and Three Fingered Jack.  I’ll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves, but can you see why I love living in this part of the world?  Oregon is breathtakingly beautiful!



64 Responses to “Weekend update”

  1. anneluvsmdbc!!!!! says:

    wow! sounds like you had an awesome trip! cool bike 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t win the Oregon book awards! The pictures are beautiful. I used to live in Oregon so I know how beautiful it is. I can’t wait to find out who wins the Toad contest.:) I hope it’s me!

  3. Isabel says:

    Wow, that’s really pretty!! 🙂

  4. fashionista jane says:

    You trip looks like tons of fun- you don’t look like a dork! HOW could P&P not win?

  5. Got2Love Emma says:

    Awesome pictures!!! I’m so sad you didn’t win! It’s amazing to think that there is a book BETTER than Pies and Prejudice! Well I hope that the book that won is very good. I will consider reading it.

  6. Grace says:

    awesome pictures! (:

  7. Sounds like fun, the horses are so cute!

  8. Gabby says:

    How did u not win? 🙁 MDBC is like the best book ever!(after the bible, no one beats that!) O well to us you r the fav 🙂

  9. Sandy says:

    Those pics are gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite,divine, lovely . . . I can’t believe you actually took them!

  10. Alexandra says:

    *sniff* Aww….sorry you didn’t win! 🙁 But I am glad a good book won! 😀 You’re such a good sport when you don’t win stuff…. 😉 Did you have fun on your getaway?

  11. RyAnn says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  12. Sarah Luvs the MDBC says:

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I am ABSOLUTLEY gonna get Hipstamatic on my iPodTouch 4. 😉 😀 I don’t know why, but I always find a photo on mine that is just an all black screen, and then I need to delete it. AGAIN. 🙁 I’ve never accidentally taken a picture of myself, though. Do you have a 3g, 4g, or 4s?

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      I recently got my very first iPhone, the 4S. (The one with Siri — still weird that my phone talks to me. But fun.)

      • Sarah Luvs the MDBC says:

        My aunt has a 4s, and my brother said, “Siri, tell me a joke.” She said, “Two iPhones walk into a bar… I forget the rest.” My brother said, “Siri, that didn’t make me laugh.” Siri said, “It didn’t make me laugh either.” LOL! 😆

  13. grace says:

    Lol Black Butte…. didn’t quite read that right at first 🙂

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Yeah, Grace, I know what you mean! The very first time I drove West, heading with some friends from St. Louis to California, I was looking at the road map and saw a place called “Elephant Butte,” only I read it as, well, you know. Funny! 🙂

      • Alexandra says:

        Ya…my brother talks about “Crested Butte” all the time, and I just can’t help cracking up… 😀

  14. Natalie says:

    WOW! Oregon is BUEATIFUL!!!!!!!!! I love how you put all of the pictures in the post!
    I am really sorry about the awards. You definetly diserved them. Hopfully one of your books will get nominated soon! (not hopefully, because it WILL!!)

  15. Cello Girl says:

    wow! amazing! i love the pictures!!!!! can’t wait for the contest!

  16. HockeyRules says:

    How cool I wish I were there! So glad you had fun. 🙁 about the book awards.

  17. Brianne says:

    Absolutley GORGEOUS!!!!

  18. Anna E. says:

    Sorry you didn’t win, but glad you had fun “clearing the cobwebs” in Camp Sherman. Have you read Holes? that first picture with the mountains in the background reminds me of it. Wishing i was there and not eyre!

  19. Talia says:

    Did you do any fishing for fish? It seems like the right atmosphere.
    Do you think that you could post the rules to poohead, I’m sure my friends would enjoy playing it (along with me!)

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      I didn’t go fishing, Talia. My dad used to take me when I was younger, but it’s not something I’ve continued to do in recent years. As for the poohead rules, they’re too complicated for me to try and explain without my brain exploding (!), but if you google it you should find it somewhere online. There are a lot of variations. It’s really fun, though! Here’s one variation:


      Our game was different in that we called them “magic” cards instead of “special” cards, and 7s were magic too — they acted as “glass,” meaning the next player had to play off of the card underneath, as if the 7 were a sheet of glass placed on the pile. Anyway, like I said, it’s complicated…

  20. Sarah Margaret says:

    What a beautiful view! It kind of reminds me of where I live, North Carolina. I mean the mountains and everything! Sorry about the book award, but I’m sure there’ll be lots of other awards in the future! I personally think the whole MDBC series should win the Newbery Medal, although that would be like COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!! I’m glad you had so much fun!

  21. elizabeth g says:

    I love the reflection photo. My mom who a professional photographer came in and complemented the ones of the mountains. I would encourage you to peruse a career in that area, but then I would get to look forward to your new books. 🙂

  22. Danielle says:

    wow! that sounds really fun.. i’d rather do that then homework…

  23. HannaH says:

    I cannot believe that you didn’t win an award! Pies and Prejudice is a really good book! But, I am glad you had a good trip! Beautiful fireplace by the way! Did you just get that iPhone? I’ve had my iPod Touch since 2010. What app did you get? Instgram? That is actually a very popular app. So is Viddy of which I also have. Love your books Heather!

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      I did just get an iPhone, Hannah — my first. I love it! I have a bunch of photo apps: Hipstamatic, Camera +, Camera Awesome, PopBooth, 360 Panorama, and Instagram which I haven’t played with yet. Thanks for the tip on Viddy — I’ll check it out!

  24. HannaH says:

    btw i was asking if you just got the iPhone because you haven’t mentioned it before or not very much

  25. Talia says:

    Happy Poem in your pocket day! Carry a poem in your back pocket and share it with people
    NPR did a good story on it!

  26. MDBC's biggest fan! says:

    You are quite the adventurer! I would love to do trips like that!!

  27. MDBC's biggest fan! says:

    Btw I am a fan of your pix!!!

  28. The Mysterious says:

    you took those! i’m not doubting u or anythin but those pictures are so good, i think i would like, use them as my wall paper for my computer

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Ha! Yes, the one I’m proudest of (the mountain reflected in the wetlands) is now my screensaver/wallpaper. 🙂

  29. Ellyse says:

    I love those pictures so pretty!I just got back from a field trip from a ranch! It was the funnest place ever we stayed thee from the 24 to the 27 (which is today) We got to ride the most beutiful horses on the face of the planet they were amazing! Some of the pictures you took look exactly like where we stayed!

  30. Haley says:

    So beautiful!

  31. Oona says:

    Hi Heather! So, do you have instagram? If not, could you get one and check out my friend Julia (also known as dramaqueen55) pics? She posted three (so far) super good poems I think you should look at! They are AMAZING. And I’m penguinlove86

  32. CassidyRocks says:

    I’m glad to see you had fun and were close to nature Heather! On Monday I’m going to this outdoor school thing my middle school does. We are required to go to sleepaway camp at the base of the Cascade Mountain range, I think. We’re going to spend two nights there. You should have won something at the awards. I would give it a Newbery Medal if I could! 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work! I especially like the picture you took of yourself. LOL.

  33. CassidyRocks says:

    I’m also glad to see you got so much sun. I live in Beaverton. It’s raining (AGAIN!!!!).

  34. Isabel says:

    Hey Heather,
    How do I post the pictures I took of Once Upon a Toad in Barnes & Nobles??

    • heathervogelfrederick says:

      Send it to me, Isabel, via email, and I’ll repost! I’ll send you a message with my email (I don’t put it on here cuz otherwise the spammers pounce). 🙂

  35. Haley says:

    Hi Mrs. Frederick! I hope you had lots of fun and that house looks sooo cozy! My mom went to college in Oregon and I’ve been there once before. It is sooo beautiful! She says if we moved out of state, we’d move to Portland, OR. How long have you been in Oregon?

  36. Keri says:

    So pretty!

  37. Skyana says:

    Aww! I feel so sad that you didn’t win! 🙁 But it’s ok. There is always next time!Oooh! And LOVE the pics!

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