Nest update

I count four little beaks, how about you?

Mama Robin is keeping a close watch on me as I watch her and her babies …


It’s been a busy day here in the Frederick backyard. Β The nest is bulging with rapidly-growing baby robins, who look to me like they’re about ready to fledge (leave the nest). Β I spotted a couple of way-too-interested crows hanging around earlier (unfortunately, crows like to snack on baby birds), so I’ve stationed myself close to the nest with my laptop, a glass of ice water, and, believe it or not, a canoe paddle just in case I need to swat at one of said crows.

I have to go inside to Skype with a mother-daughter book club in Wisconsin, so I’m going to let Bonnie take over for nest guard duty for a while. Β Talk about teamwork!



27 thoughts on “Nest update”

  1. Take good care of theses cute little birdies, mama bird! Maybe they will grow up to be fabulous writers like Ms. Heather Vogel Fredrick!

  2. That’s really cool! I have several nests at my house, and one day a hawk swooped down and knocked one of them out of the tree right before my eyes. It was sad, because the babies looked so little and helpless. We ended up helping them back to their mother.

    • Oh good, Emily — hawks and crows should be outlawed during nesting season. Glad this story had a happy ending…

  3. Gooo Bonnie! You guys are like the real life version of Jess, Sugar, and Spice. I had to do the same thing about a nest in my backyard, but guarding against dogs.

  4. You are such a caring person, Heather! I like the idea of a canoe paddle :). Are there any other exciting creatures around your yard?

    • Baby chickadees, too! Just discovered that our bird house is occupied — more pictures coming soon…

  5. Oh, Heather! The mother is so beautiful! I’m sure her little babies are beautiful, too, are they? I love birdsβ€”and I think robins have the prettiest eggs, don’t you think? Bright, cheerful sky blue. πŸ˜€

    By the way, Mama Robin with her children reminds me of Little Women for some reason. Kind of like Marmee with Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, you know?

    Sorry about that comment about Little Women! I’m re-reading it for the millionth time (I’m almost done with it!) and I totally think that you made an amazing decision for which book to kick off our beloved MDBC.

    • Yes! Love those robin’s eggs. My favorite shade of blue… And I LOVE thinking of Mama Robin as Marmee. Oh yeah!

  6. What A Coincidence!!! I just had 4 baby robins living with me too!!! Although, my baby robin’s nest was on top of my outside porch light, not on the ACTUAL porch roof. I most remember when i stepped outside to check on them, only to find there were three in the nest! As if reading my thoughts i had heard a tiny chirp behind me and spun around real quickly. One of the birds was learning to fly!!! I made an impulse decision to try and help the baby bird (a terrible impulse decision, i know πŸ™‚ ). I almost had the baby bird in my hands when the mama robin came out of nowhere shrieking in what i knew was a warning call even though I don’t speak bird. I stood there for a minute, frozen with shock and awe, until the papa robin came and got into an attack stance, covering both the mama and the baby. I was extremely shocked and frightened. I thought Blue Jays were most territorial of their family and Robins didn’t mind. Silly me… πŸ™‚

    • Wow, what a great story! Yep, pretty much every creature is protective of its babies. I’ve learned that the hard way too. πŸ™‚

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