Happy Father’s Day…

… to my wonderful Dad!


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  1. It looks like your wonderful dad loves fishing! When was this picture taken?
    I’m really sorry if this offends you, Heather, but is he still around? You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to. I’m a naturally nosy person!

      • YAY!! I’m glad your dad is still around!! He looks very nice!! 🙂 My dad is AWESOME!! Last year was a horrible father’s day because my doggy was in the hospital…and he got internal injuries. 🙁

          • Ya, it definitely was! By the way…I forgot to tell you that my dog DIDN’T die!! Praise God!! 😀 He was on medicines for about….3-4 weeks, and he felt awful, but he lived and now he is back to his usual weird self!

  2. I think its great that we have days to celebrate our parents and give them our thanks. my dad means so much to me. I dont know what I would do without him.

  3. Wow! We certainly don’t get fish like that were I live!!!
    What did you do for Father’s Day?

    • We went out to lunch at my husband’s favorite Indian restaurant, then went for a hike, took naps, watched a little TV, and ate homemade strawberry shortcake. Oh, and talked! Our family’s favorite activity…

  4. I love father’s day (and mother’s day, of course.) It’s a special time for our parents, who do so much for us all year. Your dad looks SO nice and he must be so proud of you. It must be cool to walk into a bookstore and see your daughter’s books on display!:)

  5. heather i just read once upon a toad!!! and i couldn’t put it down i read it all in 30 minutes!!!! it was amazing!
    also i read the little preview thing on wywe on chapter and it was amazing!! i can’t wait:)

      • That’s so cool! My best friend goes away to cape cod all summer every summer, and they catch fish like that too! The only problem is that I live in Maryland and I’m pretty far away. Too far for a day trip, not as far as you are though.

        • My dad takes me fishing sometimes at the lake in our neighborhood…I could say that I’m a real “fisherwoman” but that wouldn’t be true…I refuse to put the worm on the hook (I mean ewww!!!!) and I refuse to touch the fish! 😛

  6. When is the sneak peek for WYWE coming?!?! i CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!! BTW has anyone watched Journey 2 the mysterious Island (A.K.A. JTTMI)? I’ve watched 3 times in the past 2 days!! Guess who’s in it? Joshie<3-Josh Hutcherson. He's my Mr.Darcy! Not just because he plays PEETA-that's a BIG part of it though. Sorry off topic-Happy father's day!

  7. That’s so thoughtful! Some people take their Dad’s for granted and I guess Father Day is supposed to remind you of that….. I hope your dad had a good Fathers Day! =D

  8. I just finished Once Upon a Toad. Another amazing book, Mrs. Frederick! Will there be a sequel?…Have you read It’s Raining Cupcakes?

  9. That’s quite a big fish! Once I went fishing, and I caught some fish, but they were only like a fifth of that size! Do you know what kind it was?

  10. Rainy here in Mass. Ick. 🙁 And thunderstorming. Double ick. 🙁 🙁 But this morning it was in the 90’s. SO HOT HERE! Must! Get! Cotton! Candy! Popsicle! From! Freezer! 😉

  11. My grandpa loves fishing and he lives in Florida so he catches a lot of sharks that are the same size as your dad’s fish.

  12. Heather, Just was wondering, where did you come up with the names in once upon a toad? I like them and they’re cool, but they are really unusual.

    • Oh wow, names come to me from EVERYWHERE. My mother was Scottish-Canadian, so some of them were inspired by that. Abyssinia, well, that just arrived. Writers have a different set of radar than everyone else and some part of us is always fishing for ideas, including names!

  13. Wow! That’s one MASSIVE fish! My daddy was away in Europe for Father’s Day, so we made him a batch of lemon bars (Mr. Hawthornes’s favorite) and he really enjoyed them. We, meanwhile, chowed on the chocolate he brought us and talked about his adventures. Also, I sent you a letter about three weeks ago. Have you replied yet or is it pending?

    • Lemon bars, mmmmm. I’m sure I did receive your letter, Amelia — I’m slowly catching up. Thanks for being patient!

  14. I think its great that we celebrate Father’s Day because when you think about it our parent’s spend everyday doing something for us so everyday is children’s day!

  15. Heather you seem really busy lately! Have you been going on book tours or something? I’m excited to read the WYWE excerpt when you post it!

    • Yes, I was out of town for a week and am now back with my nose to the grindstone. Finishing up the revision of WYWE! Sneak peek coming in a few days!!!

  16. I know this is a super random question and has NOTHING to do with your wonderful dad, but why did you decide to write your first book?? And where did you get your idea for ”Patience Goodspeed.” It’s like so hard for me to come up with ideas and when I do, it’s hard to write them down. And than I start writing them down and get writer’s block. ANNOYING. LOL:)

    • I’ve wanted to write forever, so it was only a matter of time until everything aligned (enough time, the right idea, etc.) and I sat down and wrote that first book. The idea grew out of a family tie — I learned that my great-great-grandfather ran off to sea on a whaling ship when he was 15. In researching what life aboard would have been like for him (I was just curious, not thinking of writing a book at that point), I discovered this whole whaling world, where captains would often take their families with them. Babies were born at sea, kids were home-schooled at sea, people fell in love and got married at sea. One day it just struck me — what a great setting for a book! And I was off and running. Don’t worry about coming up with ideas – they will come to you, trust me. Do keep the notebook going, do jot down random ideas, names, overheard snippets of conversation, etc. Eventually, something will strike you and you’ll be off and running. As for writer’s block, check the FAQ page on my website — there’s some advice there that works for me! 🙂

      • That’s awesome!! I love reading about how a book got started. And Patience Goodspeed would be an awesome movie:)

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