I’m a little teapot

Maybe that should be, “I’m a lotta teapot.”

I LOVE teapots, you see — and teacups and, well, all things tea.

But I don’t do caffeine, which can present a problem. Fortunately, there are MANY wonderful decaf teas out there, and I got a chance to explore a whole wall of ’em recently.  A young friend of mine, a teen I mentored in a national leadership program, took me on a “mystery trip” recently as a thank you.  (Wasn’t that sweet of her?!)

I had absolutely no idea where we were going.  So fun!  Imagine my surprise when we got out of the car at a tea shop I didn’t even know existed!

It’s tucked away in an industrial park, which is not a very likely setting for a tea shop.  But inside — oh my goodness, inside!

This ultra-cool curved counter is just the beginning.  Check out the wall o’ tea:

And that’s just ONE wall.  There were several.  Do you think I was in heaven?

You’d be right.

But wait, it gets better.  They have TEAPOTS.  And TEACUPS. And TEA SETS.  Tons and TONS of them!

This is just one tiny corner of the store.

We poked around for about an hour, inspecting all the wares and sampling a number of teas.  I left without a teapot (you’ll see why in a minute), but with this fabulous mug my friend got for me:

And she bought me a bunch of teas, too.  Wasn’t that a wonderful present?  She’s a peach!  I’m drinking one of them right now, it’s called “Yumberry Black Currant,” and it’s my new favorite.  I brewed it in a white mug so you could see the gorgeous red color:

This picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice, though. (In fact, it looks like there are strange things floating in it — there aren’t, that’s just the reflection.  Oh, and ignore the dusty window sill…)  I’m drinking it while I write this post.  Yum!

Now, I’m sure you want to know why I didn’t buy a teapot, right? It’s because I have too many of them already. Seriously, I’m addicted.  I have this one, which a writer friend gave me a while ago.  I love the honeycomb design and the little bee perched on the handle:

And I have this teapot and cream pitcher set that was hand-painted by my Great-Great-Aunt Emma Caroline Vogel back in 1896.  (I know this because she painted her initials and the date on the bottoms of them.)  Victorian ladies LOVED painting china:

I love the delicate little flowers and especially the green handles and spout.  So cute!

And then there’s my mother’s pink china.  It’s called Mason’s Vista, and she bought a lot of it while we were living in England a zillion years ago.  I’ve been adding to it bit by bit over the years. This is only part of my collection:

Isn’t it pretty?  Just like my beautiful Mom!

And finally, there’s the Spode.  The pattern is called Blue Italian, and it’s my husband’s favorite.  We were given a few pieces, and we’ve been adding to it bit by bit as well.  I finally got the teapot as a wee splurge to celebrate finishing WISH YOU WERE EYRE:

And in case you’re wondering, that’s my set of Jane Austen novels right above it!  My husband gave them to me for Christmas one year.  He is a Very Good Husband.

So this is why I don’t buy any more teapots.  My Very Good Husband and I live in a Very Small House (kind of like the Hawthornes’), and between ourselves, our books, our china, two dogs, and two boys, we are busting at the seams.

But there’s ALWAYS room for a cup of tea.  I’m off to finish mine!