I’m a little teapot

Maybe that should be, “I’m a lotta teapot.”

I LOVE teapots, you see — and teacups and, well, all things tea.

But I don’t do caffeine, which can present a problem. Fortunately, there are MANY wonderful decaf teas out there, and I got a chance to explore a whole wall of ’em recently.  A young friend of mine, a teen I mentored in a national leadership program, took me on a “mystery trip” recently as a thank you.  (Wasn’t that sweet of her?!)

I had absolutely no idea where we were going.  So fun!  Imagine my surprise when we got out of the car at a tea shop I didn’t even know existed!

It’s tucked away in an industrial park, which is not a very likely setting for a tea shop.  But inside — oh my goodness, inside!

This ultra-cool curved counter is just the beginning.  Check out the wall o’ tea:

And that’s just ONE wall.  There were several.  Do you think I was in heaven?

You’d be right.

But wait, it gets better.  They have TEAPOTS.  And TEACUPS. And TEA SETS.  Tons and TONS of them!

This is just one tiny corner of the store.

We poked around for about an hour, inspecting all the wares and sampling a number of teas.  I left without a teapot (you’ll see why in a minute), but with this fabulous mug my friend got for me:

And she bought me a bunch of teas, too.  Wasn’t that a wonderful present?  She’s a peach!  I’m drinking one of them right now, it’s called “Yumberry Black Currant,” and it’s my new favorite.  I brewed it in a white mug so you could see the gorgeous red color:

This picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice, though. (In fact, it looks like there are strange things floating in it — there aren’t, that’s just the reflection.  Oh, and ignore the dusty window sill…)  I’m drinking it while I write this post.  Yum!

Now, I’m sure you want to know why I didn’t buy a teapot, right? It’s because I have too many of them already. Seriously, I’m addicted.  I have this one, which a writer friend gave me a while ago.  I love the honeycomb design and the little bee perched on the handle:

And I have this teapot and cream pitcher set that was hand-painted by my Great-Great-Aunt Emma Caroline Vogel back in 1896.  (I know this because she painted her initials and the date on the bottoms of them.)  Victorian ladies LOVED painting china:

I love the delicate little flowers and especially the green handles and spout.  So cute!

And then there’s my mother’s pink china.  It’s called Mason’s Vista, and she bought a lot of it while we were living in England a zillion years ago.  I’ve been adding to it bit by bit over the years. This is only part of my collection:

Isn’t it pretty?  Just like my beautiful Mom!

And finally, there’s the Spode.  The pattern is called Blue Italian, and it’s my husband’s favorite.  We were given a few pieces, and we’ve been adding to it bit by bit as well.  I finally got the teapot as a wee splurge to celebrate finishing WISH YOU WERE EYRE:

And in case you’re wondering, that’s my set of Jane Austen novels right above it!  My husband gave them to me for Christmas one year.  He is a Very Good Husband.

So this is why I don’t buy any more teapots.  My Very Good Husband and I live in a Very Small House (kind of like the Hawthornes’), and between ourselves, our books, our china, two dogs, and two boys, we are busting at the seams.

But there’s ALWAYS room for a cup of tea.  I’m off to finish mine!




175 thoughts on “I’m a little teapot”

  1. Wow Heather! That is a LOT of tea and pots. I like tea too. My favorite is english breakfast tea (decaffeinated, of course), with cream and sugar? Have you had it before? Oh, and CONGRATS on finishing Wish You Were Eyre!

    • I LOVE decaf English breakfast tea with cream and sugar — my faves are Yorkshire Tea and PG Tips. Yum! 🙂

  2. Congrats on finishing WYWE! My favorite tea is this really yummy raspberry tea- what’s your favorite kind, Heather?

  3. Yay for finishing WYWE!!!!! Only 59 Days til it comes out!!!!! I am not really a tea fan, but my mom and dad LOVE it. It helps my dad with his allergys too. All of your tea sets! They are so pretty! I have a set that I got in Williamsburg VA when we were on vacation when I was 8( I’m 13 now) but it is still really pretty!!!

  4. Oooh that shop looks so cool and cute and it sort of reminded me of what I would imagine Pies and Prejudice (the tea shop) might have and look like.
    You finished Wish You Were Eyre? Yay! I can’t wait to buy it and make my collection complete and like your Pride and Prejudice collection.

  5. I’m pretty young to luv tea and stuff but I think it is just so cool! classic! I always liked the classic things. like cassidy’s house 🙂 pretty cool stuff u got my mom has a tea set and its simple, white with four leaf clovers its very soothing to wake up on a week day and drink tea from it dont u think?

  6. heather I kno its off topic but have you ever watched the Lizzie Bennet diaries on youtube? I think u would like it. its a modern adaption of pride and prejudice and goes by the book but its so funny, like mr. Bingley in the series goes by the name Bing Lee lol 🙂 cant wait till wish you were eyre! r u gonna have giveaways for that?

  7. OMW!! I think my Grandma has the Spode collection! We used it for dinner this summer! That’s sooo cool. My dad went to China and got some tea cups that have a special thing that you can put herbs in and then you put the water on the bottom.Its soo cool even though Im not a big tea fan.

  8. wow!! All of those pots are so pretty! I don’t like tea, but I wish I did because there are so many flavors to try and the pots and cups are SOOO cute! I love the Keep Calm and Carry On mug! Do you know that there is an app where you can design a Keep Calm and Carry On poster and set it as your screensaver, or print it out? I love it!

  9. I love tea! My Nannie used to make mr tea all the time!! I enjoy reading your books and already read Once Upon A Toad! Thank you for your wonderful books and I can’t wait for Wish You Were Eyre! Maybe you can show us more of your teacups in another post!

  10. I sort of like tea but it isn’t my favorite beverage. At least it is better that coffee! When I do drink tea, I have decaf green tea with LOTS of honey or my Aunt’s homemade Chai tea. I also like peppermint tea but I haven’t had it in a while.

  11. Stash tea is where my mom buys all of her tea from! (she’s English and is Very Cranky in the morning if she doesn’t get her tea 🙂 )

  12. Hey Heather! My mom has teacups that look EXACTLY like the ones in your pink china set! I am obsessed with tea! I love orange peako (Not sure how to spell it…), Awake tea from Starbucks, and this really yummy Higgens and Burk tea that has a bit of an orangey taste!

    p.s. I LOVE that honey comb teapot!!!!!

  13. WOW! That is amazing!! I have a little red polka dot tea pot that is my favorite!! Tea pots and tea cups are amazing!! My favorite kind of tea is Vanilla Comoro! Have you ever had it? 🙂

  14. I love that “Keep Calm” mug! I’m a swimmer, and I have pants that say “Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming” 🙂

    • Hahahaaha just keep swimming just keep swimming, just keep swimming , swimming, swimming… I love that movie! I’m a swimmer too.

  15. Go Tea!!! I usually stick to Orange Pekoe, but if you ever see Candy Cane tea try it because it is FANTASTIC!!!

  16. Yum! That red is so pretty(speaking of the tea) my great grandmother is from england and she loves a good cup of tea just as much as you do!

  17. when i was in boston we went to a cute little tea house and tried clotted cream!!!! and then i remembered that emma had it in england!!! it is soooooooo yummy!

  18. Have you ever had raspberry tea? It’s amazing. I can’t wait for WYWE! Is it going to be the last book? i hope not. If it is, i hope you included a epilogue!

  19. That store looks so cute!!!! I love all of you’re tea pots! Your Great-Great-Aunt Emma was a very good artist. Congrats on WYWE!!!

  20. I LOVE Vanilla Roobois and Chai…. My Great Grandma gave my Mom her pink Mason’s Vista tea set when she passed away. She lived in England for 10 years and collected them there!… It is the exact same as yours Heather except one of our creamers is missing a handle!!

    • Oh wow — how fun! Tell your mom to check eBay or replacements.com if she wants to find a new creamer. I get stuff there all the time. 🙂

  21. Today was my first day of middle school and guess what book i was reading? The Mother-Daughter Book Club! I thought the first one was so appropriate for today and found middle school to be super fun-I have my own “crowd”- but also tiring plus I had navigation issues…
    I can’t wait for Wish You were Eyre and i’m a super impatient person so I’m probably going to end up buying all the books in paperback before the boxed set comes out…

  22. I’m not a big tea person but I wish I liked tea because there are so many cool flavors!
    You have quite a collection, Heather!!! All of them are SO PRETTY!!!!!!

  23. I love this rose petal spring tea. It is absolutely delicious!!!! Tastes like how flowers might…. 🙂 And I think I may have been to that little shop with my mom. (I live in Portland as well) 🙂

  24. OMG, those tea sets are so awesome! I wish we had a tea shop here where I live. All we have is Starbucks 😀 What’s your favorite tea shop to go to?

    • Hmmm. Favorite tea shop? Well, the Heathman Hotel in Portland has a gorgeous afternoon tea that they serve by the fire. I’d have to say that the ones I visited in England (the Pump Room in Bath!) and Ireland were the best, though. We don’t have clotted cream the way they do over there.

  25. Wow Mrs. Frederick! I love, love, LOVE the teapots! And the tea looks delicious…. I should try it. Awesome post!

  26. Your just like my mom-she loves that kind of stuff too! And so do I. All of it is beautiful and I can’t believe WYWE is done!!!! You must be super happy:)) I love everything about your post.

    I adore tea! At my school (I attend a private school) they let us drink tea or hot chocolate. I always opt for the tea. I love the smell and the taste, it’s so cozy. In fact I just drank tea today in class…chai tea. 🙂 Just the thought of tea makes me happy!

  28. I have been meaning to ask you a question that has always made me stop in my tracks. What is the best way to start and end a book? I am fine with the middle, but the first and last chapters always sound so cheesy and i have no idea how to write them so they sound good.

    • You are fortunate if you like the muddly middle. That’s the hardest part for me! I love beginnings and endings. I don’t think there’s any one “best” way to start and end a book, though. Check out the book “Spilled Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook” for some ideas that may help. Your library should have it, or can order it for you!

      • Spilling Ink is the awesomest book about writing ever. My second favorite is Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine. That one’s pretty useful too.

  29. Mrs. Fredrick
    Have you ever read Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George? It’s amazing!! So is her other book in the series Princess of Glass, she’s writing another one called Princess of the Silver Woods. They’re kinda for older readers like teenagers but they’re amazing!

    What do you guys think, should guys read girl books too? I think it shows a true sign of masculinity when I guy can read a girl book. This year in my class we have to read Pride and Prejudice. It’s going to be so much fun! I wonder how the boys will react to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. By the way I have a puppy I named Mr Darcy. 😉

    • A PUPPY NAMED MR. DARCY? OK, you just won the prize for coolest pet name I’ve heard in a long time. I LOVE IT! 🙂 And yes, I think it’s totally awesome when guys read “girl” books (or watch “girl” movies — my husband is awesome in that department, and loves Jane Austen movies). I wouldn’t necessarily call Jane Austen a girl book, though. When P&P first came out, EVERYBODY read it, and the then-Prince of Wales was a huge fan. In fact, he “suggested” that she dedicate a book to him, and Jane took the hint! 🙂

      • haha that’s so cool about the Prince of Wales but I my class is full of a bunch of jocks… and boys that don’t want to take the time to actually read a beautiful book, they’ve admitted to it, but I hope they love it, Jane Austen is by far one of my favorite authors (you’re up there too! 😉 ) I also am planning on getting another puppy and I’m planning on naming it after one of my favorite characters too. 😀 I’m having a tea party with my friends tomorrow at school during lunch. 😀 Can’t wait we’re going to sit and drink some spice tea…I’m drinking it out of my owl mug.

  30. Wow the teapots a so pretty , there is this place like 30 min away from where i live and it’s called the Secret Garden, and it’s like a mini tea party (but you don’t have to come for a party) and it’s for kids and adults and like you get this cute menu with tea or hot chocolate and they have like the awesomest tiny foods like Kiesh or chicken pot pie and sandwiches and many more is really awesome.

  31. I just read the last 50 pages of Home for the Holidays and I forgot hOw good it was!!!!!!!!!! Now I REALLY can’t wait for WYWE to come out!!

    • It’s in the works, Elli! I sent the new sneak peek off to my website wizards a few days ago, so look for it soon!

  32. My favorite is the honey-comb one! It is really pretty. Do you ever drink out of any? If you do which one do you use?

  33. My favourite teacup you showed us was the honeycomb with the bee on top awesome! I have read Little Women thanks to Mother Daughter Book Club!

    • It’s in the works, Leah! I sent it to my website wizards a few days ago, and I’m waiting for them to post it right along with you!

    • No, she was named for Jane Austen’s character Emma. But fun that she shares the name with my great-great-aunt!

  34. On Good Reads I made a group for The MDBC and I would love more people to join. Just go to groups and search MDBC and you will find it. I would love more members

  35. My family and I are from Sri Lanka, and it’s a tradition to drink tea every day at around four o’clock. That’s why whenever we have a Sri Lankan friend come over my parents say, “Shall I make a cup of tea?” and they say “Yes!”

  36. wow! there’s a store like that kind of close-sish to my house called teavanna, but it looks about one tenth the size of that one. i love tea!

  37. One of my best friends dog’s name was Darcy, but sadly he died. When they got a new dog they named him Bennett! Her mom is a huge Austen fan!

  38. Dear Heather,
    I don’t know if you are any where near Hamilton, MA but there is a super cute tea shop there called Jolie Tea Company and they have tons of teas. They have a website if you are interested, but it may be really far away from you. Let me know what you think!

    • I will put this on my list of “must visit some day” — sounds like it’s just my, um, cup of tea!

  39. I took an NWEA test last week that, in one question, had excerpts from both Anne of Green Gables and Walden. It was such a fun little MDBC moment!

  40. I have an idea for a WISH YOU WERE EYRE giveaway.
    You could have an MDBC 30-day challenge where everyone reads all the books in 30 days and if you do it you comment and then you could have a drawing of all the names.

  41. Hello Heather! When is the sneak peek going to come out? (I think you said last weekend??) I am just SOOOOO EXCITED!!

  42. Wow! Those are amazing! And pretty! I’m not really a tea person myself so I don’t know which tea is my favorite. I do have the tea they sometimes give out in Chinese restraunts though. Haha.

  43. Heather I am Reading the last couple chapters of Daddy long legs and I was wondering if you got the name for Savannah’s chauffeur from DLL’s secretary since his last name is Griggs?

  44. When is the sneak peek coming out (the question mark button is not working).
    Ive been checking your blog a few times

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