Baby steps

Writers tend to discover the power of the written word early on.
I sure did!  Here I am at about five or six, trying to weasel out of my punishment (I’d been sent to my room) for fighting with my sister…


In case you can’t read my creative spelling, it says:  “Dear Mommy, I would like you to understand that I was not the one that kicked Lisa.  Lisa poked me in the eye.  Love, Heather.”

I can’t remember now whether or not my written plea was effective or not, but I sure am glad that my parents saved the letter.  It’s always fun to look back at our baby steps.



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  1. That’s funny. 🙂 I like looking back at the stuff I wrote when I was really little. I used to think I was writing stories but they were just one or two sentences long.

  2. How adorable! I gave my mom a note when I was about five aswell. It said:
    I reelee, reelee reelee love yu!”

  3. That is SO cute! You obviously loved to write even than. I sure do hope it worked….LOL. 🙂 I remember trying to write a book at age 6 but all it said was, ”I love mommy.” And, ”I love daddy.” Ha ha!

  4. Haha! I remember doing the same thing.

    It was really nice to finally meet you yesterday! I still so excited!! I hope I can see you again!!

  5. How funny! Yesterday I just found one of my diaries (if you can call it that). It was full of stuff like, Emily was sick yesterday so I didn’t get a playdate with her, and stuff like that! What a coincidence! 🙂

  6. So cute! I wrote a story around that age about me and my best friend being super heros. She still has it taped to her wall and when I read it, it sounds so cute how our brothers were the evil villains. 🙂

  7. That’s so cute! When I was five, I gave the tooth fairy a letter for when I lost my first tooth. It said:

    Deer toth fary,

    when i lost my teth it did not hart my mom yacked it out.


    Very cute!

  8. lol!!! i used to write letters to my sister when I was really mad at her….I think I thought that if I didn’t say anything to her that I wouldn’t get in trouble. instead i supplied her with evidence. 🙂

  9. How cute!! I have an entire folder of those!! 🙂 one of them says, “Grandma, will you go touch with me? Maybe Grandpa can come too. And we shall have chicken!!”

  10. I cant wait until the book comes out! I am re-reading the whole series over again so I don’t forget anything important about the MDBC!!! I love the books! I am only on the 2nd book (Much Ado About Anne) but i am LOVING IT!!!!!

  11. that is sooo cute! my mom saved alot of my drawing,letters. as my grandma made me a scrapbook and it has tons of silly thing that i once said!

  12. Awww, how cute!
    When I was six I wrote a letter to my cat saying (with much worse spelling),
    Dear Patrick,
    I’m sorry I picked you up and you didn’t like it. I saw it in the Lion King.
    That cat didn’t like me…

  13. Aww, I remember spelling things incorrecly ALL THE TIME… X] Little kid spelling is so adorable. Who would poke *you* in the eye?? :[

    • My bratty little sister, that’s who! (She’s no longer a brat, I’m happy to say — she’s a very smart librarian, just like Mrs. Hawthorne!)

  14. My mother found one that my daughter wrote about me:
    My Black List
    #1 My Mom

    She was probably right at 5 when she wrote it. We also have one she wrote about my dh/her father – “Greatest Dad in the Universe!”

    Save those cute papers!

  15. I have four sisters- two younger and two older. I’m SPLAT in the middle! It can get pretty hectic in our house. Lisa sounds just like Bell, my youngest sister. She does things just like that to me ALL THE TIME! But unlike Lisa, Bell is NOT a smart librarian and is still an eight year old brat!

  16. You should totally send this to Ellen DeGeneres for her “Just Kid-ink” segment in her show! 😛

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