Sheltie fun

OK, this is the first time I’ve tried posting a video, so hope it works. Β This is a YouTube clip of our dog Billie “helping” with the yardwork this weekend… Β Click here to watch!



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  1. Hmmmm…. Seems to not be working. I will check again later.

    Also, I have to write a five paragraph essay. Any tips?


    • Put in every single thing you think or find about the topic. Also come up with a list of good introductory words to sentences so it doesn’t sound like you’re repeating yourself. Good luck!

    • I have to do one of those too. What does yours have to be about? I’m supposed to write one titled My Education. If you want to impress your teacher, you should make it a little bit funny. It’s nice for a teacher, who spends so much time looking over homework, to read something entertaining.

  2. Aw!! Heather, that is SO SO cute!! He’s adorable! Just a question… are Jess’s shelties, Sugar and Spice based on Bonnie and Billie??? Love your books!

  3. That is sooo cute!!!!! I watched it over and over! Hahaha by the way I am re-reading “Der Pen Pal” and I love it even more the second time around! I also cannot stop thinking about how beautiful an poetic the line “February was giving us the cold shoulder” is!!! Wow, you are such an amazing author, I love your work!!!

  4. awww, I love your shelties! My friend’s lab/border collie mix LOVES the watering hose! She does the same thing as Billie when they get the hose out. She dashes around trying to attack the spray of water. It’s really cute and fun to watch!

  5. I love it! You should totally post more videos! That is is so funny! I have a weakness for funny animal videos! πŸ˜‰

  6. Cute! We were just talking about dogs and their instincts in science class today. Guess what everyone!? I spent last week on a cruise ship on the pacific, and though not quite as eventful as Megan and Becca’s, it was still pretty glamorous. And the best part- in honor of them, I read Wish You Were Eyre on board! And I was wondering- what cruise line inspired their vacation?

    • Ooo, how FUN, Anna! The cruise I went on (for research — do I have a great job or what?!) was aboard Norwegian Cruise Line from Fort Lauderdale to Dover, England. I crossed the Atlantic! It was awesome.

      • Wow that’s sounds amazing! I would rather cross the Atlantic. We went to Mexico- puerto Vallarta and cabo San Lucas. It was pretty amazing- we have some cool pictures to.

  7. This totally makes me want to have a dog. Especially a Sheltie! OMG. I can’t believe my stupidity. I always thought dogs like that were called kollies! Don’t they look like that? BTW I showed my mum this video and she was going on and on about how cute it was πŸ™‚

    • Shetland sheepdogs look a lot like collies, actually, so your confusion is understandable. Collies are bigger, with longer noses, though.

  8. I just finished Wish You Were Eyre, and I LOVED the ending! I won’t spoil it for other people, but just saying, that is the perfect way of tying in the whole series. By the way, did you go to Paris for research?

    • I did not get to go to Paris this time around, Lily. πŸ™ I had to rely on very o-l-d memories (and a lot of research)!

    • Bonnie likes to keep an eye on things from a distance. She’s sort of an Emma, while Billie is definitely a Cassidy!

  9. You have really out done yourself!!! I would never be able to upload anything like you can!! That was a really good video!! My dog is full grown and only 4.2 pounds so she acts like that when you blow on her!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for making me laugh!!

  10. OMG that is exactly how my puppy, Maggie, is with the vaccum. I think she thinks it might attack her or something….

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