Fan art Friday

Boy, do I have some gems to share with you all today!

First, from one of you who didn’t identify herself aside from initials (perhaps she prefers to be anonymous?), a drawing of Megan’s outfit from p. 294 of WISH YOU WERE EYRE:

Megan 294 WYWE


WOW!  This is fabulous — she totally nailed it, don’t you think? Well done!  (And feel free to reveal yourself if you’d care to so we can all congratulate you.)

Next, I received a letter recently from Colette, who included a pair of beautiful collages.  I can’t decide which one I like best, they’re both so wonderful:

Collage 1

Collage 2


Aren’t these FUN?  I love the way she wove everything together! You’re so creative, Colette!

And then last but absolutely not least, wait until you see this INCREDIBLE gift I received from my friend Sue!  She had the idea of turning a box of Trader Joe’s chocolate bars into a “boxed set” of my books, but wasn’t sure how to do it.  Her daughter Eliza stepped in, and this is the result:

Boxed Set A



Boxed Set B

Isn’t this amazing?!  Way too pretty to eat!*  Every side of the “box” has a cover of one of the books.  I have it on my dresser and have been admiring it all week.

THANK YOU, everyone!


(*OK, confession time:  I figured out how to carefully open the box of chocolate bars from the bottom, so nothing would be harmed, then slip them out one at a time, remove the chocolate from its individual box, and slip it back into the “boxed set.”  Nothing comes between me and chocolate….)


29 thoughts on “Fan art Friday”

  1. Haha! I loooovvveee chocolate!! And Trader Joe’s! 😉

    Collette, your collages are amazing! And, whoever you are anonymous artist, I love your picture of Megan!

    One of my favorite parts of reading Megan’s chapters are getting to hear about Mirror Megan looks like. Two thumbs up for both of you!

    P.S. Heather, I’m home sick today and I was soooo bored. Guess what? I picked up a MDBC and started reading… I’m on the third chapter! MDBC makes everything better. 😉

    ~ Emily

    • Dang, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. 😥 But glad you have the MDBC to keep you company and cheer you up! 😀

  2. I just love the collages and the chocolate bars myself. What neat ideas!! They are indeed “gems”! Great idea to carefully remove the chocolate and save the boxes. The packaging is certainly worth saving! And the chocolate should not go to waste?

    Has Colette submitted artwork to you before? I would love to look at it.


    • LOL – no, Ivan, chocolate should NEVER go to waste! Only to waist… 😆 I don’t think Colette has submitted artwork before. Have you, Colette?

      • I looked under “fan art” for Colette and did not find her. Tell her I really like her collages. I have some of the book editions she included.


  3. Love the box set! Now I need to make one (nothing should ever get in someone’s way with chocolate!

  4. What a great tip! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE chocolate, and some of the wrappers are SO pretty! I even save some of the cool chocolate wrappers, sentimental me. 🙂

  5. I also love how Colette included the book “Christmas tree”. That was such a neat idea your sons had.


  6. Thats really cool art. i love to collage. actually i have a huge collage on my door in my bedroom and it covers the entire door. it took forever! but it was fun.
    i should toatlly do something mdbc related that would be great!

    • It says “By Heather Vogel Frederick,” Katie. There was one too many chocolate bars in the box, so that was a clever way to fill in the gap!

  7. Wow! Thank you very much for posting my drawing!
    So sorry I didn’t put my name, but that is my drawing!
    THANK YOU! 😀

  8. The design is amazing. I’m reading Wish You Were Eyre right now. Also, Heather, your books are amazing what are some ideas of books that you have for me that I should read? I like middle/high school life books and different perspective books. Last but not least, I have always wanted to be a fashion designer one day…JUST LIKE MEGAN WONG!!! :):):)

    • Hmmm. Check out books by Wendy Mass, Suzanne Selfors, Joan Bauer, and Shannon Hale. Loads of great books out there! Ask your librarian for recommendations, too. They know ALL the good reads!

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