Take me for a walk!

This is Bonnie’s “You’re working too hard — time to take me for a walk!” face…

Take me for a walk

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  1. My dog was mad at us while we were doing school this morning because we wouldn’t let him up on the couch with us! 😛 He dragged his blanket as far away from us as possible! 😉

  2. That face looks familiar! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I wish you would continue the MDBC books at least until the girls are through high school! I just finished reading Wish You Were Eyre and loved it! But I found a few typos. The typos were on pages 287, 312, and 377. I would be sooooo happy if you could reply to this post! Again, I’m a really big fan!

    • Whoops, will make note of those pages and typos and we’ll see to it that they’re corrected before the book goes into paperback. Thanks, Julia! 🙂

  3. Thats really to cute. Did you have Jess have two dogs like you? Or did you get the dogs after? If you got them before you wrote the books that would be really cool! Like how the authors of the books the girls read put stuff that kind of relates to the girls lives. I am currently reading a biography of Louisa May Alcott and it is basiclly Little Woman. Its really cool though! 🙂

    • I already had Bonnie when I started writing the books, and we added Billie two years ago. So art is imitating life is imitating art, I guess! 😉

  4. My comment has been saying that it’s awaiting moderation for days now. Will it ever be posted? By the way, I have a Beagle-Mix dog, and he has that same look.

    • I think I just posted it, Julia. I’m not on here every day, though, so sometimes it takes a while…

  5. I have a pug and an very familiar with that look. Their eyes are so big that those puppy dog eyes are perfected.

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