Seattle, here I come!

News flash!

I’m dashing up to Seattle over the weekend to see friends who are in town for the American Library Association’s midwinter conference, and the good folks at EAGLE HARBOR BOOK CO. on Bainbridge Island have invited me for an impromptu Meet & Greet (and book signing) on Monday January 28th at 4 p.m.

The bookstore is just a short walk from the ferry, so hop on over and come see me!

Bainbridge ferry
bainbridge ferry 2
 (and yes, it really is this beautiful)

41 thoughts on “Seattle, here I come!”

  1. Wow that sounds like soooo much fun!!! Ive never been to seattle… I have only been to the USA once when i was six when i went to disney in Florida. Do you think you will be coming to Canada anytime soon, Heather? It is my dream to meet you, you have inspired me, as well as so many others! You are my role model and i am in love with your books. Most books that i read are sort of dark like “Beautiful Creatures” and “Divergent”. They are fantastic books, dont get me wrong, but i love your books the most. They are so happy and uplifting and it feels great to grow up with the MDBC girls and live through their experiences. When i read your books, i dont just READ them, i LIVE them.

    • Well, I may be in Victoria at some point this year, but dunno if that’s anywhere near where you live. And I am honored to know that I’ve inspired you. (And I’m stealing that line “When I read your books, I don’t just READ them, I LIVE them” and putting it on my office wall where I can see it to inspire ME to keep writing good books!) Thank you!

      • Ya I live in Ontario, but thats okay. Maybe some day i will go on a trip to Oregon! It sounds beautiful there.

        • Yes!
          Please, please, please come to Canada! Toronto, specifically.
          I’ve been to the US a bunch of times, but never to Oregon or Massachusetts.

    • Yay Erika go MN that’s my home to can you come and visit Dakota county??? Or the Mall Of America?? Please come!!

  2. Hey Heather, any chance you could come up here (again 🙂 )? Barb and I would love to have you for some tea, and perhaps I wouldn’t be as nervous to see you as I was… :))

    • I will definitely be back in your neck of the woods sometime this year, Josie (visiting family), and will keep you and Barb posted, OK? 🙂 (and if it makes any difference, I had NO IDEA you were nervous!) 😀

  3. My sister is in the air force and she lives in Seattle! That’s so cool! I wish that I lived closer!!! 🙂 Maybe she will go for me?!? 🙂

  4. Great! Off topic but: TOMMOROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 I’m turning 11 years old. And I want to do a little favor for someone on the Mother-Daughter Book Club fanfiction website. Ala The Book Worm wants more MDBC fanfictions and since I don’t have an account I just wanted to say you should all review and write more! My personal favorite on the website is Snapshots by schoolcandyshop. Does anybody read those? Ms. Fredrick you should check some out. 🙂 Ala The Book Worm has one story titled Anniversary. I have reviewed though. I’m mdbc fan. Everyone: Write,review and check it out! By the way I’m going to a book store for my birthday tommorow. I have gift certificates for books so I’m getting Dance Moms season 2 volume 1, The Fabled Fourth Graders Of Fourth Grade since I already have the sequel. It’s by Candace Fleming and I would like to buy another book called Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne. And perhaps a couple Aladdin Mix books. 🙂 Have a great day!

  5. Aww man… I wish you would come to Chicago soon… I have SO many other girls in my grade that are in love with your books- and they would ALL come!!!

  6. Hi! Happy birthday to me! LOL I’m leaving for Barnes And Noble in about half an hour. Can’t wait to get there. Hope everyone else has fun too!

  7. Ohmigosh Seattle looks beautiful! I wish I could come see you, Heather, but unfortunately i can’t. 🙁 Have fun with the rest of your fans and enjoy Seattle! 🙂

    Hugs and love,

  8. I had so much fun today!!! thank you for spending your time with us. It was so amazing to learn about your writer’s life. I hope to see you again!

    P.S. cant wait to see the picture

  9. Ms. Fredrick,
    I love your books! I live in Seattle, and it’s great you visited us. Not many people come to Seattle because they think it’s too rainy and gloomy 😛 ! They’re half true. I’ve lived here for seven years, so I’ve gotten used to the rain. Don’t you just love the aroma of pine, though? The fresh mountain air? The artistic view? 🙂 As you can tell, I lov writing. Any tips? Thanks!

    • Gargi, I TOTALLY love the Northwest! I love the fresh air, the aroma of pine, and the artistic views, just like you said. 🙂 Seattle is gorgeous, and so is Portland (where I live)!

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